The Best Unique Bars in or near Orlando

If you are looking for unique bars in Orlando where you can have a different drinking experience, then you have come to the right place.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best unique bars in Orlando. (More in-depth further below)
Orlando has some of the unique bars in the area. These bars are excellent in their way; some of them have an unusual menu item than others. Some have distinctive décors and interiors, which make them different from others. These bars are fascinating, and if you are tired of visiting your local bars, then try these!

The Woods Bar Orlando

The Woods Bar OrlandoThis bar is one of the few bars in Orlando which goes heavy into the theme. The woods is a unique bar that takes full advantage of the aesthetic a good woody interior can provide. The walls have wooden linings to continue the theme and classic wooden furniture and shelves everywhere. This dark, woody theme is also continued on the wallpapers, making it a lot more fascinating. Then, the dimly lit interiors also help with the theme and add that vital rustic touch. However, the wooden theme is not what attracts customers the most; the cocktail menu here is also impressive. Patrons know this is the best place to get the most delicious drinks in Orlando. The menu is seasonal and hence changes so you would not get bored of the options served here. This truly is a classic drinking experience, as the patrons there will tell you.

Tanqueray’s Bar Orlando

Tanqueray’s Bar Orlando

This bar is unique in the Orlando scene and is also popular. This bar is a hotspot for the younger generation to come and enjoy a couple of drinks. The bar is underground, which contributes to the place’s mysterious vibe. The bar offers a host of different cocktails as the bartender is quite chatty and gives you the perfect recommendations. Moreover, besides serving some of the most trendy cocktails, this bar also has live music – seven days a week! – and we all know how important live music is in a trendy bar. The vibe around here is very chill, and you should come here to relax when you are in Orlando

ICEBAR Orlando

ICEBAR Orlando

This is the most unique and different bar you will find in Orlando, as it is submerged in ice! – Well, 70 tons of it, to be precise. This is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill ice, but hand-carved ice will allow you to get that artic vibe for which this bar is famous. Moreover, as you walk down the icy halls, you will be provided with appropriate clothing for the cold, including jackets and gloves if you came unprepared for a chilly evening! ICEBAR is so unique that you will forget about the cocktails and focus on the whole experience, but don’t worry. This bar knows the importance of a good drink, and the cocktails made are fresh – from the best ingredients. They are served in guess what? Ice sculpted glasses to complete the whole vibe! If you are not a fan of cold, do not worry. There is a dedicated fire lounge on the premises where you can get toasty and enjoy your drink. This is one of those bars which you should visit!

BART Bar Orlando

BART Bar OrlandoBart is another unique bar in Orlando, allowing patrons to relive their childhood while enjoying some of the best drinks this bar offers. Bart offers some of the best 70s, 80s, and 90’s arcade games to provide the patrons with the classic experience while treating them to the best craft beer. Moreover, some noteworthy games include different versions of Pac-man! This whole arcade is family operated and run, so you can be sure that the drinks are of quality and you will have a good experience here. Moreover, the staff here is very polite and understanding so you can enjoy yourself a lot while reliving your good old days!

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These bars are some of the unique ones in Orlando, so you must visit them if you are tired or bored of your friendly local bar, which serves the same two cocktails every day. These places have a completely different vibe, and you can enjoy with different types of people here. If you live in Orlando and want to visit some of the best unique bars in town, check out this list!



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