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We’ve also created separate shortlists for each genre you might like to visit on your time out.

Furthermore, you can get on the guest list or book a table with bottle service on some of the more exclusive bars. We are happy to help you out with either.

16. Spirit of 77 Bar Portland

Spirit of 77 Bar PortlandEvery sports enthusiast will be found here. From NFL, Premier League, NBA, Big10 to NHL, you will find the place packed on each occasion. Open from 12 pm to 10 pm, and the bar has ample sitting space and drinks for you to sip on. Suppose you’re someone who enjoys watching the game at home hey, no problem. Grab a pre or post-game drink here across the Oregon Convention Center in the place that celebrates the win of the Portland Trail Blazers in the National Basketball League in 1977. 

The bar is 36 feet long with many stools for those who prefer those. There are also more extensive tables for those who like to sit in groups. The high windows allow a view of the street with coffee shops and a bicycle parking area. You can try your luck between breaks at the ‘Buzzer Beater,’ where you can score as many hoops before the time runs out. Nachos, wings, burgers, and tacos are options for those with many different taste buds. The prices range from $8 to $16 on average. On the drinks menu, they have a beer list consisting of draft beers and cans. There are seasonal and everyday cocktails on the menu as well. Margarita Pepino combines a classic combination of Blanco tequila, cucumber, and lime. You can also opt for a Bloody Mary with tomato juice, vodka, lemon, tabasco, and Worcestershire sauce, priced at $10.if the shots menu is what you want during game time, go for it! 

15. Muse Wine Bar Portland

Muse Wine Bar PortlandOpen from Wednesday to Saturday, 4 pm to 10 pm for table service, Muse offers you the best wine and food experience you will have had in quite some time. Everyone loves the owners and the staff and has left great reviews about them. Whether you sit inside or on the patio, you will have a great wine list. An intimate space where you can stop and sit to bask in the ambiance around you. Whether you linger, converse or imagine here, the choice is yours. This can be accompanied by a glass of wine of your choice. There are also different options of charcuterie and cheese that you can nibble on with your 

drink. Along with local and European wine options, there are also ciders and craft beers that many customers have liked and tasted on the servers’ recommendations. 

The wooden tables and bar tops with subtle lighting offer a relaxing and comfortable experience. Lose yourself to the promise of exhilaration. The experience is worth the price! You will lose yourself to the list of delectable ingredients they have to offer in specially designed combinations. It is the place to be if you are in the mood to relax and unwind post-work. Just take a breath and sip your worries away. There is nothing that beats a good glass of wine. 

14. Alberta Street Public House Bar Portland

Alberta Street Public House Bar Portland

Bringing food and music to the Northeast for over 30 years, Alberta Street brings life to the night. They also have a neat cocktail section with 21 rotating beers for you to choose from. It has a neat patio for sitting and enjoying live music. One day you’ll get to hear jazz, and the other day some bluegrass or hip hop. So if you don’t check the schedule, you never know what you will be in for today. The place instantly feels familiar as soon as you step in. The space is a center for creativity while being inclusive as well. 

The place is modern yet comfortable. The food menu is curated so well with all the locally sourced ingredients. It’s cooked in the typical American bar style. Daily specials like a vegan corn dog or snacks like fries, and favorites have wings and chicken strips. Other than this, there are also a few burger and sandwich options for you to choose from. So you can drop by any day of the week to get your fix. Cocktails start from $12 and go to $15. The Mezcal Negroni has ingredients like Vida Mezcal, campari, carpano antica vermouth and big rock. Other options include Paloma, Mexican Mule, and more. There are also wine options to choose from, along with mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. You can try out the place one, and you never know, your next party might be hosted here! 

13. Deadshot Bar Portland

Deadshot Bar Portland

If you want to snag an expertly prepared drink, Portland is no short of options. Deadshot is one of the best in the city, preparing drinks that taste unlike what you’ve had before. The owner, Adam Robinson, worked as a bartender for many years, even in Taiwan. He brought back the Asian flavors and mixes when he opened up his bar. Galangal, pandan, and bitter melon are featured in the drinks here. ‘The Crystal Daiquiri’ is one of the clear drinks offered here. The lime juice is put in a centrifuge and comes out clean. The taste of rhum is prominent, and the drink is drier than most. But you will have an experience sipping on it while you chat up those at the bar. The ‘Deadshot Clarified Milk Punch’ mixes cinnamon toast crunch, tea, pandan, and tequila in the background. Yes, it is breakfast cereal in a clear drink. You might want to order another one before you take the last sip.

Thinking outside the box, the bartender mixes are unique and unexpected, which makes you want to come back for more. Reading the menu, you might get confused by the one-word description, but your imagination will run wild. Even the so-called nachos and cornbread are something your palette will thank you for. The bar itself isn’t much, and you might question yourself when you step in but do give the drinks a try; you will thank us later. It is inventive and creative, and bartenders love experimenting on classics by changing an ingredient or technique. 

12. Kellys Olympian Bar Portland

Kellys Olympian Bar Portland

Portland’s third oldest operating bar, Kellys Olympian, is a favorite spot for the locals to meet up at. Opened in 1902, it served anglers, sailors, timbermen, and visitors. Their card room was a big hit back in the day. The wonders have put in a lot of effort to maintain and preserve its history. In the daytime, the place serves lunch for all who come in, and at night they offer you drinks while you enjoy the DJ or the live music scene. 

Hanging from the ceiling are lots and heavy bikes, one of the owner’s interests. Motorcycle accessories, neon signs, and retro signage are hanging all around the place, adding a lot of character to the bar. There isn’t anything like it in the area. There are many options for beers that are pretty flavourful, and the tap list is long. A door separates the stage room and the bar. The place is soundproof, so you won’t be disturbed if you’re not in the mood for music. There are even podcasts recorded in the music room as it is soundproof. 

The staff is very attentive and looks out for you. They might even have a recommendation for you from the lost list of food menus. Be it appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, or a salad bowl. The shows range from comedy nights to local bands. The schedule is up on the website for you to look at and plan accordingly.

11. Playdirt Bar Portland

Playdirt Bar Portland

Is there such a thing as too much whiskey? Because Playdirt has 250 options for you to choose from. Bourbon, rye, whiskey, they have it. On tap, you get to taste one of the good ones by serving every bartender’s favorite, Fernet. The bar plays a significant role in the building called ‘The Zipper.’ Many restaurants surround it, so it attracts many customers to it, just stopping by for a drink post food because drinks are all they do!

We have ‘Old Fashioned Roulette,’ ‘Goldrush,’ ‘Crimewave,’ ‘The Birds and the Bees’ amongst the long list of fun and amazing cocktails you can order from. Served tall is ‘Maradonna,’ which consists of fernet Branca, cola, and amarena cherry. ‘Loose Lips’ is a quirky one. With a mix of smith and cross, OJ, lemon, and black walnut bitters, take a sip and keep taking them. Other than that, there are alcohol-free options as well. It is open all seven days of the week, usually between 3 and 11 pm. Don’t be fooled by the industrial-looking exterior; the place is famous for its drinks, and there is no shortage. 

If you are a devoted fan, you could even get your hands on their merch from the store. You have hoodies, t-shirts, and caps. You will enjoy your time here with all the hustle-bustle around you. You might even be a part of an exciting conversation with a stranger while sitting at the bar.

10. Rum Club Bar Portland

Rum Club Bar PortlandUp for the most killer rum cocktail? A mix of a cocktail bar, a dive bar, and a tiki bar, Rum Club is one place that is all three. In the corner sits a 400-pound bear, grab a seat next to it at the mahogany bar, or maybe the patio is more your vibe. The bar occupies most of the space, with a few scattered tables. The walls are covered by wallpaper and gray paint with windows on one side that let in all the sunlight, adding to the ambiance. Sit here, sip your drink, and watch the golden hour seep inside. 

The glassware here is vintage as well. What is served in those glasses is what you are here for. There are rum cocktails and other ones as well. There are higher-end and odd drinks available. Get an ‘Eight Foot Bunch’ and taste cinnamon, orange oil, and amontillado. A very, very interesting combination of flavors. Other options include ‘Queen of Roses,’ ‘pocket full of Rainbows,’ ‘Just Got Paid,’ or ‘Vicious Circle .’Most of their syrups and bitters are made in-house. You’ll be spoiled for choice. You could also grab some non-alcoholic drinks, beer, cider, or wine. 

The place also hosts events from time to time. There are pop-up events there that attract a lot of the public. Their pickled eggs and shrimp are famous, and you should try them out amongst other party bites. The Midnight Sandwich paired with the house daiquiri is a perfect combination. Everyone here knows one another, and you can also be a part of the conversation.  

9. Cerulean Wine Bar Portland

Cerulean Wine Bar Portland

As a Columbia Gorge winery, Cerulean wine brings authentic and naturally crafted wines to you. Near the Columbia River sits their vineyard, where they grow Chardonnay, pinot noir, pinot gris, and tempranillo. Their small lot productions include Nebbiolo, white blend, Riesling, Sangiovese, and Gruner veltliner. These are just for friends and family and little experimentation. The grapes are handpicked at their vineyards, and there are no additives in the wines. 

Opened up in 2010 across from a coffee shop, the space is an enoteca with a studio space and an art gallery. The artwork is specially curated; you can even get your hands on it if it enamors you so much. It takes you back to the start of the 20th-century Parisian experience. The concrete bar and the wood and glass accents add to the atmosphere. You can even sit outside by the fountain while sipping the wine under the shade. 

Small groups are accommodated easily but if you’re a bigger group, get a reservation. You can book a wine tasting room with them and spend the day exploring. The natural taste and flavors are something that you will savor and enjoy. Pour a glass of wine and let it sit and breathe for a bit. Then smell it; the undertones are different with each sip you take. An exquisite experience, really.

8. Bar Botellon Portland

Bar Botellon Portland

Bar bouillon captures the essence of a European-style bar. Alan Hill owns the place, and Benjamin Allen aims to provide pump-style wine fills at prices that are even lower than those of the bottled ones. The fees range from $10 to $16 in general. The restaurant-bar is perfect if you’re on a budget, and their tapas are a must-have! It’s an excellent place for pre-drinking before diving into the food. You should try out their patatas bravas, fideua with shrimp, and gazpacho. 

The place is neat and has a rustic vibe to it. The sunlight enters the whole bar throughout the day with high glass windows on one side. You can opt to sit on the ledge by the window or the bar or grab a table. The table tops are wooden logs in their natural shape. You see a few hints of blue in the cushions; otherwise, the decor is primarily neutral. The marble top is an olive sort of color that complements the browns of the wood. One side of the bar is full of wine bottles from the ceiling to the floor; all are displayed for those visiting. Popular amongst the locals of Honour Ave, you are transported to a quiet European cafe where the lights are dim, and you grab a seat by the booth. The alfresco sitting area is dedicated to bigger parties with fairy lights hanging from above.   

7. Kells Brewery Bar Portland

Kells Brewery Bar Portland

Kells Brew Pub, now known as Kells Brewery, opened in 2012. They did not craft their beer before this. It is now a brewery, a bar, and a restaurant all in one. The owner Garette McAleese has seen his parents work, and he worked around the bar waiting tables and serving drinks. He knows his way around the place. He worked in the restaurant industry for some time but missed the more personal interaction with it. 

The place is prominent with high ceilings and dark wood furnishings on the table tops and bars. The Victorian-era ones inspire the booths. The old-world beers served here include an Irish stout, Irish stead, and Irish lager. The more modern options are Tropical Hazy IPA, Typical IPA, and double IPA, which are canned and sold. They also serve Guinness. Whiskey and bourbon selections are handpicked as well. Classic cocktails change up seasonally. The demand for beer is so high that it is sometimes brewed at other friends’ breweries to meet it. 

They also offer traditional Irish and English dishes. These include shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, lamb stew, and even nachos. More contemporary options like burgers, sandwiches, wings, and salads are also offered. The ingredients come straight from the family’s farms, including meat and fish options. There might even be live music at night. The place is a cozy Irish pub that offers comfort with good drinks. You should drop by if you want a break from a hectic day at work.

6. The Eastburn Bar Portland

The Eastburn Bar Portland

The Eastburn offers hospitality and comfort under one roof. One of the rare gems that keep you coming back for more, this is the place for some one-on-one conversation. They ensure you are given the best hospitality and service on your visit. The chef named Porkchop has curated a fine dining experience with innovative dishes that taste amazing. Some snacks include grilled cheese stacks, soft pretzels, and chicken tenders. We also have butternut squash melt or a classic bacon and cheese burger for your tummy. 

Every Monday at 8 pm they host a comedy show open for all. On Tuesdays, pints are half-priced all day. On Wednesdays, an open mic is available for everyone from 5:30 onwards and $2 off on each drink. There’s a trivia night every Thursday, and margaritas are $7. $2 off on drinks every Friday. On Saturdays, $7 Bulleit or Ketel mules. Sundays are a mix of trivia and sin night with discounts on drinks. So whatever day you visit, you will have a fun time guaranteed. Happy hour is every day.

The bar and restaurant are located on two floors with a heated patio with chairs for sitting. Sixteen rotating taps are open for everyone. Each plate is plated so well with tiny bits and bobs to add to the food decor. You cannot resist the temptation of taking a picture of your dish as soon as it is served. The drinks are also served in glasses of different sizes, and each drink has a unique color. 

5. Vintage Cocktail Lounge Bar Portland

Vintage Cocktail Lounge Bar Portland

A secret gem in Portland, the bar serves vintage cocktails. The cocktails are sorted by spirit names with a mix of classics and contemporary drinks. Each one has such a fun name, which you will enjoy reading. Some of these are ‘Rabbit Habits,’ ‘Foggy Bottom,’ ‘The Tommy Dollar,’ ‘Lava Pig,’ and ‘Tears in the Rain.’ Excuse us, but doesn’t Old Grand-Dad Bonded, Vecchio amaro, Berto vermouth, Bitter Truth Decanter bitters, giant cube, and orange twist sound like the most exquisite combination? The bites do not break the bank and taste amazing too!

The ambiance is dark and soothing while the bartenders do their tasks in quick, swift movements. The veteran crew is enthusiasts of spirits of all sorts, and once you get them started, they will not stop talking about them. The decor is not like most whiskey libraries you see. It does not take inspiration from the period era and has its unique character. If you are indecisive about what drink to go for, you could get a custom drink made by the bartender for just $12. You will very likely be surprised as soon as you take a sip. 

It is open all seven days of the week from 4 pm to 10 or 11 pm, depending on the day. There are not a lot of people you will find that are dressed up a lot of fancies. It is a laidback and chill place where you can drop by post-work and have a drink with friends.

4. Teardrop Lounge Bar Portland

Teardrop Lounge Bar Portland
Opened in 2007, Teardrop Lounge is one of the top 50 bars in North America. It is the pioneer of the cocktail renaissance and offers you around 30 cocktail options in the Pearl District. They aim to be a leading example in the industry with a mix of classics and some unique and exciting mixes. The curved bar hosts people from all walks of life, so the conversation is as diverse as the people themselves. 

The menu has been drunk for the previous two centuries and by mixologists worldwide. The whole community inspires people of the community, and they all share their knowledge and skills. The Teardrop Lounge menu is inspired by the seasons and continues to evolve with time. The drinks menu is divided into sections like ‘bright and crisp,’ ‘arid and aromatic,’ ‘supple and herbal,’ ‘rich and robust,’ ‘spicy and bold,’ and ‘deep and dark.’ Liquid Swords is a mix of TDL vodka blend, Novo Fogo silver cachaça,  mango, red pepper, lemon, and ginger. 

With people around you sipping on different drinks, you can see those around you on the bar. It is minimal and sleek with not too much effort put into it. It’s concrete and wooden beams on the inside. There are also plants hanging mid-air. So the combination of nature with minimal interior complements the space very well. 

3. Pink Rabbit Bar Portland

Pink Rabbit Bar PortlandPink Rabbit opens its doors for you from Sunday to Monday in their bar and kitchen. It is an elegant and sophisticated setup for you to grab your drinks at. They focus on ingredients a lot to create an elevated experience. The place is fun, hip, and quirky. With pink neon signs and walls, some fun printed wallpapers and posters, and the blue velvet booths, the ambiance puts you in a good mood. 

The cocktail menu, shaped like a mixtape, has classic options, frozen, some bright and refreshing ones, and others that are more dark and brooding. You take your pick. Ranging between $10 to $15, the prices are the same as those you will find around you but with a more tasty glass. There are also a few beer and wine options, although they are limited. Want some nuts or fries or nachos with your drink? Order up! If your stomachs are growling, then you might want to order up a main dish like the pad thai. The place does have a touch of Asian flavors. 

Like many other bars in the area, the place also has designed its beanies, pins, sweatshirts, and t-shirts you can buy. Just ask the bartender. The experience is sensory, and they focus on sustainability quite a lot while running the place. You will feel warm and welcome as soon as you set foot inside. It is inclusive and welcomes all who want to try it. You will see an actual pink rabbit painted on one of the walls!

2. Wonderly Bar Portland

Wonderly Bar PortlandA minimal and clean bar greets you as soon as you step in Wonderly. The place has a wooden beam ceiling with wooden tables scattered around the bar. With a marble countertop, the bar has wooden finishings and gold-colored stools with velvet seats. Perch yourself on one of these during the daytime and look around as the bartender approaches you. The place is bright and full of warmth with the artwork on the walls and the plants placed all around the space. 

You might want to order a snack or something to nibble on before ordering or to keep you busy (in a good way) while your drink is prepared. The 80s chicken melt would bring the strongest person to their knees. Who can resist cheese? If you want a glass of wine, you can choose from the red, white, and rose options. If you want a mix, then look at the cocktails section. Their Martini and half are famous and a must-try whatever your liking is. It consists of English dry gin, house blend dry vermouth, castelvetrano olive, or lemon twist.  

Happy hours run early and late with $6 specials and drinks at discounted prices. It attracts a good amount of crowd to it every night, although it also looks pretty inviting during the daytime. Looking for a place to meet friends at? Then this is your spot. You can make it more fun after you have one of the drinks. 

1. Blank Slate Bar Portland

Blank Slate Bar Portland

Blank Slate is the place to be if you’re in Montavilla. Have you ever heard of a cocktail that you can take home? This place offers you that. Have you ordered a drink at times and then felt like getting up and leaving the place even before the glass gets to you? Or have you wanted to take the party home with your friends? Then Blank Slate is the place to grab the drinks from! Just order whatever you’re in the mood for; the bartender will shake it up well and bottle it up for you to take home. You even get garnishings and ice on the side. So you can have the whole experience even at home. 

The place itself is a neighborhood bar. They focus on their service and taste a lot. The dishes are well prepared and crafted with expertise. It is woman-owned, and the people working here are from the neighborhood. The secret to anything that tastes good and authentic is letting the ingredients speak for themselves. Whether it is food or drinks, this bar follows this rule religiously. They do not complicate the flavors by adding too many things together. Balance is the key here. 

The seasonal menu is complemented with an unbeatable vinyl collection that plays in the background of the chatter going around. The floral wallpaper and trim pots on each table make it feel homier. 

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Portland has a lot of these hidden gems scattered all around the city that you would definitely want to be at. You can go with a group of friends or even by yourself if you are in the mood to make new friends. Good conversation is guaranteed wherever you end up. So choose wisely! You would like to try out a drink or two while eating at any of these spots. Whether you want a homey feeling or a more classy elegant experience, the city has the best of both worlds. So rather than sitting at home, go out and have a good time. . 

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