The Best Rooftop Bars in or near Sacramento

If you are looking for the best Rooftop bars in Sacramento, where you can chill with your friends and family and enjoy some of the most delicious cocktails, then you have come to the right place.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best Rooftop bars in Sacramento. (More in-depth further below)
There are a lot of bars in Sacramento, but there is something about rooftops that makes them one of the most crowded bars in this area. The idea of sipping your artisan cocktail under the open sky while enjoying music hits different. The residents of Sacramento have openly accepted these bars, so you will see that almost every new open has a rooftop. During the night, you can play slow music, and a fire pit can be used to make the ambiance even cozier. We recommend you try these rooftop bars in Sacramento; we have covered the top ones in this article. These bars will provide you with quality cocktails, hospitality, and good music, and overall will help you to have a good time.

4. Revival Bar Sacramento

Revival Bar SacramentoRevival is one of the most known rooftop bars in Sacramento, and for a good reason. This elegant bar serves craft cocktails and beers and offers a picturesque view of Sacramento. With a wide variety of drinks to offer, this bar has made its mark in the Sacramento bar scene. The premises have beautiful lighting, which can set the mood at night. Moreover, the pool deck is excellent if you want to dip your feet in temperature-controlled water while sipping on the latest creations by expert bartenders. The DJ and the live music will surely force you to get up and grove to the beats in this fantastic atmosphere at the Revival. This rooftop bar is exactly what you need after a tiring day at work; the cocktails are energetic and will help you end the day on a good note.
Moreover, this place is not only about the craft cocktails – which are great! But this place also offers delicious small plates and snacks, which pair amazingly well with the spirits and cocktails to make for a hearty and delicious meal. You should try out one of their signature dishes while ordering the cocktails. The best thing about this bar is that it’s open seven days a week, so you can go there anytime with your friends and expect to have a blast!
The drinking menu over at the Revival allows you to choose your cocktail or any other drink among a wide variety of choices. The bar has a happy hour special from four to seven pm every day from Monday till Friday, where you can get cocktails at discounted rates for as low as $5. Moreover, if you are willing to pay extra for some of the best cocktails in the area, make sure to check out their specialty cocktails which range from $13 to $15 and are worth the price tag!

3. Mix Downtown Bar Sacramento

Mix Downtown Bar Sacramento

Mix downtown is a classy bar in Sacramento that offers excellent cocktails and a very energetic atmosphere as well. The rooftop bar is their star feature which offers a full bar, great music, and craft cocktails! This cozy bar is located in downtown Sacramento, which makes it accessible and easy to find. While it’s true that the ambiance of a bar attracts the crowd, good quality food is equally important. Mix Downtown offers some of the best small plates of meat and snacks, which you can pair up with your cocktails to gain some energy to grove on the music floor. Moreover, the staff is also very welcoming and attentive hence you will have a good time.
The décor is top-notch at this bar. You can spend hours at this bar without feeling tired with plush seating and soft seats. The dance floor is one of the highlights of this bar, where you can take your signature martinis and dance to the beat, creating an even special moment. It can be quite cold after the sun sets in Sacramento. However, not to worry, since this is one of those few bars which has live fire pits to keep you toasty and warm. This creates a very cozy atmosphere. Sipping away craft cocktails under the stars with good company is undoubtedly a great way to end an evening. The bar is open on the weekends from nine in the evening to one thirty in the morning, hence make sure that you have reservations because the hours are not much and it’s the weekend after all!
The menu has a dedicated wine list, including the famed Dom Perignon. Moreover, the signature cocktails steal the show with a price tag of $12 each. Some of the best cocktails include Blackberry Gimlet, which is a product of mixing Grey Goose Vodka, lime juice, and some blackberries. Apart from this, we would urge you to try the French Imposter, which has Oxley Gin and prosecco. There are other signature drinks as well called Ketel Kiss, Stormy Mule, Dolce Caliente, and Dragon Berry Mojito.

2. Kupros Craft House Bar Sacramento

Kupros Craft House Bar Sacramento

Kupros craft house is a cocktail bar in Sacramento. This craft house looks like a typical wooden house from the outside but does not go on its looks because inside, it awaits you with some of the best cocktails and comfort food. The staff is also very welcoming, which makes for an enjoyable experience. Apart from this, the Kupros Craft House also features a rooftop, so you can witness the nature around you while sipping your favorite drinks. This place is a close-knit community, and the staff is also a part of that family; hence you should accept a very warm and loving environment here. Moreover, most of the ingredients are sourced locally to help support the local traders and farmers, which is another testament to the fact that this place is there to serve the community, be it with their supportive practices or delicious craft cocktails!
The food menu is quite diverse and has many comfort dishes; we recommend you try out their pesto mac & cheese, chicken tenders, poutine, steak salads, and sandwiches for the best experience. You can also pair these with your favorite cocktails and enjoy a filling and hearty meal.
Moreover, the drinking menu is where the game changes and things become even better. Several taps are available for your favorite local beers, so you can choose the ones you like. Moreover, there is an imported variety of beers and other drinks, which you can get by the bottle or the can, whichever you like. Wine is one of the most desired drinks with these hearty meal options, and hence you will find a lot of variety in red wines, white wines, and sparkling wines! Craft cocktails are, however, the star of the show. You should try out their specialties like The Pink Cadillac, which has Blanco Tequila, lime juice, and cranberry elements and is quite refreshing!

1. 7th Street Standard Bar Sacramento

7th Street Standard Bar SacramentoThe 7th Street Standard is another upscale rooftop bar that also features an indoor dining area for patrons. This bar is relatively new hence houses unique and modern design elements which good lighting. The décor of this place is also top-notch, so the ambiance is fantastic as compared to other bars on this list. This bar offers a unique culinary experience where you can also enjoy the handcrafted cocktails of expert bartenders who know the importance of a nicely curated drink. Moreover, the refined dining ambiance allows you to relax and absorb the best of what Sacramento offers fully. The bartenders and the waiters are professional and will tend to all your dining needs, making sure that you feel relaxed to enjoy your meal and drink.
A bar and dining place, which houses some of the most qualified chefs of the region and expert bartenders, 7th Street Standard is known to be a hotspot among the elite class of Sacramento. The menu has a lot of diversity in it as well. However, the showstoppers are the local beer brews they offer which are sourced through some of the best brewers and distilleries in the area. The extensive range of craft cocktails also adds to the charm.
There are nine signature cocktails, which are priced at around $15. These include Desert Palm, Honey Badger, Them Apples, MOXF, and the Scarlett letter. Desert Palm is made by mixing Blanco Tequila, Cucumber, lime, and other extracts. The ingredients are fresh and are also sourced locally! Apart from this, the Scarlett letter is another famous drink among the patrons. This drink comprises Mezcal, Aperol, Bergamot, Pomegranate Shrub, and grapefruit elements, giving it a unique taste. There are several craft beer variations apart from Cider and Seltzer. This bar also offers white, red, sparkling, and the most famous pink wine for more variety!

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Now that we have discussed the top bars in Sacramento, which have a fantastic roof scene, we would like you to try one of these bars randomly and see for yourself what the fuss is all about! These bars offer their customers a fantastic sense of relaxation by offering them hand make cocktails and hearty meals that pair perfectly with these cocktails. Moreover, these bars also offer beers and wines should you want to try something new. The rooftops provide you a chance to breathe and enjoy your favorite drinks, which isn’t possible in enclosed spaces where there is a vast crowd freely. You should definitely try one of these bars to get a sense of what we are talking about!

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