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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of all the bars in Portland. (More in-depth further below). And, each with why it’s best to go.

Feel free to check out each bar’s official profile to find out more and to find out which is best for you.

We’ve also created separate shortlists for each genre you might like to visit on your time out.

Furthermore, you can get on the guest list or book a table with bottle service on some of the more exclusive bars. We are happy to help you out with either.

Portland has a lot of options now, more than ever, for you to go to over the weekend. From old-style classics to newer, more contemporary mixes, everything is available. Whether you’re looking for a rustic place that focuses more on music or a more elegant and classy option, there is an option for all of you in the city. Celebrate an occasion or sip away your sorrows, whatever the day leads you to. Scroll down to pick an option. 

6. Muse Wine Bar Portland

Open from Wednesday to Saturday, 4 pm to 10 pm for table service, Muse offers you the best wine and food experience you will have had in quite some time. Everyone loves the owners and the staff and has left great reviews about them. Whether you sit inside or on the patio, you will have a great wine list. An intimate space where you can stop and sit to bask in the ambiance around you. Whether you linger, converse or imagine here, the choice is yours. This can be accompanied by a glass of wine of your choice. There are also different options of charcuterie and cheese that you can nibble on with your 

drink. Along with local and European wine options, there are also ciders and craft beers that many customers have liked and tasted on the servers’ recommendations. 

The wooden tables and bar tops with subtle lighting offer a relaxing and comfortable experience. Lose yourself to the promise of exhilaration. The experience is worth the price! You will lose yourself to the list of delectable ingredients they have to offer in specially designed combinations. It is the place to be if you are in the mood to relax and unwind post-work. Just take a breath and sip your worries away. There is nothing that beats a good glass of wine.

4. Cerulean Wine Bar Portland

As a Columbia Gorge winery, Cerulean wine brings authentic and naturally crafted wines to you. Near the Columbia River sits their vineyard, where they grow Chardonnay, pinot noir, pinot gris, and tempranillo. Their small lot productions include Nebbiolo, white blend, Riesling, Sangiovese, and Gruner veltliner. These are just for friends and family and little experimentation. The grapes are handpicked at their vineyards, and there are no additives in the wines. 

Opened up in 2010 across from a coffee shop, the space is an enoteca with a studio space and an art gallery. The artwork is specially curated; you can even get your hands on it if it enamors you so much. It takes you back to the start of the 20th-century Parisian experience. The concrete bar and the wood and glass accents add to the atmosphere. You can even sit outside by the fountain while sipping the wine under the shade. 

Small groups are accommodated easily but if you’re a bigger group, get a reservation. You can book a wine tasting room with them and spend the day exploring. The natural taste and flavors are something that you will savor and enjoy. Pour a glass of wine and let it sit and breathe for a bit. Then smell it; the undertones are different with each sip you take. An exquisite experience, really.

3. Wonderly Bar Portland

A minimal and clean bar greets you as soon as you step in Wonderly. The place has a wooden beam ceiling with wooden tables scattered around the bar. With a marble countertop, the bar has wooden finishings and gold-colored stools with velvet seats. Perch yourself on one of these during the daytime and look around as the bartender approaches you. The place is bright and full of warmth with the artwork on the walls and the plants placed all around the space. 

You might want to order a snack or something to nibble on before ordering or to keep you busy (in a good way) while your drink is prepared. The 80s chicken melt would bring the strongest person to their knees. Who can resist cheese? If you want a glass of wine, you can choose from the red, white, and rose options. If you want a mix, then look at the cocktails section. Their Martini and half are famous and a must-try whatever your liking is. It consists of English dry gin, house blend dry vermouth, castelvetrano olive, or lemon twist.  

Happy hours run early and late with $6 specials and drinks at discounted prices. It attracts a good amount of crowd to it every night, although it also looks pretty inviting during the daytime. Looking for a place to meet friends at? Then this is your spot. You can make it more fun after you have one of the drinks. 

2. Alberta Street Public House Bar Portland

Bringing food and music to the Northeast for over 30 years, Alberta Street brings life to the night. They also have a neat cocktail section with 21 rotating beers for you to choose from. It has a neat patio for sitting and enjoying live music. One day you’ll get to hear jazz, and the other day some bluegrass or hip hop. So if you don’t check the schedule, you never know what you will be in for today. The place instantly feels familiar as soon as you step in. The space is a center for creativity while being inclusive as well. 

The place is modern yet comfortable. The food menu is curated so well with all the locally sourced ingredients. It’s cooked in the typical American bar style. Daily specials like a vegan corn dog or snacks like fries, and favorites have wings and chicken strips. Other than this, there are also a few burger and sandwich options for you to choose from. So you can drop by any day of the week to get your fix. Cocktails start from $12 and go to $15. The Mezcal Negroni has ingredients like Vida Mezcal, campari, carpano antica vermouth and big rock. Other options include Paloma, Mexican Mule, and more. There are also wine options to choose from, along with mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. You can try out the place one, and you never know, your next party might be hosted here! 

1. Playdirt Bar Portland

Is there such a thing as too much whiskey? Because Playdirt has 250 options for you to choose from. Bourbon, rye, whiskey, they have it. On tap, you get to taste one of the good ones by serving every bartender’s favorite, Fernet. The bar plays a significant role in the building called ‘The Zipper.’ Many restaurants surround it, so it attracts many customers to it, just stopping by for a drink post food because drinks are all they do!

We have ‘Old Fashioned Roulette,’ ‘Goldrush,’ ‘Crimewave,’ ‘The Birds and the Bees’ amongst the long list of fun and amazing cocktails you can order from. Served tall is ‘Maradonna,’ which consists of fernet Branca, cola, and amarena cherry. ‘Loose Lips’ is a quirky one. With a mix of smith and cross, OJ, lemon, and black walnut bitters, take a sip and keep taking them. Other than that, there are alcohol-free options as well. It is open all seven days of the week, usually between 3 and 11 pm. Don’t be fooled by the industrial-looking exterior; the place is famous for its drinks, and there is no shortage. 

If you are a devoted fan, you could even get your hands on their merch from the store. You have hoodies, t-shirts, and caps. You will enjoy your time here with all the hustle-bustle around you. You might even be a part of an exciting conversation with a stranger while sitting at the bar.


Whether you want a well curated, sophisticated and elegant experience or a more chill and laid back option, Portland offers you both. Some bars here are more dedicated to wine with many options of white, red and rose. You can smell its natural flavor along with the undertones that speak to you with every sip. A calm vibe or one with more music around you. The choice is yours. 

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