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Tenax Florence, Guide & Review

Tenax is definitely worth checking out while you are in Florence especially if you are into famous DJs. Texas is a dance club in Florence, Italy. It features live music by international DJs. It’s all about the regulars and the awesome DJs who play there. This place has seen gigs by everyone ranging from 80s new wave bands to world famous DJs, but it is ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ party that has made Tenax one of Europe’s legendary club names. Those Saturday night parties have played host to practically every top DJ worth his salt over the last 20 years and currently marks one of the main stopping off points for the minimal bandwagon.

This is definitely the best underground venue for tech house lovers. You can stay for hours in this spacious black box of a club. Quality music from world famous DJs combined with epic lighting, visuals and sound you are guaranteed a fun night. 

Tenax is a place where real Italians go. If you want to experience what nightlife is like for Italians, head there. Famous DJs spin here, and it is dominantly all house music. It is not the same repetitive house music you will hear at other clubs. The songs usually have good beats and you can dance to it.

It feels very safe compared to the others, as the men are not as eager to pick up girls. They are really there for the music. With that said, the music is the main attraction here, and you can just enjoy yourself dancing. The music is incredible and the dancing was tons of fun.

Thursday if you are a student you can get in free and trust me, way better to spend to get into tenax than to spend to go to Space Electronic. Had their resident DJ’s playing excellent dance music, wonderful club staff, fantastic club atmosphere, reasonable drink prices and good facilities. Amazing night with wonderful people at a brilliant nightclub. Check out for Tenax nightclub event in their official facebook page:


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