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Robert Johnson Frankfurt, Guide & Review

Robert Johnson is a legendary club that you will be able to find in Berlin. In fact, some of the people tend to call it as one of the finest clubs scattered around Berlin. You will be able to bag a lot of outstanding experiences during the time that you are spending here in Robert Johnson.

The Robert Johnson club has been named after the world famous blues musician Robert Johnson. However, you will not just be exposed to blues music during the time you are spending here in this nightclub. Along with blues music, you will also be exposed to techno music at the nightclub. In addition to that, Robert Johnson is one of the finest venues available for the up and coming DJs to go ahead with their outstanding performances. They will fall in love with all the great experiences that they can bag in the club as well.

There is one massive dance floor available in the club. However, the space available within the dance floor is quite limited. Due to the same reason, you can expect to find a quite strict door policy at Robert Johnson as well. You might not be allowed to walk into the Robert Johnson club in some of the weekends, even if you are not drunk or on drugs. You are also encouraged to take a look at the website and Facebook page of Robert Johnson on a regular basis. That’s because updates about their gigs are published in those platforms.

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