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11. The Blink Monk

This is the place to be if you enjoy wine. The Blind Monk is a fantastic restaurant and bar. Wine, beer, and food are available. The owner designed a home that he wanted to come home to. He is also a Certified Sommelier and a graduate of the French Culinary Institute. West Palm Beach is located at 410 Evernia Street, No. 107. The blind monk, one of the engaging bars, appears to be a lovely hub area where guests may enjoy delightful videos and inventive drinks. If you’re up for other events, look at our bar schedule. The Blind Monk provides a laid-back atmosphere to end a brilliant evening with a glass of calm wind on the palm. A white and black film exhibition with a one-of-a-kind lighting ambiance hangs on the walls of this pub. 

The location is usually recommended for a night of relaxation and hassle-free vacation. The wine list is superb, the service is excellent, the cheese and meat platters are good, and the chicken liver bowl is delectable. While The Blind Monk is named after a 17th-century Benedictine monk who worked as a cellarmaster in Champagne, don’t anticipate anything pompous. This is a local hangout, a wine bar that will remind you that West Palm Beach is a vast tiny town where you’ll almost certainly run into everyone you know. The Blind Monk is stylish and laid-back, and it rocks at happy hour, well, “sommelier choices” time. 

Stay for live music or silent black & white flicks after that. While the menu is restricted to small meals, we challenge you to find a finer charcuterie platter in town. Even though this isn’t your neighborhood, The Blind Monk will make you feel like it is. So, this is one of the best bars West Palm Beach has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend visiting this venue at least once. Go to this spot with your family, friends, or loved ones. It has a great kitchen with splendid food options. So, you would not have to worry about finding another place to eat than this venue.

10. The Blue Anchor British Pub

The Blue Anchor British Pub

The Blue Anchor is a Pub (British) and a Restaurant on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach that serves classic favorites from across the pond. It is a recreated 19th-century London bar that serves imported beer, fish and chips, and live music on weekends. The Blue Anchor is steeped in history, with its doors and stained glass windows brought directly from its original location in London. With that type of history, you’d think the British specialty hot pies, topped with Guinness gravy, would be delectable. Thursday and Friday evenings feature classic rock music, while Saturday nights feature British Invasion. Happy hour is seven days a week with $4 20oz pints is motivation enough to visit, let alone the fact that the location is said to be haunted! 

Recommended for Bars because: The Blue Anchor’s unique British vibe in Delray Beach wins happy hour every day of the week with $4 20 oz beers. A good venue to debate soccer with informed supporters while smashing a Guinness. The Blue Anchor has an extensive history of hauntings. Bertha Starkey resided above the bar with her husband, who was away for significant periods due to business, in London in the 1840s during Jack the Ripper’s reign. Bertha called a gentleman over for a visit one night while her husband was away. Her husband returned home early, saw the two in a compromising situation, and murdered them. 

The ghost of young Bertha Starkey has haunted the bar for over a century. The tavern was demolished in London years later, but its exterior and expensive wood interior elements were disassembled and moved to New York City. They were kept there until 1996, when they were forced to DelRay Beach, along with Bertha’s spirit. To this day, footsteps after closure may be heard at DelRay Beach, lights light and extinguish themselves. This is along with banging pots and pans and the sound of Bertha weeping. Mark and Peggy Snyder, new bar owners and locals welcome you to The Blue Anchor. Every night, enjoy delicious cuisine, beverages, soccer, and the sounds of Bertha! So, this is a spot for you if you are a horror fan!

9. Improv Comedy Club

Downtown West Palm Beach’s greatest bar of improv comedy club provides a few laughs. You may enjoy high-quality drinks, a delicious dinner, and a superb dance style. You may always expect a delightful and super-duper time when you knock on the door of this establishment. For every occasion, renting out private receptions, parties, fundraisers, luncheons, and other unique events is a great idea. Overall, it is accessible for renting both during and at night. For nearly four decades, the world-class improv comedy club has been a launching pad for some of comedy’s most recognizable personalities. 

Remember when I said there is a lot to do at Rosemary Square? Just add Improv Comedy Club to the list. It’s a great place to stop after dinner and laugh with a comedian. The performance roster features names like Rodney Dangerfield, Gary Shandling, Lily Tomlin, Jim Carey, Dennis Miller, Bob Saget, and others. For more than four decades, the World Famous IMPROV comedy clubs have been the launching pad for the biggest names in comedy, and the PALM BEACH IMPROV has been a vital part of that success. IMPROV lovers and newcomers alike can look forward to delicious cuisine and a first-rate comedy experience in a stunning club! The PALM BEACH IMPROV will continue to host the biggest names in comedy with Frank Caliendo, Pablo Francisco, Kevin Nealon, Carlos Mencia, and other great acts! 

Tickets can be purchased online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or by calling the box office at 561-833-1812. So, you may always pick up your tickets at the box office the night of the event after you’ve purchased them. You may also print your tickets or access them on your smartphone! If a concert is canceled, they will notify you of the refund or exchange processes for that show. If the show is rescheduled, they may set refund limitations. Refunds will be issued using the same payment method used to purchase the tickets originally. They provide these admit 2 VIP passes through several promotional outlets to the community. These admit-two passes are valid for non-special engagement performances.

8. City Cellar Wine Bar And Grill

City Cellar is a Mediterranean fare served in an airy space with a floor-to-ceiling glass wine cellar & patio. City Cellar, which debuted in 2000, is one of the city’s hallmark restaurants. Enter the enormous dining area, which features a floor-to-ceiling glass-covered wine cellar. The award-winning wine assortment at City Cellar may be tasted by bottle, glass, or flight. The cuisine includes hearth-cooked pizza, dry-aged meats, fresh pasta, and seafood. A small dishes menu is available, providing daily flatbread, lobster mac & cheese, and other daily specialties. A changing menu of hard-to-find specialty cheeses is also offered. Desserts are all appealing, house-made, and delicious. Everybody’s favorite city cellar wine bar & restaurant is a must-visit saloon. 

You may appreciate an award-winning assortment of wines and excellent brews in the floor-to-ceiling glass cellar. You may also order specialty cheeses to complement your drinking evening meal. The city cellar wine bar & grill, located on Rosemary Square, is regarded as one of the most ornamented eating venues among the rest. The servers here greet customers with unrivaled service and a hot American meal on a plate. Its distinctive feature is a daily variety of customized meals made using local and seasonal ingredients. Explore it right now and brighten your day. City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill in Rosemary Square is one of the area’s most beloved dining destinations. They welcome guests with unparalleled service and an American menu. So, they feature a daily selection of specials using seasonal and local ingredients. 

They have more than 600 bottles and 80 wines by the glass shape of the award-winning wine cellar. Experience their Wine Shop with 50% Off Bottles under $99. Their Kitchen has Executive Chef Rolando Anoceto. He leads the Kitchen with his contemporary outlook on favored classics, including dry-aged steaks, fish from the grill, hearth-baked pizzas, and fresh pasta. House-cured charcuterie, cheese boards, artisanal breads, and desserts are all made in-house daily in City Cellar’s scratch kitchen. This is one of the best bars West Palm Beach has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend you visit this place at least once.

7. Roxy’s Pub

Roxy's Pub

Roxy’s is a multi-story, multi-faceted Irish bar and nightclub on West Palm Beach’s Clematis Street. Sports and drinking fans congregate around the taps to sip global suds and watch Florida sports teams compete on the lower level. After getting a drink at one of the two bar stations, you may gaze out over the city from the roof deck. Later in the evening, the projection screen displays house music blasts and music videos. A raucous dance party normally follows, with things getting as chaotic as you allow them. This is a fantastic spot to cap off a night on Clematis. Recommended for Bars: The Skybar, on the rooftop of Roxy’s Pub on Clematis, boasts a full bar and a spacious dance floor. 

Our expert tip: Take the elevator to the third floor – the stairs take forever. Is anyone interested in a rooftop dinner? Please include me! Roxy’s Pub provides a relaxing setting to dance, sing, drink up to 64 different types of beer, and enjoy life to the fullest. What I like best about the rooftop bar is the variety of beer on tap, including ciders and local brewers. This is the finest location to be on St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re yearning for a craft brew or a cold beer, you may satisfy your demands with a hot dinner of high-quality chicken wings. Then, take in the atmosphere in the bar and spend the night dancing on the rooftop. 

You also have a great time at Roxy Pub, where you can enjoy live performances and street block parties. In general, Roxy Pub is an eventual bar that provides various benefits. From award-winning chicken wings to artisan beers, late-night dancing to block parties, private gatherings, and glittering events, this Pub has it all. So, when the Irish Pub opened its top and installed Clematis Street’s first rooftop bar, Roxy’s was already the trendiest destination in town. As it has been for a generation, it’s a spot where you’ll see shot-taking college kids, wine-sipping movers and shakers, face-painted football watchers, and scantily dressed scenesters dancing under the stars. So, this is one of the best bars this city has to offer!

6. Respectable Street

Respectable Street

Respectable has been a fixture in the neighborhood for almost a decade, even before Clematis Street was revitalized. Respectable Street is the Southeast’s longest-running nightclub. RSC has maintained its autonomous attitude through dance evenings, parties, and live performers since 1987. The dance club/live music venue is a refuge for the alternative set and those searching for something a little different. Most evenings, DJs spin a mix of electronic and industrial music for guests to groove out to on the dance floor. At other times, you’ll discover performances by local and national bands with a distinct sound, and a harder edge than most music enthusiasts appreciate. 

Other attractions include ska, punk, and rock acts and anything else that is uncategorizable and fascinating. We recommend it for Bars because Respectable Street’s late-night happy hour and varied DJs cater to West Palm Beach’s artsier demographic. Our expert tip: This place is the closest thing Palm Beach has to a CBGBs type of establishment. While much of Clematis Street is distinguished by exquisite dining and laid-back lounges, Respectable Street has a radically different atmosphere, that of a simply designed music hall. The place has been rocking since 1987, according to owner Rodney Mayo, and if you’re into live music, you’ll discover a roster of local heavyweights playing on the same weekend as the you-heard-them-first-here acts that’ll be huge tomorrow. 

Take a chilled drink and dance the night away at the well-lit Clematis Boulevard nightclub in West Palm Beach. With its high-ceilinged music bar, colorful paintings, checkerboard dance floor, and cozy seats, this place welcomes residents and tourists. If you’re feeling down, tighten your boots and listen to the nice music and bands that kept you company all night. Take advantage of the ample seats, and feel free to stroll all night. Don’t forget to use the outside terrace and have a breath-taking experience while conducting high-energy activities inside. So, this is one of the best bars West Palm Beach has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend visiting this bar at least once. Visit with your family, friends, or loved ones!

5. E.R Bradley’ Saloon

E.R. Bradley's Saloon

E.R Bradley’s Saloon is an open-air, open-late tavern where ladies are known to dance on the bar, serving bar eats & breakfast. Bradley’s, formerly a private gaming facility in Palm Beach, is now located along the Intracoastal canal at the base of Clematis Street. This neighborhood is especially popular with business people and Palm Beach families who come to enjoy the comfort of the native atmosphere and the delicious food. After the dinner rush has subsided, the night begins to take hold. DJs play Top 40 and beach music, and patrons enthusiastically take to the dance floor. Themed evenings add to the fun, and four bars ensure no one is thirsty. 

Stop by any night if you want to drink, mingle, and boogie, and you’ll see the camaraderie that develops. Bars are recommended because The patio bar at ER Bradley provides a comprehensive cocktail selection and unparalleled views of the Intracoastal Waterway. When you come in off the Intracoastal, E.R. Bradley’s now provides locations for you to keep your paddle boards. The iconic West Palm Beach Waterfront bar and restaurant. It’s a rite of passage, a place to celebrate, and a place to unwind. They are the city’s backyard, open 365 days a year, and have been making history for almost 30 years. 

Visit and learn about customs that have become a part of our communal fabric and our city’s character. They enjoy live music and enjoy showcasing our favorite bands. Whether it’s happy hour reggae at the Rock Bar or live music inside on a Saturday night, you can depend on them to groove out and deliver you the greatest live music in town. It’s a rite of passage, a place to celebrate, and a place to unwind. They are the city’s backyard, open 365 days a year, and have been making history for over 30 years. Experience traditions that have been a part of our community’s fabric and our city’s uniqueness! So, this is one of the best bars West Palm Beach has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend visiting this venue at least once.

4. Copper Blues

Copper Blues

Copper Blues is a new microbrewery in Downtown West Palm Beach, located on the second level of City Place (next to Improv). The 60 beers on tap (a mix of local crafts, microbrews, IPAs, and more) complement the delectable bar snacks, burgers, and other dishes. They feature a stage in the middle of the venue where some of the best local rock and blues performers perform. Acts are normally scheduled for Wednesday through Saturday and are announced on the joint’s website and Facebook page. Copper Blues, which has been open since mid-May, has received excellent feedback from its new client base. We recommend this for Bars because: Copper Blues is the entire deal for City Place bars, with a wide beer selection and live music. Our expert tip: Try some local brews on tap from Cigar City. 

An export from Arizona, Copper Blues holds down 60 taps from its second-floor location in the Rosemary Square entertainment complex. It’s not just beer here, though, with a full cocktail and food menu headlined by a burger that you probably shouldn’t leave without ordering. They have established a place for all Rock Stars, Foodies, Beer Geeks, and Cocktail Connoisseurs! Their headliners don’t simply take up space on stage; they surround it with tap handles and friendly service. Are you looking for The Party? Then head to the Stage Bar to sing along to top-40 and classic rock from our resident bands. Are you looking for a more laid back experience? Go to their Beer Garden, where you can enjoy a conversation in an environment filled with vegetation and life. They created the Rock Pub and Kitchen for folks who want more than simply food when they go out, so join us for an evening of fun! 

Copper Blues was inspired by the attitude, not the genre, of rock & roll. They invite the proper musicians to contribute to the Copper Blues experience, whether it’s a solo acoustic act, a country band, or a group recreating the enchantment of 1980s rock. Simply defined, Copper Blues is a one-of-a-kind concept that successfully combines three aspects dear to our hearts and souls. They’re all about beer, music, and cuisine!

3. Bar Louie

Bar Louie


Bar Louie is an upbeat grill chain with American grub, martinis & microbrews, plus happy-hour deals. Bar Louie, located near the Clematis Street fountain, is well worth a visit for a few beers and a fantastic lunch. The ambiance is fantastic, whether sitting at the bar below or upstairs in the seating area. There is a wide range of appetizers, or you may have one of their sandwiches. With TVs all around, this is a terrific place to watch a game or listen to live music on off nights. Wednesdays are $1 burger nights with amazing drink discounts, or stop in from 4-7 PM for the daily happy hour. We recommend this venue for Bars because Bar Louie has an extensive beer menu and cuisine that is above average for a bar. 

Our pro tip: To get the finest view of the music, sit on the left side of the bar. Eat and drink. Be content. What things should you have to be a regular at Bar Louie Coconut Creek? A love of the craft and a drive to do something out of the usual. They have always felt that having a pleasant spot to hang out and enjoy amazing beverages, scratch cuisine, awesome music, and the greatest service was something special from their Chicago heritage. Every Bar Louie is designed with this in mind. 

It may not appear to be a simple undertaking, but they want to ensure that you have a fantastic experience whenever you visit. They could make it easier on ourselves, but they live for the quality and uniqueness of what they create. From their handcrafted everything bar to their scratch-everything kitchen, it’s in their DNA to be the best. So, this is one of the best bars West Palm Beach has to offer! If you are in town, you should visit this bar at least once. Visit the venue with your family, friends, and your loved ones. You will be guaranteed to have a memorable time here at this venue.

2. Boston’s On The Beach

Boston's on the Beach

Boston’s On The Beach is a longtime choice for sports fans, offering live music & seafood in a busy spot overlooking the surf. For almost 35 years, Boston’s on the Beach has served Delray Beach residents and tourists with New England-style seafood and local fish. The atmosphere at Boston’s, which is just feet from the shore, keeps customers coming back for more. With over 30 TVs to watch the big sports and live music every night, the fun continues well after the sun goes down and the beach hours are finished. Salads, sandwiches, and various seafood options are available on the menu. There are plenty of specialty beverages to sip while admiring the beach vistas. 

Boston’s on the Beach is a fantastic stop for a happy hour throughout the week after enjoying the beach and sun on Delray Beach. Our expert advice: The tiki sidebar is worth visiting for “people watching” or a game of corn hole. For the past 35 years, Boston’s on the Beach has served residents and visitors. Boston’s allure has come from its capacity to attract, feed, and amuse a varied audience. Boston’s on the Beach is situated at 40 South Ocean Boulevard in Delray Beach, providing stunning oceanfront scenery of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the ideal environment for casual eating, live music, and sports activities at their first-floor restaurant; fondly dubbed “The Beach.” Perfect for any occasion, our Delray Beach restaurant gift cards and certificates are wonderful gifts for family and friends and prizes and incentives for workers, partners, and even consumers. 

Gift certificates are available in denominations of $25, $50, $75, and $100; you may design your own for any amount. Boston’s on the Beach, 50 Ocean, and Sandbar accept all gift vouchers! Today, surprise someone or treat yourself to some delectable food and beverages. Boston’s on the Beach has showcased the top local and regional artists of all musical genres for over 35 years. From Rock, Reggae, Blues, Country, Jazz, Pop, and Dance, you will never miss the opportunity to see a melting pot of talent. Boston’s reputation as the world’s greatest oceanfront and the lively, family-friendly environment has demonstrated that it is genuinely everyone’s home-away-from-home.

1. Square Grouper

Square Grouper

The Square Grouper is a laid-back, open-air marina bar offering tropical drinks, bar eats & live music by the water. On the Jupiter inlet, the Square Grouper is a local institution. It’s a tiki hut pub with live music every night. There are several points of service where you may grab an excellent rum drink while listening to local reggae, acoustic, and beachy music. One of the coolest aspects of the Square Grouper is the ability to stroll down onto the docks at night and see the iconic Jupiter Lighthouse. The water is bright blue, and the boat lights at the nearby marina allow you to view an abundance of fish at your feet. The Square Grouper is a terrific spot to take a date or relax on a warm summer night. 

Square Grouper’s tropical paradise in Jupiter is the ideal location to chill, sip a nice drink, and watch the boats sail by. Take a date to the docks late at night to stare at the sky and fish swimming in Jupiter’s pure blue seas. The Square Grouper Tiki Bar in Jupiter has risen to become one of the most popular watering spots in the United States since its “formal” launch on Super Bowl Sunday, January 26, 2003. Several music videos have been shot there, including Alan Jackson’s song “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” with Jimmy Buffett. 

This local landmark, tucked amid the palm trees at the end of Love Street, has the 19-slip Castaways Marina and the most breathtaking landscape in the neighborhood, as well as spectacular ocean views of the Jupiter Inlet and its iconic lighthouse. The Square Grouper Tiki Bar on the Fort Pierce Inlet in South Beach, which debuted on November 4, 2016, with a “formal” grand opening on Super Bowl Sunday 2017, is fast becoming another beautiful slice of paradise for locals and visitors alike. It offers the same easygoing, lively, and tropical atmosphere we’ve grown famous for, with a spectacular vista positioned high over the riverwalk along the Fort Pierce Inlet. We are delighted to have grown and become a part of Sunrise City.

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