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El Paso, a picturesque city nestled between the magnificent Franklin Mountains and the gorgeous Rio Grande River, is a rare mix of excellent features. This Texas city is known across the world for being a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. El Paso is a city with experiences and activities for any type of city fan. Are you interested in El Paso? Don’t worry; we’ve got all of the answers. El Paso is a culturally rich city that is alive with natural beauty and is inexpensive to travelers of all budgets. El Paso boasts a plethora of possibilities for people interested in nightlife and outdoor adventure. Below is our list of The Best Cool Bars in El Paso for you to explore. 

Craft and Social

Craft and Social is a contemporary hangout for craft beer, charcuterie & elevated American cafe fare with growlers. Enjoy a wicked experience and friendly service at one of El Paso’s best restaurants. Craft and Social is ideal for families looking to sample delectable American fare, such as specialty salads. Awesome feeling. An excellent location to get a beer and relax. A good charcuterie platter and a fantastic selection of taps to pick from. A table was full of VHS movies, some of which would take you back in time. The service here is excellent! I adore this location. This is my first visit, but if I lived here, I’d be a regular. The beer was good. The service was excellent. The ambiance was terrific. A welcoming beer bar with light meals. Excellent beer selection and super friendly and helpful personnel. 

Furthermore, if you want to watch a random selection of VHS tapes, they have a TV ready to go and a vast collection. I enjoy the Avery beer here! Other pubs didn’t have a good beer selection, but this bar improved my day by having an excellent assortment of craft beers. I was happy to have the opportunity to try something new here! Cute little place. Great stop if you want a draft and some good food to pair with it. We are clear about the drinks available. The drinks are beers, ciders, and ale. If those aren’t for you, they have sodas and water. The menu had charcuterie boards, salads, and sandwiches. The place is small and cozy, so if you like party bar vibes, go elsewhere. 

This place is for you if you enjoy a good conversation over food and drinks. Parking is nearby paid lots, or you can find a street park if you find some. Craft and Social is fantastic! The owner, Omar, is very approachable. I had a lot of pleasure conversing with him while eating and drinking beers. The meal is fantastic, and it is clear that everything is produced fresh in-house. The hummus was delicious, and the foghorn sandwich was incredible. There are many taste levels, and the cucumber chips are ideal. So, the craft beer selection is excellent, especially for a tiny establishment. I would revisit this venue the next time I’m in El Paso. I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough! If you’re in town, stop by! So, this spot is one of the best in El Paso!

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina is a mini-chain of sports bars featuring TV soccer games, Mexican-inspired pub grub & ice-cold beer. You have visited the greatest Latin Sports Cantina in the world; Gringos are also welcome! Please sit back, relax, and enjoy homemade Mexican food and ice-cold Cerveza served by their Chicas Croquetas Y-Bonitas while watching your favorite team play, partying with friends, or dining with family. They provide cutting-edge wall-to-wall HD TVs that broadcast all-day sports. Don’t be shocked by the name Goal; they are passionate about football and are also your headquarters for Boxing, UFC, NFL, NBA, and MLB. They’re not only altering how you watch sports but also changing how you drink beer. The original “Balón” was popularized by Ojos Locos. 

It’s simply the most excellent method to drink your Cerveza – DRAFT! Chica Croquetas y Bonitas, 29o ice cold Cerveza, and their giant wall of HD screens make you wonder why you’re still reading about Ojos and not at one of their locations – find a location near you. Ojos Locos opened its first store in Dallas, TX, in 2010. The concept was created to cater to the Latino community, providing you with a comfortable, laid-back sports cantina where you can sit and relax after a long day of work, watch your favorite team play, party with friends, dine with family, and enjoy outgoing and friendly service from one of their chicas croquetas y bonitos. This is an ample space with large tables and booths. The meal is delicious and has a Mexican-American flavor. Its inventive cocktails adhere to the same idea. 

The wait staff is excellent, courteous, gorgeous, and knowledgeable about their profession. You should swing by and sit at the bar; you’ll be grateful, especially on a Friday night. Good work, the lady in white lingerie who served us. The service was pleasant despite our three males fighting and talking nonsense about work the whole night. The tacos were delicious, but the Cajun wings were out of this world. I would recommend 10/10. So, Ojos Locos Sports Cantina is one of the best bars El Paso has to offer you, your friends, and your loved ones. If you are in the city, we recommend you to visit this spot at least once! Go with your friends, family, and loved ones to have a memorable and fun time. Hence, this is a great venue to watch sports.

Rulis’ International Kitchen

Come by Rulis’ International Kitchen tonight if you’re looking for outstanding, handcrafted, globally influenced cuisine. Rulis’ is your neighborhood bar and grill in El Paso, TX, delivering high-quality food guaranteed to please. Rulis’ offers a variety of beverages to complement your excellent meal. They offer over 90 different craft beers to pick from, as well as a large selection of outstanding wines. Their experts recommend which beverages go best with specific foods to bring out the most incredible flavors. Such a customized encounter at a casual establishment like Rulis’ International Kitchen is exceptional. Rulis’ International Kitchen wants everyone to feel welcome and at ease at their restaurant. Their El Paso, TX fusion restaurant blends not only diverse tastes for the food but also combines distinct tones to create their ambiance. 

Rulis’, which bills itself as a “gourmet dive,” aims to be where you can come for a beautiful dinner in a relaxed and pleasant setting. Their fusion cuisine is influenced by numerous nations, mixing tastes and ingredients popular in many cultures. Their menu includes dishes from Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America. Every dish is made using only the finest ingredients. From soups and sandwiches to tapas and paninis, Rulis’ International Kitchen offers something familiar as well as something completely new. Since 2008, Rulis’ International Kitchen has provided excellent, internationally-inspired cuisine to the El Paso community. Their fusion restaurant is a type of gourmet dive, combining high-quality food with a relaxed and welcoming ambiance. Many different nations and civilizations influence their food. Their chef and the team prepare every meal from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. 

You’ll discover anything from typical selections to more unusual stuff – it depends on how daring you are when you visit. Rulis’ IK places high importance on its consumers. Their fantastic team will look after you whether you’re stopping by for a quick craft brew or eating with the whole family. Their chef, Rulis Gonzalez, leads an extraordinary team of chefs that constantly produce outstanding meals for their guests at Rulis’ International Kitchen. It’s all about notable people sharing excellent meals at Rulis’. When you visit Rulis’ International Kitchen, you will be treated as if you were a family member. Tonight, sample their excellent international cuisine in El Paso, TX. So, Rulis’ International Kitchen is one of the best bars and restaurants in El Paso. It is safe to say there are not many places better than this venue.

Dewey’s Corner Pub

At Dewey’s Corner Pub, Central El Paso Nightlife comes to a fun level with the blend of the bar by day and energetic nightlife by night. Having seen San Jacinto Plaza, it’s time to have a rest at this bar. Dewey’s Corner Pub offers you to try perfectly cooked kare-kare. A lot of visitors order a delicious beer. The welcoming ambiance of this venue allows customers to unwind and enjoy themselves. This location is suggested for qualified personnel. These restaurant owners are concerned about providing excellent service. Prices at this bar are worth attention because they’re good. The designer created a cute decor. Dewey’s, you’re super cool. Different from the other bars next door, but you compliment the strip very well. 

If you’re thinking about checking this place out, I implore you to follow our lead and do a bar crawl starting at 1/8 and ending at Dewey’s so you can get some eats in before. So we checked out Dewey’s last, and walking in was a good idea since they take the pub in a very literal sense and don’t appear to have any food (I’m okay with this). As all the bars on this block are, Dewey’s is pretty small, but it’s pretty long so that you could fit a lot of bodies in here. They had The Red Headed Sluts on special, so we did a few rounds of that. If you’ve never had one, they’re lovely. VERY. Their specials change from day to day so check the chalkboard. When we first got there, they played a lot of 5-10-year-old pop, but around 10 o’clock, they had a DJ. 

I liked the music they were playing before (not to say the DJ wasn’t playing good music), so if I had to guess, it’s probably less of a chill vibe and more of a dance place on the weekends. The most significant appeal to me was the bartender’s show. These guys flip bottles like nobody’s business. They even had a few choreographed tricks. They’re crowd pleasers and very friendly. Even the manager is fun and isn’t afraid to get out there and dance. Dewey’s Corner Pub, located adjacent to Coconuts, is one of El Paso’s most famous watering establishments. Come for open mic night to hear the most incredible new comics in the border region. The bartenders and customers are as polite and welcoming as in any other restaurant in this lovely city. 

The RockIn’ Bar

The RockIn' Bar

The RockIn’ Bar is El Paso’s most incredible dive bar! The venue was newly opened with live music, DJs, a fantastic happy hour, and the most excellent bartenders! On Sundays, they provide complimentary meals as well as food trucks. It offers NFL tickets to cheer on your favorite team, a jukebox to listen to your favorite music, and a pool table and darts to get competitive. Go check them out and make them your new favorite neighborhood hangout. They are ready to rock El Paso to the core!!! Live music/jams. NFL Sunday Ticket. Cool libations. Draft selection. Best damn bartenders!! Dyer Maker of dive bars!! The best dive bar in El Paso! Opened in late 2021, they are making noise in their first year! They are the place to meet with friends after work, unwind on the weekends, and celebrate your special occasion. 

Make some new friends while you hang out listening to live music. Sally, the proprietor, is an El Paso native with extensive bartending expertise. She was a long-term Marriott employee in food and beverage, greeting many visitors to the region. She is the youngest of three children reared by a dedicated single mother who instilled the work ethic she possesses today. She lived in Fort Worth for a brief time before returning in 2018 to be closer to her family. She continued to work for Marriott in Fort Worth, teaching, overseeing, and mentoring new staff. She had always wanted to operate her bar. She made her jump just as the epidemic halted everything. She finally launched her bar at 3315 Dyer in 2021. 

Her hard work and commitment are evident here. She invites you to her pub to listen to live music and buy her a Jägerbomb or a Fernet! This is a fantastic tiny dive bar! I’m delighted I found it when I was in town. They have fantastic beer discounts and plenty of televisions. I can’t wait to return and listen to some live music when they have bands. Nice dive bar with fantastic live music. Clean and safe. Draft beer is nice and cold, with excellent selections: good drinks, great specials, and friendly staff. The owner is welcoming, bubbly, and shows hospitality. I frequent here for the safe, friendly atmosphere—an excellent local business to support. So, The RockIn’ Bar is one of El Paso’s best bars. We highly recommend this venue. Go with your friends, family, and loved ones.

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El Paso is proud of its diversity, which is significantly impacted by both American and Mexican traditions. Multiculturalism is the cornerstone of El Paso’s identity in providing the utmost dignity and respect to its guests. Every multiracial minority in the cities has distinct social and political possibilities that help to distinguish and include this city. El Paso is well-known for its all-night live music on weekends, and many people consider BBQ cuisine to be their religion. This city is rich in history, legacy, and breathtaking natural beauty, and its residents enjoy outdoor activities, music, cuisine, and beer. Although the nightlife is dispersed around the city, it is nevertheless fantastic all year. There are several clubs, pubs, restaurants, and other upscale establishments. We hope our list above helps you find your favorite cool bars in El Paso!

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