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U60311 Frankfurt, Guide & Review

U60311 is one of the finest nightclubs that you can find in Berlin. Whether you are a local or an international, you are provided with the opportunity to walk in through the doors of the club and enjoy the experiences that you are being provided with. You will fall in love with all those experiences that the club would offer to you.

U60311 was closed down due to the unfortunate death of one of the guests. However, it is open again and people are provided with the chance to walk in and enjoy their time like never before. On the one hand, the closure of the two trend-setting clubs Cocoon and U60311, both of which were known for bringing international celebrities to Frankfurt every weekend. On the other hand, the city has also acted massively against any form of wild growth and off-locations. This also hampers the development and creativity of subcultures as represented by techno.

This club is located on an apartment. It also means sterile, so anything but colorful and alive. The club was something special, a permanent institution and enrichment for the music and culture scene – and far beyond the region! As a counter world, the club offered space for activities that are most likely to be marginalized by a part of society or simply not intended. You will fall in love with the interior decors that the club is offering to the guests. You will be able to immerse yourself in them and have an outstanding experience.

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