RnB Clubs in Newcastle

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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the RnB clubs in Newcastle. (More in-depth further below)

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RnB is a soulful form of music but it also has some heavy beats in it. Maybe this is why so many club going individuals prefer this type of music when they’re going to a club. The vibe of the music is different and makes your clubbing experience all the more better. RnB is very popular all around the world now and people prefer it over other genres of music quite often. We have compiled a list of the most popular clubs in the city which play RnB music. While not all the clubs will specifically only play RnB, their playlists do heavily comprise of RnB music.

We have looked through every club in Newcastle to compile the perfect list of the top 7 RnB clubs in Newcastle. All you need to do is choose a club from our list and enjoy you night away!

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1. Perdu

Perdu Newcastle

Perdu is a relatively old on the scene but is still quite trending in the Newcastle club scene. It has a chill vibe but the patrons are usually young and dressed in chic clothing. The club is known for it’s edgy beats and amazing playlist. While it is only open three days a week, you should definitely put it on your list of clubs to check out!

2. Stein Bier Keller

Stein Bier Keller Newcastle

The Cut is Newcastle’s answer to alternative clubs in the area. The vibe of the club is deliberately of a loft party in New York that you happen to stumble upon. The club attracts a younger crowd of both college students and young professionals. They play the latest hits as well as some old classics thrown into the mix. The dress code is chic and hip but is not strictly enforced. They have a great drinks menu to choose from and their bartenders can whip up almost anything you desire.

3. Digital

Digital is the perfect place to go clubbing in Newcastle. It hosts a variety of famous DJ artists and ensures that their customers enjoy a night of partying. Moreover, the club has four floors that all have the finest dance floors to motivate you to dance the night away. In addition, the club also hosts various themed nights such as Digital Mondays and Rebel Thursdays, with rock music playing in the latter to add to the theme. However, the music playing constantly throughout the club includes party mash-ups, house, and electro-pop songs.

4. Livello

Livello rests on the new and vibrant quayside in Newcastle. This club combines modern cocktail mixing with tried and trusted vintage concoctions, which gives their menu a wonderful and unique twist. Moreover, the club offers unique weekly events, as well as live performances to showcase the local talent. In addition, the club also hosts famous DJs to provide funky tunes to dance to all night long. The music playing in this club ranges from electro-pop, garage to hip hop and RnB.

5. Tup Tup Palace

Tup Tup Palace is a luxurious nightclub that is famous for being a unique mix of bohemian vibes and eastern interior. This club resides in the heart of town and provides customers with indoor waterfalls, exclusive table service among many more. In addition, the club is almost always packed till 3 am, and all floors are filled. The playlist in this club varies from RnB, hip hop to house and electro, depending on the day you visit.

In Conclusion

Nightclubs are always a fun place to be after a hectic week. Our lists of the best RnB clubs in Newcastle will definitely be your cup of tea and provide for a great night out!