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    southern Railway Taphouse

    About Richmond

    Richmond, Virginia, is an outstanding city getaway destination, elegant, distinguished, and proud of its heritage. Live music, fine dining, and shopping are available in Richmond, Virginia’s capital and the largest city. The Confederate capital of Richmond was also one of the most prosperous cities in the South, so that history buffs will enjoy this city.

    Alternatively, you can travel by bicycle to historical sites such as the American Civil War Center located within the Tredegar Ironworks. The City of Richmond also appeals to nature lovers. Take a course at Belmont Park or surf the James River in a kayak, take a mountain bike tour of Belle Isle or go rafting on the James River.

    Richmond has become one of the South’s busiest cultural centers due to an explosion of live music venues in recent years. Music lovers can enjoy bluegrass, reggae, and rock at the Cary Street Cafe and the Canal Club.

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