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Spire Nightclub Houston


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Spire Nightclub Houston, Guide & Review

Spire Nightclub is a nightclub located in Downtown Houston. It is one of the largest nightclubs that you can find as well. Plenty of space is available to you as a result of it. This massive venue is well-known for providing the guests with music played by the best EDM artists. If you are an EDM fan, you need to think about visiting Spire Nightclub at least for one time in your life. However, the Spire Nightclub is open only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Music that you can witness at Spire Nightclub is great. You can combine music with the cocktails to receive an outstanding experience. The bar available at Spire Nightclub is really good as well. You can find a great collection of drinks in the bar. You can experiment with different cocktails with the help of the bartender and have a unique experience. There is more than one dance floor at Spire Nightclub. You can keep on hopping to the difference dance floors and get a versatile experience during the time that you spend in Spire Nightclub. While you do that, you will figure out that the main club layout is around ½ the size of the ground floor.

There is no strict dress code, which you have to follow when entering Spire Nightclub. But you are strongly encouraged to wear EDM attire when you are coming it. It can vary depend on the theme of the night, but wearing an EDM attire will not make you feel odd. You can easily immerse yourself in the outstanding experiences that are offered in the nightclub. The sound and music systems available at Spire Nightclub are perfect as well. They are in a position to provide a great night experience to everyone. You will also come across a lot of random people and all of them would be friendly.

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