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Wildflower Toronto, Guide & Review

One of the newest nightlife destinations making its mark in Toronto, Wildflower is located inside the beautiful Thompson Hotel.  The club wants to do something unique for its prestigious clientele; modern nightlife, flawless service and a creative design makes the club perfect for people who are tired of the ordinary. The club also features some of the best contemporary art and design installations. Music from some of the top DJ’s from North America is the backdrop to the creative scene. So dress with style and join the more mature crowd of the city; you can’t go wrong with a night spent at Wildflower.


Wildflower Toronto Dress Code Guide

Wildflower is the latest favorite of the party hoppers due to its hip hop music, stylish decor, and beautiful art.

The nightclub is opened mostly between 10 pm to 3 am from Thursday to Sunday. The crowd is young and wild. What more can you ask for?

Although the name of the nightclub is wildflower, the dress code is not wild. There is a strict guideline regarding the dress code, which everyone has to follow.

Today, we will talk about the Wildflower nightclub dress code policy in detail so that if you ever go there, then you won’t face any problem.

Wildflower Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

There is no fixed dress code for women. They can wear beautiful long dresses. Short dresses are also accepted. Rather, they make a girl look sexy.

A black cocktail dress is the safest option since it makes you look slender. Plus, it is stylish too.

But there is one rule for women. They have to wear heels. Sandals and flip-flops are not allowed here. Other than that, women are not allowed to wear torn jeans or tops here. This particular rule is applicable for men too.

Gang apparel or color is not allowed here. Keep this fact in mind. Choose safe colors like red, black, white, grey, etc.

Sports attire is not allowed for women. So like men, they can’t wear tank tops, shorts or sports shoes. Likewise, gym clothes are also acceptable here.

Wildflower is not a beach club. So women are not allowed to wear beach attire like swimsuits or bikinis or monokinis. There is no swimming pool or arrangements for water sports.

Wildflower Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

The dress code is fashionable and trendy. Men can explore various options, such as collared shirts, dress pants, jeans, and dress shoes. They can also wear white t-shirts but without any logo or quotes or visuals that are offensive.

However, there are a few restrictions regarding the dress code, and they are:

  1. No sandals or flip-flops. Men can only wear dress shoes.
  2. No backpacks or bags. Carry a small clutch. You can get it online.
  3. Marijuana or arms can’t be carried. It is strictly prohibited here.
  4. Baggy clothes shouldn’t be avoided. Men should wear fitted dress pants and shirts.
  5. Sports attire is completely prohibited here. This includes sneakers, leather boots, hats, shirts, track pants, and jerseys.
  6. Facial tattoos are strictly prohibited. Cover them with something if you do have a facial tattoo.
  7. Men should avoid wearing junk jewelery as they make them look weird.

Our Suggestions

The dress code is chic and upscale in the nightclub. Shop the best cocktail dress from a thrift store to save money and be stylish. If you’re a guy, then wear a nice collared shirt with dress pants. Do put an effort to look good. Wear a nice watch and accessories. Get some ideas online. Watch Youtube videos to nail the party look so that women will drool over you.

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