The Best Jazz Bars in or near Orlando

If you are looking for the absolute best bar options in Orlando and want to enjoy cocktails while listening to the best jazz musicians in the city, you have come to the right place.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best jazz bars in Orlando. (More in-depth further below)
This article talks about the best bars to go to if you want to enjoy quality jazz music while enjoying your favorite cocktails. There are several up-and-coming musicians in Orlando whom you can enjoy at these bars. Jazz music pairs up amazingly well with these drinks, and these cafes allow you to immerse yourself in that serene music while you enjoy your drinks.

Vines Grille Wine Bar Orlando

This bar is one of the most upscale bars on our list. Serving the best medium-rare steaks with good quality vines takes you on another level, which is the case with this bar. A host of different wines and the perfect wine menu makes this one of the best bars to visit in Orlando if you are a huge wine lover. This place is known for its chill but the exotic vibe. You will find different up-and-coming musicians from the city trying to make it big with their music. The whole vibe is pretty chill, and with the talent, they have on stage, this is one of the best bars in Orlando if you are into jazz bars.

Jazz Tastings Bar Orlando

This place is famous for its food, cocktails, and the jazz music they offer. Jazz Tastings hosts some of the best jazz musicians in the city. This place is a little out of the hustle-bustle of the central city and hence has an aura of its own, which is not overpowered by the honks and noises of the city. Moreover, the wine served here is excellent, and the menu is very diverse, so you can find the perfect one to pair with your dinner. The unique cocktails served here, and some exotic wines are the deal-breaker that one should look out for when visiting this place!

Vinia Wine Bar and Kitchen Orlando

Vinia bar is known for its exquisite and carefully crafted selection of European wines, which takes this place to a new level. Moreover, Vinia Bar also serves some of the best dinner specials in Orlando; hence, it is famous as the go-to dinner place for couples. The bar invites talented Jazz artists from all over the city once a week. Make sure to reserve your spot sooner, as it gets fully booked even before you know it! Which is a further testament to how good the vibes at this place are. The wines here are the show’s stars and ask your server for a recommendation for the best experience.

Bosendorfer Lounge Bar Orlando

This is one of those classical places which are the go-to places for jazz lovers in Chicago. On Fridays and Saturdays, this place hosts some of the most talented jazz artists in the city and has them perform while serving exotic martinis and cocktails for the guests, which are usually from the upper class, so make sure to dress well, and you might make essential connections here as well! The dim lights and the aesthetic interiors further give a sense of relaxation and allow the patrons to immerse themselves in the jazz tunes while sipping their favorite drinks.


These bars are the perfect way for you to relax and chill in the company of accomplished musicians while they do their magic. You can sip various types of cocktails here and engage in meaningful conversations with other patrons or enjoy the tunes of the instruments which rule these bars. You should most definitely visit these bars if you are a fan of jazz music.

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