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The Loft Vienna, Guide & Review

The Loft is unlike those highly stylish night clubs with such and such restrictions. Rather we promote the casualness and love to welcome and serve such people. It’s been a decade The Loft has been the favorite night-out spot for the free souls from across the Vienna. The Loft has blessed Vienna with the classic entertainment wrapped in sweet casualness. The easy-going philosophy behind The Loft makes it wonderful in many aspects – especially the event diversity that is exclusive to The Loft nightclub. If you are to visit this place, embrace yourself to be surprised a little followed by an endless spree of entertainment.
The best part about this night club is that you only have to be yourself to grab all the superfluous entertainment happening at The Loft. The Loft has an environment that plays its only role to bring you in the mood to party. The interior décor is a great sight to behold. The roof above the dance floor is lit with vibrant LED lights. The elevated DJ booth resides at the focal position of the dance floor which is profoundly illuminated with the flickering lighting system installed over the DJ booth. The flying confetti, the eclectic music played by the DJ, and the joyful crowd wouldn’t let you feel down even for a mere second. So, grab your favorite drink from the bar and sip it along swaying to the electrifying musical beats.
The Loft is the one-of-a-kind venue which can be altered according to the occasion. Throughout the week, several kinds of events are accommodated at The Loft such as poetry slams, movie nights, open mics, freestyle battles, and more. Besides, it is also the best venue for birthdays, sponsorships, company parties, and several other occasions. Book us and have your memorable moments with us!

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