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Space Club Firenze Florence, Guide & Review

SpaceClub Firenze Disco club located in Florence, Italy. The Space Club is a nightclub that has hosted the most successful artists on the music scene since 1969. SpaceClub Firenze has a huge dance floor usually on fire with an explosive mix of Italian and international music enriched by multiple experiments.  

Characterized by a particular attention to special effects: the laser show, the first strobe light, Space is today the result of that “underground” culture of the 60s and of that passion for music that has been vibrating for more than four generations Florentine evenings. Entirely renovated, it boasts a new latest generation LED lighting system and one of the best audio systems in Italy. 

Andrea Bolognesi, owner of the restaurant, underlined how “in a very difficult economic moment we decided to focus even more on quality, also not neglecting the environmental impact: we replaced all incandescent lights with LED lights, in a perspective of “green economy” and eco-sustainability. We then plan to bring important international artists to Florence and to take care of all the details of our events more and more”.

The Space Club uses a payment system for the services and drinks that can be obtained inside the restaurant called the “Drink Card System”. The system requires payment to be made at the exit rather than at the entrance. Each single “Drink Card” is strictly personal, non-transferable and can be used for a maximum of three consecutive drinks.  

At SpaceClub Firenze there is a SpaceJam Every Wednesday. It’s a good spot for large groups. It is busy, yet it is also large enough so that the dance floor doesn’t feel claustrophobic. The karaoke is one of the best parts. Everyone has a chance to strut their stuff on stage, and it never feels like wasted time. Recommended! Great place to take groups. The club is very clean and a safe place for students to have fun.

One of the only nightclubs you can go to in Firenze. The boiler room is really nice: big, not too many people, good vibes. The most popular nightclub in the city, with a great atmosphere. A really nice disco where you can find a variety of music. For example on Friday they play remixes of reggaeton and trap basically, on Saturday they play more commercial and electronic music. A good place if you love to speak foreign languages. Check out for SpaceClub Firenze nightclub event in their official facebook page:

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