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These are the greatest distinctive pubs in Birmingham, ranging from mead experts and wine enthusiasts to American-inspired speakeasies. Birmingham is home to several fantastic bars. The fashionable side of England’s second city is a fantastic fit for old-fashioned boozers, but ignore it at your risk. Birmingham’s top bars are just as refreshing as those in more famous locations to the north and south. 

180 Club At The Rectory

This unusual St Paul’s Square offering combines darts and dive bar ambiance in a top-notch basement setting. 180 Club is a stylish underground darts bar in Birmingham that serves New York-style meals and shared drinks. Welcome to Birmingham’s first and only underground darts bar. Located beneath The Rectory in the Jewelry Quarter, this hidden-gem basement pub will include six darts lanes that accommodate up to 14 players. The first of its type in Birmingham, 180 Club seeks to introduce the sport to a new audience while adding a unique option to the city’s already burgeoning experiential bar scene. The 180 Club may be rented exclusively, with meal and beverage packages available. Drop below The Rectory and prepare for the night to fly by as you lob darts and sip cocktails till the wee hours of the morning. 

In St Paul’s Square, social darts are striking the target. 180 Club is Birmingham’s newest social darts party bar, located beneath the well-known Rectory Bar & Restaurant. You may practice your aim while sipping drinks in this laid-back basement atmosphere. Not only will you find cutting-edge electronic boards, but there will also be six dart lanes with room for up to 14 players at once or groups of up to 150! Whether you’re looking for a new dating location, a place to hang out with friends, or some weekend fun, come to 180 Club, where you’ll find shots, cocktails, beers, ales, and wine, as well as munchies. This specialized darts bar is a late-night hotspot where you can have a good time. I went to the 180 Club with some pals on a Friday evening. 

The staff was exceptionally kind and provided ‘table service,’ allowing diners to stay in their booths rather than moving back and forth. We ordered many beverages and were welcomed each time by courteous and pleasant employees. The games themselves are enjoyable and straightforward to grasp. Even though none of our party were “darts pros,” we had a great time and followed the rules effortlessly. Because there are just four booths, the environment is small and welcoming. Perfect for today’s climate. The atmosphere, professionalism, and cleanliness speak for themselves; I suggest this location to anybody visiting Birmingham, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed! An unusual subterranean theme. Little technology to compete with their nearest opponent. Excellent drinks and meals. Even during the hectic Christmas season, the staff is cheerful and eager for a good laugh.

The Night Owl

Digbeth’s Night Owl is a tribute to all things retro, beautifully furnished with vinyl records, disco balls, and eccentric furnishings. They’re a pub and nightclub specializing in funk, soul, ska, and reggae, full of charm, humor, and flair. In the heart of Digbeth, The Night Owl is a soulful and vintage live music venue, bar, and nightclub. The Night Owl is a soul & vintage club and Live music venue in Digbeth, Birmingham, that opened in July 2015. Every Friday and Saturday, there’s excellent live music and club nights. Since its inception in 2015, the 250-person capacity venue on Lower Trinity Street has grown from strength to strength. The Night Owl began as one of the earliest Northern Soul clubs in the Midlands and has now developed into even more throwback music, so there’s something for everyone. 

The Night Owl features some of Birmingham’s best tribute acts, live bands, and DJs, ranging from soul and Motown to disco and funk, 60s garage and psych to nostalgic Britpop and indie from the 1990s. If you’re an early riser rather than a night owl, the enormous, hand-decorated beer garden hosts daytime bottomless brunches with beverages, DJs, and street cuisine ideal for large groups. Finally, The Night Owl may be hired for birthday parties or celebrations, and it has a mezzanine balcony with seating and a bar for club nights. Visit our website to learn more about our events and venue rentals. They are generally about pleasant people dancing to wonderful soul music. Still, they can’t dance right now owing to safety issues, but they do welcome kind individuals who appreciate good music. 

Please pay attention to the venue signage, especially floor stickers, as these will assist you in adhering to regulatory rules and being safe and comfortable. You can trust that they have increased their cleaning schedules and all staff have additional training on their new sanitation procedures. Music is a way of life for them there at The Night Owl, but so is your safety. You may use their new app to order meals and drinks; all payments will be contactless. Over the years, I’ve brought people with various musical inclinations (from Drum and Bass to Metal to Pop/Charts devotees) here. Some have been hesitant and concerned about whether the northern soul scene is ‘for them,’ but five minutes later, they’re in the center of the dance floor praising me in between breaths because they’re shimmying so much.


Tilt is a bar dedicated to pinball. There has to be a twist. And there is because as well as a flashing, bashing collection of some 20 modern and retro machines, this City Arcade bar is a wizard in craft beer, specialty coffee, and loose leaf teas. Whether you’re twitching the flippers on a 1993 ‘Twilight Zone table or wetting your whistle with something rare and tasty, you’ll be guaranteed to want a replay. Pinball and beers? You don’t have to ask us again. Tilt is a cute small café by day and a bustling bar by night, providing hot coffee till 5 p.m. and a variety of post-work cocktails. They also provide an extensive range of machines and old consoles to compete with your friends. Tilt, a café bar in Birmingham, is housed in a Grade II listed building in the City Arcade. 

Tilt bills itself as a midday coffee shop that also sells a selection of craft brews, so you can stop by for some respite, some cakes, or a light bite. The major draw of this quaint cafe-bar establishment is its numerous pinball machines (13 in all), which encourage friendly gaming and provide a space for individuals to socialize or unwind with friends. Tilt’s objective is a social hub with a communal atmosphere where specialty coffee and craft beer meet – however, they also serve loose-leaf tea, hot chocolate, wines, and other soft beverages. The interior has a Modern appearance with an industrial flair and is split throughout the ground floor and basement space. BAKE in Edgbaston offers a wide range of delicious baked items to complement their extensive coffee menu. 

Tilt is a multi-purpose facility that investigates and embraces the ideas of Craft Beer, Specialty Coffee, and Pinball. Because we understand that not everyone enjoys Craft Beer or Specialty Coffee, we now offer ten different Loose Leaf Teas, five different Hot Chocolates, a variety of soft drinks, wines, and a modest selection of high-quality spirits. Tilt is another exciting bar restaurant from Birmingham solely dedicated to pinball. There has to be a twist. And there is because as well as a flashing, bashing collection of some 20 modern and retro machines, this City Arcade bar is a wizard in craft beer, specialty coffee, and loose-leaf tea. Whether you’re twitching the flippers on a 1993 Twilight Zone table or wetting your whistle with something rare and tasty, you’ll be guaranteed to want a replay.

The Bierkeller

The Bierkeller is a one-of-a-kind pub in the city that hosts diverse events. Head over for authentic German pilsner steins, and if you’re lucky, you could even catch the house Oompah band in action. With two bars on two stories, the Bierkeller & Shooters Rack ‘n’ Roll bar is the perfect sports, party, and events location. Bierkeller Bar is an authentic Bavarian experience in the heart of Birmingham’s Southside. The most incredible collection of draught German beers served in steins by waiting for personnel and a mouth-watering culinary menu. With lengthy bench seating and live music from the Oompah band on weekends, you’ll be standing on the benches hoisting your steins. The Birmingham Bierkeller is the premier party venue. They also host corporate and private parties for up to 230 people. 

Shooters Rack ‘n’ Roll Bar is a sports fan’s dream bar, with many LED displays displaying multiple sports, pool tables, darts, and beer pong. Because of its versatility, this bar has become a popular site for networking gatherings and private parties. Their newest Bierkeller location in Birmingham will surely be a success with Bavarian beer fans! This will be the ultimate party setting, with Oompah bands and authentic Bierkeller activities planned for you and your friends. Bierkeller adds a new (German) dimension to Birmingham’s nightlife scene, and they have a jam-packed events calendar ready to go. If you wish your beer served ice cold in liter-sized steins, then Bierkeller Birmingham is the place for you! They intend to dominate the Birmingham nightlife scene in style and have a large selection of beverages ready for your arrival. 

Their signature drinks are always Bavarian-themed, and, of course, they can be served in pints or steins. They also have an outstanding selection of foreign beverages. They have everything, whether you like cider, wine, cocktails, or Prosecco. Their Shooters Sports Bar and Rack & Roll Bar both feature a superb assortment of beverages worldwide, with various promotions and specials available throughout the week. At Birmingham Bierkeller, it’s not all about the beverages. They feature a massive meal menu full of German favorites and pub staples. Our most popular bierkeller meals, such as bratwursts, schnitzels, and hog roast sliders, are available. Order a shared plate and wash it with an extraordinary stein of beer if you’re hungry. So, this is one of the best bars Birmingham has to offer you!

BrewDog Birmingham 

BrewDog Birmingham

The craft beer movement has carried us worldwide, including Birmingham, where BrewDog provides a regular supply of Grade A grade craft beer. BrewDog Birmingham is a mash-up of exposed metal rafters, Sabbath’s sweet sounds, and hundreds of uncommon, distinctive, and just excellent craft beers from around the world. Home to neon signs and some of the UK’s most iconic pints, BrewDog is a must-visit if you’re searching for craft beer. Perched over on Beak Street, you’ll find this tremendous urban bar in Birmingham serving up a serious array of top-notch brews alongside delicious comfort bites. With a Brummie branch of their iconic pub and a unique take on the genuine art of brewing, Brewdog brings the fine art of craft beers to Birmingham City Center. 

Brewdog is known for its unrivaled understanding of the world’s most excellent hops and malts, and they make unusual and feisty brews with buckets of attitude and guts. Brewdog says replacements and preservatives are not allowed in its beers, including favorites like Punk IPA and Dead Pony Club, resulting in some of Birmingham’s most palate-friendly brews. Brewdog’s distinct charm entices a creative and enthusiastic young population with its modern design, exposed brickwork, inviting group booths, classic New York flair, and vintage, encased basement, and street side tables. But it’s not simply the beer that makes this place so inviting. A menu full of delicious burgers, fried chicken, and fantastic vegan alternatives is guaranteed to please everyone! Birmingham’s craft beer destination! 

They are not typical; they are not the norm, and kicking a** beer! I like the appearance of this Brewdog, which has an edgy industrial-type decorating scheme, a solid brick serving bar, eclectic decor and furnishings, beers on offer are displayed on boards behind the bar, and there are plenty of seating options spread throughout this bar, a very cool Brewdog bar indeed. We arrived on a Tuesday night, were greeted warmly by a kind staff member, and provided our name and phone number to aid with the government’s track and trace system. Looking at their beer range, we both opted to have Brewdog Brewery ” Punk Ipa”. We paid contactless, sipped our beers, and just soaked up the unique vibe in this busy and popular Brewdog bar. My IPA was outstanding, a cold, sparkling, well-balanced IPA, a big hit of hops, straightforward to drink, and a beer style we are particularly fond of. This is one of Brewdog’s flagship beers.

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Birmingham, once again ignored? Color us astounded. Actually, we’re too busy sipping perfectly-mixed drinks to care. When the sun goes down, Birmingham surely knows what to do. Birmingham is at the top of the UK nightlife table, whether it’s a craft beer and pinball combination for the inner hipster or restaurant drinking dens blending food and liquor like never before. Prepare for this area because it is undoubtedly prepared for you.

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