Techno Clubs in Mykonos

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Best Nightclubs In Mykonos


Mykonos is a top destination for an active and casual night party in Greece.
The island has some of the best party venues in the Cyclades, with modern
healthy clubs in Mykonos and fun beach clubs. Introducing a global
atmosphere and fun, Mykonos clubs are in vogue, playing beautiful music
of all kinds, especially dance hits, and they don’t close before dawn. Wild
parties at all Mykonos clubs, including techno venues.
Most of the nightlife action occurs in beach clubs scattered around the
island on the most popular beaches. Clubs celebrating Mykonos, the most
famous of which are found in Paradise Sea, Super Paradise Sea and
Psarrou Sea, organize night and day techno raving parties.

1) Guzel Mykonos

Guzel Mykonos is a must-visit destination for those seeking late night experiences and after-dark partying! The ultimate culmination of Mykonian nightlife for the past decade, while its stylish, cozy atmosphere combined with its pleasant and professional staff will always make you feel welcomed! This nightclub has dominated the Mykonian party scene for years; its friendly ambiance will make you will feel right at home. Guzel is set on the Chora’s waterfront, overlooking the Aegean Sea where you are guaranteed to get the best view of the Mykonian sunset or sunrise per se. Enjoy the club’s intimate ambience with a touch of glamorous vibe.

2) Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Cavo Paradiso Mykonos is regarded by music industry publications, artists and clubbers, as one of the most exciting venues worldwide. It is often voted in the top club annual lists. The architectural design was developed through diverse stages with total respect of the natural surroundings thus you get the feeling of being within nature and you value the wild beauty that Mykonos island and the Aegean archipelago has to present. What’s so grandiose about Cavo Paradiso is how it manages to include the island’s natural exquisiteness into its design.

3) Madon Mykonos

Madon Mykonos has become one of Mykonos’ undeniable jewels and must-visit destinations for the summer season. Adding to the island’s vibrant scene and rhythm, the club’s enchanting dancers galore and mystique ambiance, combined with its spectacular sea view from a wide open balcony, established Madon as the ultimate level-up for the island’s renowned nightlife. Situated in the historical Mado square, which inspired both its appellation and interior design, Madon retains an association with London’s infamous Maddox club. This affiliation is a guarantee of quality time, providing distinctive DJ’s performances from the international music scene and distinction in accommodation by an experienced, proficient staff.

4) Scarpa bar Mykonos

Scarpa bar Mykonos stands for good music, attracting many of the regulars of Mykonos and captures the essence of the island nightlife: sea breeze, good people, good music and ultimate location! Among a seafront terrace and horizon of little windmills in Little Venice, Scarpa Cocktail Bar is one of the most popular night spots in Mykonos. Scarpa Cocktail Bar offers incredible views over the Aegean Sea and a superb variety of cocktails. It is not a big club, but it punches above its weight bringing some of the best DJs in Greece to its line up to keep you dancing and drinking until the small hours of the morning.

5) Skandinavian Bar Mykonos

Skandinavian Bar Mykonos dominates the nightlife of Mykonos since 1978. It is the best well-known meeting point of the island – a venue where you can meet your friends or make new ones! The variety of their fine cocktails and drinks plus great music selection by famous DJ Ka will make your nights in Mykonos really fantastic. Friendly ambiance and premium service have established it as the best spot in Mykonos, where you can enjoy music, dancing and drinks at the best prices of Mykonos. The manager of Skandinavian Bar, Mr. Moschos and his pleasant and experienced staff, are waiting for you.

6) VOID Mykonos

VOID Mykonos  is the ideal way to depict this Mykonos nightclub – it is an expansive architectural compound of bar and dance floor rising up at the sides to an additional level. The ground floor is expansive and is one of the best places to experience the aesthetics of the venue, particularly when it is not too busy. Levels 2 and 3 feature seating areas, while the gallery above has VIP tables, its own bars, and large windows overlooking the Void below. The décor of the Void is ultramodern with flowing lines, infinite curves that look like sound waves, bright lights, and unique shapes.


In Mykonos Town, there are exciting drinking and techno dancing clubs.
The entertainment scene at night is very different, with the atmosphere of a
party mixed with hyper throughout all the island areas. It is impossible not
to have fun in Mykonos!
Modern and beautiful beach clubs, strip clubs offering music of all kinds,
especially dance hits and uncluttered before dawn, international
atmosphere and fun, wild parties and superb DJs, Mykonos has truly a
known nightlife and is crazy all over Greece.