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1. Stache – West Hollywood Los Angeles

A new queer neighborhood restaurant, bar, and nightclub. Stache is an all-inclusive social house for every form of self-expression. The aesthetic of Stache is inspired by the underground and hidden spaces once necessary for their community to gather – rugged industrial warehouses with clean modern elements. Their walls will showcase historic LGBTQ images, as well as one-of-a-kind art murals created by local artists. Stache is an all-inclusive restaurant, bar, and nightclub. They’ve got a plant based menu and dishes made from scratch. Queer-owned and operated, Stache is quickly becoming WeHo’s go-to hangout and party spot. Perfect location!

2. Club Tempo Los Angeles

Club Tempo is a gay nightclub in Los Angeles. Drag shows & live bands are attractions at this gay-friendly nightspot with a Latin cowboy theme. Spice up your night with 3 dance floors, each playing a different musical theme, with salsa, reggaeton, and house mixes. Head upstairs to the stage and enjoy one of the famous shows or enjoy a taco on the patio if you feel hungry. Most if not all communication is in Spanish. If you’re looking for a hot cha-cha night, then slide to Club Tempo.

3. Micky’s West Hollywood Los Angeles

Are you looking for an amazing gay bar in Los Angeles. Micky’s is the place to be! Established in 1989, Micky’s is an Los Angeles Gay institution and regarded as one of the most popular gay venues in West Hollywood. Best place for all gays and all types of fun. Fun gay club where everyone is welcomed. Micky’s West Hollywood is one of West Hollywood’s most popular bars. They have made it much more upscale and the gays and others seem to enjoy it. Saturdays are made for brunch & surely don’t want to miss their weekly drag brunch with Cake Moss. This bar has 2 sections, upstairs and downstairs, with a designated dance floor at the bottom while the top bar plays different music. Here you’ll find male dancers, some extravagant queens depending on when you go, and an electric crowd.

4. The Falcon Los Angeles

Are you looking for an amazing gay bar in Los Angeles? The Falcon is the place to be. The Falcon is basically a gay dive bar. There’s much to see here. So take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about The Falcon. The Falcon is a cozy little dive bar bottled up by the newly acquired pizza place which is under renovation to expand. Happening gay bar featuring house music, a dance floor, and themed events in a small, festive surroundings.

5. The Boulevard Bar Los Angeles

The Boulevard bar is a five star administration and an extraordinary spot to keep you awake until late. The Boulevard may not be your average gay nightlife destination. A little off the beaten path and far outside WeHo’s party -heavy orbit, this long standing Pasadena hole-in-the-wall is favored by locals young and old, from hipsters to silver foxes. This bar is most certainly the best spot for companions with regards to pleasure and party.

6. The Abbey Food & Bar Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a fun gay experience in Los Angeles, day or night, then you should definitely check The Abbey Food & Bar. The Abbey Food & Bar is world-famous gay bar in Los Angeles. It’s a two-time winner of the MTV logo best gay bar in the world award. This is the fun spot in West Hollywood to dance, mingle, and have a good time. After the drinks are flowing you’ll find yourself having an amazing wild and crazy night with a lot of stories to tell the next day. Very well designed lounge with a full bar, expert decorations and a cool vibe. Such a great gay institution in West Hollywood! The place is massive considering the location.

7. Redline Food & Bar Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a great neighborhood downtown bar, Redline is the place to be. Bumping  gay bar & pub serves up classic bar bites plus a DJ spinning tunes in a large space. Redline is a cool little Bar located Downtown. Located in the Historic Core, Redline is set to bring back a sense of community to the downtown LGBT community to the downtown LGBT nightlife.

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