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The Grand San Francisco

San Francisco

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The Grand San Francisco, Guide & Review

The Grand is a superb place to party. It is split into two levels and will leave you wanting more. On the Ground floor, two bars, a dancefloor, DJ booth, and various VIP areas are available here. Our Mezzanine level provides you with a complete view of the club and the stage. A private elevator and multiple bars are also available here. Our Funktion One Sound System combined with an excellent lighting system and Large LED light ball creates a rocking atmosphere.

Every Friday, we host an event called Latino Fridays. During which you will hear Salsa, Vallenato, Reggaeton, Rockespanol, and Vegas hits, etc. On September 6th we will host the International Student Festival. This is a good chance to mingle and make new friends. Tickets are available. We recommend you buy one quickly. Come dressed to impress and please come with your valid ID.

If you require space for a personal or corporate event, then we recommend giving our place a try. We provide multiple Bachelorette party packages. Our 1 Carat package is free of cost. It contains express entry and free admission to the club. The 2 Carat package cost $25 and requires a minimum of 5 guests. It comes with express entry, free admission, reserved VIP seating, one champagne bottle, and a balloon bouquet for the bride. Our 3 Carats costs $50, and a minimum of 10 guests are required. It includes express entry, free admission, reserved VIP, two bottles of Champagne, one bottle of premium liquor and gifts for the Bride. Multiple Birthday packages are available here as well. They include bottles of premium spirit, DJ shout out, Sparklers, Birthday cake and free admission for guests, etc. C02 Cannons, Confetti Cannons, and Industrial bubble machines, etc. are also available here.

Come to the Grand, and we will provide you with a fantastic experience.

The Grand Nightclub San Francisco Dress Code Guide

The goal of the Grand nightclub is to let their guests taste the flavor of Sin City ( Las Vegas) in the Bay area.

Always dress to impress when you are entering the Grand nightclub in San Francisco. This is one of the dressier nightclubs in San Francisco where you have to be nothing less than gorgeous.

In the next 60 seconds, we will give you insights on what to wear and what to avoid wearing in this nightclub. So stay right here.

The Grand Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

In general, women have more liberties and relaxation than men when it comes to dressing code.

They can wear a lot of things like short skirts, a dress, jumpsuit, etc. There is no restriction on the makeup as well.

Restrictions are only there on the types of shoes they can wear. Girls are not allowed to wear sneakers or work boots or sandals or flip flops. All they can wear are heels of various shapes and sizes. It’s better to buy shoes in advance so that they can get some time to practice dancing while wearing it.

Restrictions are imposed on sports attire as well. This means track jackets, tank tops, joggers, caps, baseball hats, jersey, etc. are not allowed here.

Strict rules are there regarding clothes. Girls can’t go to the nightclub wearing a bikini. Beachwear is completely against the dress code policy.

The Grand Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

First, let’s talk about what they can wear here. Men can wear a few things. This includes collared shirts, jeans, dress pants, and dress shoes are what you can wear here.

You can carry small bags to keep your identity card details there. Also, you can wear a good watch to complete the look. Do invest in a good watch since women notice these things first on a date.

You can wear suits as long as they are cleaned and ironed. Blazers and ties are good as they make you look classy and sexy.

Now, let’s talk about what men can’t wear here.

Ripped clothes and torn shirts (no matter how much fashionable here) are not allowed here.

Clothes with vulgar pictures and taglines are not at all entertained here.

Sports attire are prohibited for both men and women. Men can’t wear shorts, jersey, track jacket, joggers, etc.

Sports shoes like leather boots and work boots are not available here.

Our Suggestions 

As the name suggests, everything needs to be grand in the Grand nightclub of San Francisco. Your attire should reflect your class, and your makeup should speak about your taste. Your dress should be elegant, but it need not be too costly. You can find the first copy of a designer outfit from a thrift or consignment store at a budget-friendly price. Since it’s only a matter of a few hours, so no one would even notice if you have worn an original dress or a first copy.

During the weekends or holidays, the place is completely crowded. The staff makes the initial screening procedure tough. All they need is an alibi to restrict the number of guests in the nightclub. Remember, all they need is one opportunity to say ‘no’ to a guest.

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