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U4 Vienna, Guide & Review

U4 Vienna is not for the faint-hearted people. Those who are young at heart and rejoice the parties and everything about them would find this place welcoming and embracing. The partiers in Vienna have been relishing the party nights thrown by U4 Vienna in the last three decades. It’s a history U4 Vienna has made in these thirty years by serving the party lovers and night owls in U4 Vienna. Come along with your friends’ squad to double up the fun dose. We believe that fun shouldn’t be restricted to some days only but everyone should have access to the fun all the days and nights.
If you can’t stop your urge to have fun, U4 Vienna brings you the exclusive ambiance which lets yourself loose all those energies you have been carrying along on the dance floor. The voyeuristic ambiance and the perfect partying environment keep you going all night long. The dance floor lit with an intensive lighting system and the flickering strobe lights make a chaotic, dramatic scenery where no one can keep calm but dance and sway along with the beats. The DJs are adept at making people go crazy with the musical pleasure they deliver by spinning their skilled fingers on the DJ booth.
The bar is a fancy one which is quite a sight to sore eyes and also a source to quench your thirst. So, grab your drink from the bar, tell the bartender what you need and be served with your favorite liquid pleasure. Don’t shy away from drinking more than just one drink as we have got plenty of it for you. Table bookings and walk-ins are accepted. Besides that, any event of any size can be accommodated at U4 Vienna.
Come along and grab your air share of fun-dose every night except for Sunday between 11 pm till 5:30 in the morning.

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