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The Iron Fairies Club Kuala Lumpur, Guide & Review

Bar located at Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong. The Iron Fairies presents a bewitching night of live jazz and blues, innovative comfort food and exceptional mixology, amidst a fantasy world interior that captivates and invigorates the imagination – an enchanted den of magic, music and mystery, taking nightlife in Hong Kong to a new level

Furnished in raw iron, hand-hewn timber, and soft, supple leather, The Iron Fairies features six individually designed furnaces and casting rooms and a main workshop space around the spacious bar area. Not just a bar in Central, this is also the place for hearty dishes including burgers or sauteed prawns, crispy calamari or spicy meatballs, chicken or sausage – all matched with boutique beers or crafted cocktails, bound to please every palate. With 10,000 butterflies swinging from the ceiling and thousands of small iron fairies scattered around the tables, The Iron Fairies brings a touch of magic to Hong Kong’s entertainment and night scene.

Now recognised as Hong Kong’s number 1 nightlife destination, this nightlife bar and lounge experience is complemented by an ever-changing live music roster of emerging and established jazz and blues acts, making The Iron Fairies a diverse, enchanting and entertaining bar nightspot in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, Central. Iron Fairies promises a bewitching night of live jazz and blues, innovative comfort food and exceptional mixology, amidst other worldly interiors that captivate and invigorate imaginations. This is a place for hearty dishes like burgers and pork knuckles, matched with boutique beers or crafted cocktails, are bound to please your palate.

The Iron Fairies Kuala Lumpur has become a magical place for night-goers to come out and play. It’s a venue where the imagination can run wild as you take in the intricate detail of the hand cast designs by Ashley Sutton himself. A cult brand. Operating every single day from 5pm until 3am weekdays and 5am on weekends there is no shortage on what this venue has to offer in terms of entertainment, food & drinks with the further addition of good vibes. Offering two floors of sensual visual enjoyment, come and begin your adventure!

Entertainment is the key element at The Iron Fairies with live music every night, jazz and blues, great bands, amazing DJ’s, sensational sounds!

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