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When you think of a gaycation in Florida, you probably think of popular gay locations like Miami, Key West, and Fort Lauderdale. While we adore these attractive, sunny spots, don’t miss Tampa, a relative newcomer to the LGBT Florida scene. A visit to Tampa promises all the delights of sweltering subtropical Florida—but in a more inexpensive, up-and-coming environment, thanks to its rebuilt Riverwalk, picturesque Gulf position, and world-class amenities. Gay Tampa revolves on the trendy GaYbor, or Ybor City, where you’ll find the city’s best bars and nightclubs, vintage boutiques, and LGBTQ-owned companies. Begin exploring the LGBT Tampa nightlife scene right now with our guide to the top gay clubs in Ygor City, Tampa.

The Castle

The CastleThe Castle is a multilevel bar and dance club with music from new wave to pop & a crowd dressed from Goth to fetish. The Castle is one of Ybor City’s best and most iconic venues, serving as a bar and a nightclub. The population is broad and eclectic, and guests are encouraged to dress up for several themed nights, with an exciting theme each day. The music is equally diverse, ranging from goth and indie to alternative and mainstream. The décor of the Castle is dungeon-like, gloomy, and industrial. It offers various rooms and is highly welcoming to LGBT people. The Castle offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The Castle opened its doors on Guavaween in 1992 as a tiny tavern with a clear purpose: to build a terrific spot that all of our friends would want to visit. 

It didn’t hurt to include the notion of solid cocktails from a wide variety of single malt scotches, small batch bourbon, aged tequila, and an eclectic blend of beers from across the world. For a few years, a killer jukebox provided the music before Djs were hired to liven up the different genres that the Castle nobility desired. Since then, there have been numerous changes, but the aims remain the same. This is the BEST Dance Club in Ybor City! FRIDAYS @ The Castle are Upstairs: MIDNIGHT MASS. The cover is $10 for 21+ and $12 for 18-20. There is Gothic & Industrial Dance. Hosts: DJs Tom Gold and Sean rotate out every hour. This night made the Castle famous and defined who they are, and it has been running for almost 25 years. Synthpop and Industrial/Goth/EBM/Electro/Noise. 

A little of the old and a little of the modern. Requests are always appreciated. BLASPHEMY with Alternative Music Videos, downstairs on the terrace DJ Jason Barco is the host. Jason Barco performs all the jams you can think of before passing out. Saturdays at The Castle, on the other hand, are Upstairs: AFTER DARK COMMUNION. The cover is $10 for those aged 21 and over and $12 for those aged 18 to 20. There is a Gothic & Industrial Dance with Host DJ Tom Gold. Industrial/Goth/EBM/Electro/Noise and Synthpop. Downstairs: CARPE NOCTEM – SEIZE THE NIGHT. Gothic & Industrial Dance with Host: DJ Sean. Come dance with them under the stars! The Patio is also designated for smoking! So, this is one of the most fun bars Ybor City has to offer!

Bradley’s on 7th 

Bradley’s on 7th  is a lively gay bar with a pool table, happy hours & live entertainment in a dimly-lit setting. This is the most exciting LGBTQ club in Ybor, where individuals from all walks of life come to interact and enjoy themselves. Every night, a determined spirit is present. Tuesdays are reserved for vodka shots, while Wednesdays are reserved for beer and tonic shots. Bradley’s has happy hour every day, where the same beverages are much less expensive. Thursday and Friday’s nights include drag acts with exceptional local talent such as Lady Janet. Bradley’s will give you a taste of an authentic Florida-style party. Start your day with them at Bradley’s on 7th’s Happy Hour featuring 241 EVERYTHING Monday – Friday 4 pm till 9 pm Saturday & Sunday 2 pm – 9 pm! 

Their 7th Ave patio is open for people watching seven days a week, open till close! Bradley’s on 7th, come thirsty, leave happy, your place for Happy Hour! As always, NEVER A COVER! Bradley’s is a unique establishment. It has defrosted my icy lonely heart and established itself in my spirit. What a GOOGLY-MOOGLY night. What a location. If you decide to go to Bradley’s anytime soon, tell them Dav sent you. I’ll most likely be there, laughing heartily at the pub along the river. Say hello, and let’s share the joy of Bradley’s. Do you enjoy going to dive bars? Check! Do you have feelings towards homosexual people? Check again! Do you enjoy seeing drag shows? Do you smoke inside? Strong beverages/large pours? Bringing in goodies from outside? Dancing? Making friends with strangers in the restroom? 

I can’t give you enough checks, googly-moogly! I enjoy coming here and getting wasted here. They have 2-4-1 on everything all day, every day till 9 pm. You receive a chip that you may use right now or save eternally until you accumulate enough points to gain a free day of drinking (sans tip, of course). The staff is fantastic, especially as you get to know them. This location has the potential to become your new home. Cheers. If you’re in Tampa or Ybor City and looking for a good time, head to Bradley’s and tell them Danie sent you. Come shout if you see me seated at the table around the corner from the tree immediately before the dance room. Oh. Did I mention there’s a river running through the center of the bar?

City Side Lounge 

City Side Lounge is an LGBT cocktail lounge with TVs & an outdoor area, plus billiards, karaoke & cabaret shows. So, this one is not a nightclub but an LGBTQ-friendly and promoting cocktail lounge in Ybor. The best event is spotlight Tuesday, featuring drag queens Conundrum and Sorcha Mercy. And Fridays, there are strip shows by men featuring Alejandro, Maxi, and James Cass. Everything is dedicated to the gay community. The cocktails and pizzas here are worth ordering while enjoying the shows. They specialize in servicing not just the Tampa Bay LGBT community but the whole Tampa Bay/St. The Petersburg area has quality wine, beer, and cocktails in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, fantastic drink specials, and unrivaled guest satisfaction. This bar was established in 1990. They are proud to say CONGRATS to City Side Lounge for being named the #1 gay bar in Tampa by Best Businesses of Tampa Bay. 

They thank their loyal City Side patrons who helped make them stand above the rest over the years! City Side Lounge specializes in providing not just the Tampa Bay LGBT community but the whole Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area with quality wine, beer, and cocktails in a pleasant and relaxed setting, great drink deals, and unrivaled guest satisfaction. City Side is the place to go if you want to hang out in a small yet intimate LGBT pub. City Side is a fantastic nightclub and the top gay bar in South Tampa! Several bartenders are all nice, amusing, and kind. The new(er) owners are fantastic! D and Mike have breathed fresh life into this welcome homosexual establishment! Karaokes with Scott on Wednesdays and Saturdays are lovely! The show’s director, Jae Mya, is fantastic! 

Her wit is snarky and catty, yet she is upbeat, sings, and has a television-worthy voice! (Oh, wait, she’s been on television several times!) There’s a free pool on Mondays, and if you’re looking for a pleasant patio, this restaurant boasts the most excellent gay bar patio in the neighborhood! At City Side, we always have a good time! There are usually fantastic beer specials and exciting people to watch. Pre-COVID Every night, there were events such as drag performances, bingo, and quizzes. They’ve also lately introduced food. During a BOGO Happy Hour, I ate a pepperoni pizza. City Side is a terrific place to start your night out, drink throughout the day, or conclude your evening!

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It might be challenging to locate a gay club in a strange place. That is why we have searched out the most qualified individuals in Tampa. Numerous possibilities may be found in Tampa’s GaYBOR area, a portion of historic Ybor City that is home to many LGBTQ-friendly shops. There are also a few pubs and lounges scattered across the Tampa Bay region. Check out the City Side Lounge in South Tampa if you want something a little more elegant and relaxed back. City Side, which caters to a slightly older, professional clientele, with a main bar, sports bar, and outside patio space for relaxing with sleek and contemporary design.

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