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Inebriation is an established custom in Key West, enjoyed today by residents in favorite Key West bars away from the visitors crawling Duval Street. It is rooted in the rowdy days of pirates, wreckers, and rum runners. Do you want to experience the authentic taste of today’s Key West while still catching a glimpse of its past? Mix with the locals by visiting these off-the-beaten-path Key West pubs, where the island’s variety blooms. Along Duval Street, Old Town’s main thoroughfare, it’s easy to come across pubs that serve beer and burgers. Rick’s, which merges many pubs and clubs into one complex, offers the best bang for your cash.

Sloppy Joe’s

Sloppy Joe’s, which opened in 1933 and has been at its current location since 1937, was a favorite hangout for Ernest “Papa” Hemingway and his “mob” and is today one of Key West’s most popular and consistently entertaining pubs. This well-known Key West pub was opened on December 5, 1933, but was relocated to its current position at the intersection of Greene and Duval in 1937. Ernest Hemingway visited the pub, and now Hemingway fans pilgrim to the bar for a taste of the author’s previous life. Most of the cocktails are frozen concoctions. However, Hemingway is reported to have requested a Papa Dobles, a mixture of rum, grapefruit juice, grenadine, sweet and sour, club soda, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. 

So, on a Monday night in the off-season, Sloppy Joe’s is generally packed, and the enormous stage attracts the greatest musicians in Old Town. The music continues until 2 a.m., and the high ceilings provide good acoustics. Come in the late afternoon to avoid the crowds, or stop by Joe’s Tap Room for a selection of beer on tap. Sloppy Joe’s, one of Key West’s most renowned sites and Ernest Hemingway’s favorite watering hole, attracts guests from all over the world who enjoy their favorite beverage, real Key West ambiance, and top-quality cuisine. There’s usually a party in the main bar, and Joe’s Tap Room offers a wide selection of artisan and specialty beers. 

Live musical entertainment begins at noon and continues until 2:00 a.m.! Sloppy Joe’s has a dance floor set up from 9:30 p.m. so those still standing may practice their dance moves. If you want to party late, you’ll likely end yourself here. This is one of the greatest bars in Key West, in my opinion — I’ve always had a fantastic time here. A fascinating tidbit about this pub is that it was a favorite hangout for Ernest Hemingway (though we think most of the bars in Key West were). So, this is one of the best bars Key West has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend visiting this bar at least once.

The Hog’s Breath Saloon

The Hog’s Breath Saloon is a popular pub providing bar food on a covered outdoor patio plus live music & dancing. Despite its evident attraction to the Key West tourist trade, the low-slung, partly concealed Hog’s Breath Saloon has the sense of a motorcycle bar; guests can (and frequently do) dismount their Hogs and jump up to a stool at the open-sided bar. The entertainment schedule is dominated by live bands and bikini contests, as is characteristic in Key West. It is almost necessary that visitors leave wearing a Hog’s Breath T-shirt embedded with the saloon’s famous motto. Hog’s Breath is better than no breath at all. 

Hog’s Breath Saloon has been entertaining Key West locals and visitors for over 25 years as one of the island’s favorite and iconic venues! With daily live entertainment featuring the best in local and nationally-acclaimed musicians, Hog’s Breath Saloon is the ideal nook to get off sweltering Duval and enjoy the cuisine, good times, and beverages! Remember, Hogs breath is preferable to no breath at all! If you’re looking for live music in Key West, look no further. But what I appreciate best about it is the potential to spill out onto the front yard when the risk of having someone else’s elbow in your beer gets too great. Welcome to Key West, Florida’s World Famous Hog’s Breath Saloon. 

For almost 25 years, the Hog’s Breath Saloon has been a favorite “Key West Watering Hole” for residents and visitors. Have a refreshing drink, eat outside in a tropical atmosphere, or choose our air-conditioned inside dining and bar space. The Hog’s Breath presents daily live music from the top local and national acts. On one of the Hog’s Breath Saloon’s three webcams, you can see what’s going on in real-time. A visit to the Hog’s Breath would be incomplete without purchasing a world-famous t-shirt from our mercantile store. If you cannot visit them in person, all Hog’s Breath stuff is available through their online store. The Hog’s Breath, conveniently located at the intersection of Front and Duval Streets in the center of Old Town Key West, usually has something unique. Please make us your first and final stop while in Key West, and remember Breath Hog’s is better than no breath at all.

The Bull and Whistle

The Bull and Whistle are two bars rolled into one (three, if you count the rooftop Garden of Eden). The Bull on the ground floor is dominated by a vast central bar with a tiny performance stage in the corner, while the Whistle on the second floor is more of a sports bar. It has a pool table, darts, and other bar games. The Whistle’s short second-floor balcony, equipped with seats so customers can enjoy a refreshing drink and the street panorama below, is the greatest element of either. This three-for-one deal includes daily live music as well as incredible art. 

The Bull and Whistle Bar is one of Key West’s oldest open-air establishments. The Bull and Whistle are three birds that are distinct and original. The Bull is located on the first floor. A spacious room with an extended bar serves some of the Bull’s greatest alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It also features live music by local musicians. The Bull is one of the birds contributing to Key West’s open-air system. The Bull attracts a large number of people. The Whistle Bar is located on the second level of the same structure. The Whistle Bar has gaming and pool tables and a squared bar with cold beverages and liquors from both domestic and international states. 

Whereas the Bull offers a fantastic setting for individuals who enjoy live music, the Whistle Bar offers fresh air on the balcony that overlooks Duval Street. You may also get a drink and relax on the porch while socializing with your pals. That is not all the case! Another great bar at the Bull and Whistle Bar will blow your mind. This is a rooftop bar, popularly known as the Garden of Eden, where you may or may not wear clothing. Yes! You read that correctly. You may have beverages with your special someone while watching the entire island from this rooftop pub. If you’re searching for something out of the usual in Key West, The Bull and Whistle pub is the place to go. So, this is one of the best bars in this city!

The Green Parrot

The Green Parrot

The Green Parrot is a lively corner bar that is a must-stop on the route to or from the Hemingway house. Locals and tourists alike frequent this location. The Green Parrot was once a wartime food store that subsequently began offering alcohol to residents. However, Green Parrot is now known as one of Key West’s most renowned bars. The green parrot bar serves some of the strongest beverages, live music, a calm atmosphere, and a place to meet new friends and travelers worldwide. 

Green Parrot offers various sizes of well-known alcoholic drinks, liquor, and wine. You may enjoy the jukebox, ukulele club, and other live musical performances by local and worldwide brands and artists because Green Parrot is well-known for its musical events. Almost every evening, Green Parrot has a musical event. This bar is open every day of the week. You may also buy gifts for your friends and family, such as original Green Parrot T-shirts, Hoodies, bandanas, Jewellery, stickers, magnets, etc. The Green Parrot Bar is located at 609 South 3rd Old Town Street in Key West. Green Parrot is the place to go if you want to listen to some of the biggest classics performed by excellent performers while drinking a nice beer. 

This unique tavern has undergone various transformations over the years but has remained a Key West favorite for fantastic music and camaraderie. The walls are covered with signage, souvenirs, and other items, most of which have an intriguing tale or history. This tavern is open seven days a week, and features live music virtually every day, ranging from country bands to brass punk rock. The Green Parrot is a real Key West landmark and the ideal location to unwind with friends and be yourself. Every night, fantastic music, unique cocktails, and groups of local regulars mingle with Key West tourists to create an atmosphere of escapades, excitement, and sheer fun. The authentic Key West attitude of the Green Parrot never changes and embraces everyone with open arms, from hurricane parties to divorce celebrations to pet birthdays. So, this is one of the best bars Key West has to offer.

Irish Kevin’s

Irish Kevin, an immigrant who relocated to Key West in 1992 and built a pub on Duval Street, performs live weekly at this Duval Street Irish bar. The pub features a large selection of beers on tap, and they urge its patrons to sing along with Irish Kevin and their other performers, perhaps “becoming part of the performance” themselves. Can’t make it to see one of your favorite musicians? No worries, you may watch the concerts live on their website on their Stage Cam page. Irish Kevin’s is a great spot to hang out with friends and sample some of Ireland’s delectable food. Irish Kevin’s is more than simply a pub; it also takes extra effort to offer a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed amongst others. 

Irish Kevins serves traditional pub meals as well as delectable foreign food. When it comes to Irish Kevin’s ambiance, they ensure that all of their visitors appreciate the presence of the Irish essence. It is also widely known among locals and tourists as a rustic second home. Irish Kevins not only serves some of the most outstanding cuisines and soothing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but it also has live music performances by local and international artists. So, if you’re searching for a comfy location to hang out with friends or family at night, go to Irish Kevin’s on Key West’s Old Town Road. 

This is the place to go for good times and cool Guinness! Irish Kevin’s offers a rustic second home for all its guests, from private business meetings to family festivities. With a high degree of hospitality and competent staff, it’s simple to kick back, relax, and enjoy the excellent traditional Irish food and a fantastic lineup of live entertainment each night. Irish Kevin’s genuinely has something for everyone. They are delighted to have a complete bar with creative drinks and 26 beers. Live entertainment is provided seven days a week from the early opening time in the morning until closing time. Everyone is welcome to sing along and perhaps become part of the act! There are plenty of televisions to guarantee you don’t miss your favorite sporting events.

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With more bars per capita than anyplace else in the United States, Key West boasts a veritable feast of drinking establishments. The island’s “It’s 5 o’clock someplace” ethos implies that drinking during the day is completely normal, and locating the greatest happy hour is a sport. The colorful rum-soaked past of Key West is packed with pirates, rum runners, and notable writers. Captain Tony’s has been serving beverages since the days of Prohibition, and it was Hemingway’s favorite haunt for scotch and soda as the old home of Sloppy Joe’s. Green Parrot, Key West’s oldest dive bar, has a good reputation for having the greatest live music in town.

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