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Ybor City‘s historic Latin section was formerly home to Cuban immigrants who established companies to produce cigars. The warehouses were eventually turned into the numerous restaurants, cafes, and stores that now draw visitors and locals to this dynamic hot area. Ybor City, a National Historic Landmark District, is well-known for its raucous nightlife and rich culture. Check out our picks for the greatest unique bars in town. Below we have created a list of the best unique bars in Ybor City that you should definitely visit!

The Bad Monkey

The Bad Monkey is a lively, military-themed bar offering weekday happy hour, local beer on tap, sports on the TV & a patio. So, this place is a drift from the fine dining and high-end options. But it is unlimited fun at Bad monkey with bowling, gaming, drinking, and plenty of eating. During happy hours until 5:30, draft beer is available at as low as 3 dollars. The beer pairs perfectly well with their juicy burgers, Buffalo wings, hot dogs, and nachos. The bartenders are extremely friendly, and a good tie with friends is guaranteed. The Bad Monkey is a military-themed tavern serving superb pub fare, house drinks, and local beer brewers. The lively decor is highlighted by flat-screen TVs broadcasting the season’s sporting events and is located in the center of Ybor City. 

Customers may enjoy 12 beers on tap, a darts game, a gigantic Jenga game, and pool tables. The upstairs portion contains loft-style seating, and the front half of the bar has an open layout that allows for a breeze during Florida’s many mild nights. The Bad Monkey Bar honors people who have served their nation and community. When you see six full-sized 105 mm artillery shells on the bar with craft beer taps poking out of them and a full-sized “Flying Tigers” P-40 Warhawk bursting through the wall overhead, you’ll know you’ve arrived. Pay-as-you-pour taps may be “owned” for the night, and you can travel upstairs to the VIP Lounge to play billiards or relax in our outside “Back Monkey” Patio Bar. 

With 17 televisions, this is a great place to watch sports and host watch parties. If you become hungry, order from our pub food menu (all selections are $10). They have 12 beers on tap, including locally made favorites and a premium well, and they have the most excellent Happy Hour in Ybor. We welcome cigars and provide handcrafted house cigars manufactured right here in Ybor City. Our main bar features a premium well and 12 popular and local craft brews pouring from 105mm howitzer shells in the bar’s center. Our variety of premium liquor is unrivaled. Inquire with the bartender about our goods, which includes a variety of ordinary “bling” and unique event t-shirts, hats, and koozies, as well as hand-rolled cigars rolled by Yanko a block away. If you’re hungry, order from our pub food menu – all things are $10.

The Castle


The Castle is a multilevel bar and dance club with music from new wave to pop & a crowd dressed from Goth to fetish. The Castle is one of Ybor City’s best and most iconic venues, serving as a bar and a nightclub. The population is broad and eclectic, and guests are encouraged to dress up for several themed nights, with an exciting theme each day. The music is equally diverse, ranging from goth and indie to alternative and mainstream. The décor of the Castle is dungeon-like, gloomy, and industrial. It offers various rooms and is highly welcoming to LGBT people. The Castle offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The Castle opened its doors on Guavaween in 1992 as a tiny tavern with a clear purpose: to build a terrific spot that all of our friends would want to visit. 

It didn’t hurt to include the notion of solid cocktails from a wide variety of single malt scotches, small batch bourbon, aged tequila, and an eclectic blend of beers from across the world. For a few years, a killer jukebox provided the music before Djs were hired to liven up the different genres that the Castle nobility desired. Since then, there have been numerous changes, but the aims remain the same. This is the BEST Dance Club in Ybor City! FRIDAYS @ The Castle are Upstairs: MIDNIGHT MASS. The cover is $10 for 21+ and $12 for 18-20. There is Gothic & Industrial Dance. Hosts: DJs Tom Gold and Sean rotate out every hour. This night made the Castle famous and defined who they are, and it has been running for almost 25 years. Synthpop and Industrial/Goth/EBM/Electro/Noise. 

A little of the old and a little of the modern. Requests are always appreciated. BLASPHEMY with Alternative Music Videos, downstairs on the terrace DJ Jason Barco is the host. Jason Barco performs all the jams you can think of before passing out. Saturdays at The Castle, on the other hand, are Upstairs: AFTER DARK COMMUNION. The cover is $10 for those aged 21 and over and $12 for those aged 18 to 20. There is a Gothic & Industrial Dance with Host DJ Tom Gold. Industrial/Goth/EBM/Electro/Noise and Synthpop. Downstairs: CARPE NOCTEM – SEIZE THE NIGHT. Gothic & Industrial Dance with Host: DJ Sean. Come dance with them under the stars! The Patio is also designated for smoking! So, this is one of the most fun bars Ybor City has to offer!

Gaspar’s Grotto

Gaspar’s Grotto is a festive, pirate-themed hangout with Latin grub, live music, drink specials & an outdoor lounge. Gaspar’s Grotto is one of Ybor City’s most popular bars. The bar has three distinct huge sections and an outdoor terrace called the Galley. They have live music, fantastic drink promotions, and a diverse menu serving traditional American food. So, order the legendary $2 shot and beer and stick around for the weekly karaoke or quiz nights. Gaspar’s Grotto goes all out for brunch on Sundays, with a complete buffet, a Bloody Mary bar, and an infinite supply of mimosas. It’s time to celebrate like a pirate! This pirate-themed bar/restaurant is a party dream-goer. You could spend the entire evening here and not get bored. So, there is live music, ample seating, an outside area, and a dance floor. 

It’s not as noisy as a nightclub but more relaxed and enjoyable. Choose a quesadilla from their various options, such as pulled pork, crab, and shrimp. The chicken wings with ranch and Korean barbecue sauce are highly recommended. A special bottle lounge is also available for VIP guest tickets. Locals dine and drink at this pirate-themed tavern and eatery. There is no way to enjoy more pleasure for less money. Try their two-for-five-dollar shot and beer deal. Local cuisine, including Cuban sandwiches and devil crabs, has won awards—delicious roasted pork with black beans and rice. Live music is always available. Tampa‘s Best Sunday Brunch Come try them out!! Ring the world’s largest tip bell, almost 120 years old, while you’re here. All proceeds from the ringing of the bell go to Southeastern Guide Dogs. 

This wonderful Tampa-based organization provides freedom and hope to people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children with significant challenges. Gaspar’s Grotto was designed by a Merchant Marine Ship Master who traveled the world and spent many productive hours researching the world’s top bars. This is one of those rare spots where EVERYONE feels at ease. That was the mission, and it was completed. We are advocates for consuming alcoholic drinks, eating world-class cuisine, music, togetherness, fellowship, and good times. Gaspar’s Grotto is also a well-known local icon deeply embedded in our town’s fabric. Over the past 20 years, they have used the facility to earn more than $12 million for a local charity. Today, people can choose to ring the massive “World’s Largest Tip Bell” for a nominal donation.

Ybor City Wine Bar

Ybor City Wine Bar provides one-of-a-kind wines and craft brews and is regarded as one of the top wine tasting experiences in Tampa. This sophisticated establishment with outside seating serves wines, artisan brews, small dishes, and desserts. The collection of over 200 hand-picked boutique wines and over 60 craft beers are spectacular. The atmosphere is private and elegant, with various appetizers and sweets available for those with a sweet appetite. Personal sommeliers are also available to help consumers with every stage of the wine selection process. Ybor City Wine Bar hosts instructive wine tastings every month and sells its goods by glass or bottle. At this wine bar, anyone may experience the finest Tampa wines for as little as $20.

Every customer should drink the wine of the month during their stay. The elegant and private wine parlor is a trendy hangout for Ybor City elites and tourists. So, there are usually exceptional discounts and bargains, as well as a one-of-a-kind wine club. Bodega Norton from Argentina, Gazela from Portugal, La Joya from Italy, and Chateau Bonnet from France are among the wines on the menu. The Ybor City Wine Bar was founded on a simple vision: a deep enthusiasm for and appreciation for good wines. Since 2012, The Ybor City Wine Bar has delivered the greatest wine bar experiences to the Tampa Bay Area, inspired by Ybor City and influenced by the flair of Miami Chic. The Ybor City Wine Bar has a distinct menu of Bubblers, Sparklers, and Dessert Wines, as well as other high-end specialty wines not found on our Coravin menu. 

The Ybor City Wine Bar sells over 100 bottles of Craft Beer for those who enjoy exceptional microbreweries. Their every bottle of wine and craft beer has been carefully selected for your particular delight and pleasure. They have several Personal Sommeliers on staff that will assist you in creating your own fantastic wine tasting experience. Sommeliers at Ybor City Wine Bar will assist you in selecting the ideal bottles of wine for your collection, dinner party, or as a present. Wine enjoyment is about the whole experience, including the environment of the evening and the company you maintain. Spend an evening with your friends at Ybor City Wine Bar. We are in front of Centro Ybor, in the center of Tampa’s Historic Ybor City neighborhood. Your evening at Ybor City Wine Bar will be filled with good times, new friends, beautiful memories, and incredible wine. 

Acropolis Greek Taverna 

Acropolis Greek Taverna 

Acropolis Greek Taverna is a vibrant destination offering classic Greek cuisine plus frequent live entertainment. This Greek restaurant is a breath of fresh air in the middle of bold Latin American flavors. The round blue sofas, pristine décor, and authentic flavors from the islands of Greece make this spot special. So, must-try items include Caesar salad, Pastitsio, Gyro Wrap, Greek Souvlaki, and Fried Kibbe. The falafel bowl and falafel slider are customer favorites, according to reviews. You can also cater or book personal events here at the Acropolis. Acropolis Greek Taverna in New Tampa is a Tampa Bay landmark and a vibrant restaurant in New Tampa close to USF, Busch Gardens, Moffitt Cancer Center, and Wesley Chapel. They offer delicious Greek cuisine and friendly service. They are the ideal spot for lunch with coworkers, happy hour drinks with friends, or an intimate date night. 

They have something to offer everyone: A great selection of appetizers (tapas), sinful finger foods (gyros), traditional entrees, and some of Tampa Bay’s best seafood dishes! And don’t forget their specialty drink menu and hookah flavor selection! Have us cater or host your next private or corporate event! They offer a wide variety of delicious items on their menu, including authentic dishes made with only high-quality ingredients such as their signature Acropolis Salad, Spanakopita, and Acropolis Seafood. They encourage you to come in and taste some of the most excellent Greek food in Tampa Bay while taking in the sights and sounds that make Acropolis Greek Taverna so unique. They want you to feel welcome and excited when you enter one of their restaurants! 

Acropolis Greek Taverna serves the most excellent Greek food in the Tampa Bay region and provides the best overall Greek experience! In addition to amazing Greek cuisine, they also have belly dancing on the weekends, plate breaking, napkin throwing, and Zorba dancing! Their restaurants provide a superb dining experience in a high-intensity environment, complete with belly dance, plate breaking, napkin tossing, Zorba dancing, and live music, all to recreate the ancient culture of the Greeks and give it to you in a dining experience unlike any other. Their goal is to provide our guests with an unforgettable Greek experience. Their culinary staff takes the time to ensure that exceptional foods are given to their clients, and their service team members guarantee that the experience is delightful from start to finish. 

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Ybor City is a charming historic area in Tampa. At day, a tourist attraction, by night, a hub of adult-oriented entertainment as partygoers march from venue to venue tasting the vast range of evening activities. Our list above has popular hot spots in Ybor City to assist you decide on the best nightlife alternatives. From dingy pub to fancy club, any form of nightlife entertainment you want may be found here. If live music is your thing, the RITZ showcases both local and national acts. Filthy Richard, Tampa’s most popular Friday night dance party, is also held at The Ritz.

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