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In Providence at night, there is always something interesting and thrilling to do. Sing your heart out at karaoke or demonstrate your trivia knowledge at one of WRIK Entertainment’s events, laugh the night away at the Comedy Connection of Rhode Island, bust out some dance moves or sit back and enjoy the diverse music scene, or tuck yourself away in a corner at one of the many unique bars and lounges. Providence’s nightlife scene will provide an unforgettable evening in the city.

Courtland Club

The Courtland Club is a live music venue, cocktail bar, and social club. Most evenings, we feature live DJ sets with the best local talent performing various tracks from various eras, genres, and locations, as well as Live Jazz every Sunday night. Pull over to listen to music, take a drink, and meet new people. The first visit to Courtland Club might be a little mysterious. With no signage and only a keypad on the front door, guests are left wondering what’s on the other side of the door and how they got inside in the first place. Turn the knob, and they’ll be waiting to greet you. Nothing makes us happier than witnessing people’s faces light up the first time they discover and appreciate Courtland Club. For a naughty social club with a warm and lively atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with the Courtland Club. 

Located in a nondescript building (Providence sure does love its speakeasies), this space serves as both a cocktail bar and performance venue. Enjoy a sophisticated bar menu with items like a “funky shrimp cocktail” or a pork cutlet sandwich. The cocktail menu is abuzz with new and original flavors, and the Courtland Club’s beer and wine selection are fantastic. Suppose this seems like your place; come by on Sunday for live jazz and a luscious beverage while taking in the warm exposed brick vibe. This speakeasy is a hidden gem in the heart of the West End, serving creative drinks and pub grub. We came here late Friday night for a few beers and appetizers. My friend had previously visited here, but this was my first time. 

From the outside, it seemed to be a bar; I asked myself, “Are you sure that’s a bar?” But once inside, it was fantastic! There is live music and a DJ. The vibes were great, and the beverages and food were delicious. The bartenders were lovely as well. Recommend this place! I was at a small party, and we had dinner at an open bar. The service was outstanding. I cannot emphasize how wonderful each one of the staff was. The meal was fantastic! We ate appetizers, but the rest of the menu also looked excellent (I will be going back to try). The drinks were highly innovative and nicely balanced in flavor and alcohol. An excellent enjoyable place with a good atmosphere/crowd. The food and beverages were delicious, and the atmosphere was one-of-a-kind. 

Ogie’s Trailer Park

Ogie’s Trailer Park is a restaurant & bar with kitschy trailer park–inspired decor serving American comfort food & cocktails. Check out Ogie’s Trailer Park in the Federal Hill neighborhood for a funky, eclectic time. Hit Granny Boo’s Kitchen Window for some craving-satisfying bar comfort food, and then head to the bar for a cocktail or pint of beer. Ogie’s Trailer Park has a bit of a tropical twist, so their cocktail menu features beverages like Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, and Blue Hawaiians. When it gets colder outside, try the Mexican hot chocolate with rum. This place is a top pick for letting loose at night, but Ogie’s also has a great brunch menu if you’re ever looking to plan a boozy mid-morning get-together. A restaurant and bar with quirky trailer park decor serve American comfort cuisine and beverages—excellent environment and music. 

I ordered the Southern Rhody Fried Chicken and a Blue Hawaiian tiki cocktail. While the chicken was a touch bland, it was incredibly crispy, which I like. The drink was delicious. I certainly recommend paying a visit! Such a wonderful ambiance, unique cocktails, and fantastic bartenders. The tots are also lethal. The chicken sandwich was excellent. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the food and beverages were reasonably priced. The restaurant smelt a little, but the mood was pleasant. The 60s theme was great! An excellent spot to stop for a quick dinner at the end of a hard day. The vegetarian burgers are fantastic, and the bar has a good selection. You may sit inside, outdoors in the front, or in the quieter rear portion. 

The personnel is quite lovely, and the design is vibrant throughout. It is a simple location to bring children. This venue was a lot of fun! This restaurant had been highlighted on the Phantom Gourmet, and it seemed like a lot of fun! It surpassed my expectations! The decor is a blast from the past, and it was fun to walk around and see items we had in our homes as kids. The food was beyond good. Comfort food with a twist! The Doritio Chicken sandwich was fantastic! We can’t wait to go back! What a fun find! Fabulous 50’s throwback, backyard trailer park, comfort food, and hang out. Laid back, a great bar, and self-serve order your food. Tater tots, burgers, grilled cheese, etc. Offbeat and great atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed.

The Malted Barley

The Malted Barley

The Malted Barley is a large, laid-back bar with rotating artisan beers, gourmet soft pretzels, and Foosball. It is a lovely spot to relax and have delicious food and beverages while playing Foosball. The gluten-free pretzels and meal selections were excellent. We had a terrific experience the first time and returned with a buddy the next day while in town for the Providence marathon. I suggest this restaurant because of the food, service, and general atmosphere. When I arrived at about 2 p.m., I first noticed how noisy everything was. The music was playing loudly. It didn’t help that many tiny children were roaming about. The serving sizes are relatively tiny. Because of the saltiness, I thought my pretzel sandwich was practically inedible. I know it’s a pretzel place, and pretzels are supposed to be salty, but this was insane. 

It is a fantastic facility with many beers (mainly from New England) and friendly personnel. The pretzels they produce are incredible—we were advised to try the jalapeño and cheddar-loaded pretzel with apricot butter, and it was out of this world! That combination will keep me coming back indefinitely. We also got the asiago and parmesan pretzel with the beard cheese, then for dinner, I had the house salad, while my fellow guests had the meatball sandwich (in patty shape) and the burger—everything was excellent! Unfortunately, they were out of chicken to add to my salad. There are usually a lot of beers on draught, and I’d want to follow The Malted Barley on Untappd to see what new beers are arriving for me to taste next. 

I noticed a large order of pretzels for catering takeout, and now I know what I will be bringing to all future events. Saw a sign for trivia on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. I can’t wait to go back soon to play and to try more of their pretzel options and excellent beers. The Malted Barley is a celebration of all things artisanal. This means handcrafted beer, freshly made food, and dedicated people. The Malted Barley’s major attraction is the Malted Barley Brewing Company, which makes beer exclusively for restaurants. It doesn’t get better than locally made beer. Some of their best include the “Dipahh,” an American Double IPA, and the “Dangerine,” a tangerine kettle sour. For food, be sure to try one of their famous pretzels. Available in eight different zesty flavors and served alongside a lengthy list of dips.

Free Play Bar Arcade

Free Play Bar Arcade is a playful watering hole for the 21+ crowd offering free classic arcade games, beer on tap & pizza. Now’s the time if you’re not yet familiar with the bar arcade concept. New England’s largest Bar Arcade with more than 160 classic Video Games, Pinball, Skee Ball, Air Hockey, and DDR – all set to Free Play! Must be 21+ to enter. Remember when you were a kid and used to love to play arcade games and eat pizza? Add your favorite drinks and beers, and get yourself a bar arcade. Free Play Bar Arcade boasts a fantastic assortment of retro arcade games and a fantastic selection of craft beers. Relax with a pint and a slice of pizza to see whether you still have what it takes to be a pinball champion. 

This bar also has regular special events, including retro dance nights with a DJ. Free Play has a location in Worcester, Massachusetts, for those further up north. What a pleasant surprise this was. There was a great selection of games here, from old arcade games, excellent pinball classics, skee ball, and air hockey. There was also a full bar. The lights, the sounds, and the smell are sure to take you back to your childhood. We planned a short stay but ended up having so much fun that we stood for three hours. The staff was great. The crowd was great. We can’t wait to return. Let me preface this by saying that I’ve been to many arcades in my days and travels, and Free Play Bar Arcade ranks among my favorites. Some cabinets are hard to find, plus games I’ve never played. 

They also have some music arcades from Japan that I’ve only seen at one other Arcade. We arrived at the opening on Sunday evening (7 pm), and it was $7 to play. You pay at the door and can stay until close. There is a separate outside smoking section. Everything from pinball to cabinets to racing games (including Mario Kart) and even DDR is here. My favorites are Burger Time, DigDug, Ms. Pac-man, Qbert, and Tapper; they were all there! Plus, I’d never heard of games that I can’t wait to go back and master (have you ever heard of Zoo Keeper?). They have a cocktail list (prices ranged from about $9-$15, if I recall), wine, and bottles/cans of beer as well.

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