Top 7 Swingers Clubs and Sex Parties in New York

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through New York’s best swingers to meet like minded people, forge new friendships, and perhaps even kindle a spark of romance.

Plus, plenty of fun along the way.

New York offers a myriad of opportunities to encounter swingers with shared interests.

Let’s delve into this enchanting city’s top places to find swingers clubs & parties and open up a world of possibilities for your social life.

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How To Find Swingers Clubs in New York

If you’re interested in finding swingers clubs in New York or other adult-oriented activities. In that case, the best options are search engines or adult-oriented websites catering to these interests. Don’t worry; we’ve got the best swingers clubs for you here. 

Prioritizing communication, respect, and consent is essential when exploring any adult lifestyle. Always ensure you and your partner(s) are comfortable with the activities you choose to participate in.

Best Swingers Clubs in New York

Swingers clubs in New York are different from the regular swinger clubs you get. They’re part of the “new wave” of clubs gaining popularity. They no longer call themselves “swingers clubs” as much but are far more open regarding the people who go there.

  • Caligula
  • CheckMate
  • NSFW
  • Intimate
  • Chemistry
  • Hacienda Villa
  • Killing Kittens NYC

1. Caligula

If you and your partner are into some adventurous fun with many attractive strangers, this club in Queens is the spot for you! And speaking of boots, here’s a remarkable fact: Did you know that the Roman emperor Caligula’s real first name was Gaius? “Caligula” actually means “little boots” in Latin, and he got that nickname (which he didn’t like) when he used to accompany his dad, Germanicus, during military campaigns in Germany.

2. CheckMate

This expensive, members-only club is a bit pricey (you have to shell out 120 bucks to get in). Like other swingers’ clubs, it’s strictly BYOB, and those grumpy bouncers take the dress code seriously. But hey, if you’ve got the cash to spare, it’s one of the classier clubs in the swinger scene and has an excellent dance floor. Oh, and heads up: Single men aren’t allowed, so it’s couples and singles non-men only.


This sex club is all about being “woke” and progressive. They’re pretty selective about their members, considering attraction, compatibility, intelligence, and experiences with other members. They’ve got extraordinary events like erotic sketching, kinky game night, couples play time, and speed dating happening at least twice a week. It’s a safe, non-judgmental space for everyone. You can be yourself at all their events, workshops, and parties. And you can also join their online social network, NSFW. It sounds like a fun and inclusive place to be!

Billing themselves as a “social club for the adventurous,” this members-only club provides some of the best swinging experiences in NYC.

4. Intimate

Intimate’s all about those intimate swingers events with a small, handpicked crew of strangers connecting. Whether you’re experienced or new to the lifestyle, you’re welcome to join their monthly get-togethers with cocktails (BYOB, but don’t worry, they’ve got mixers covered), mingling, flirting, and all that jazz. While most members are poly, it’s cool if you’re just there to dance or watch. But listen up, being creepy is a big no-no here! So let’s keep things respectful and fun for everyone!

This one’s for you singles out there. As we mentioned earlier, swinging clubs in New York are part of the new wave and are allowing more singles into their midst.

5. Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the chiller NYC swing clubs in New York. If you’re new to the swinging scene, we’d suggest this one as a starting point.

You have to check out this monthly event in Bushwick, and yeah, you guessed it right—it’s a swingers’ party! You need a private membership, and they do screenings to ensure everyone’s cool “inside and out” to join this female-energy-centric vibe. Guys can apply too, but they must attend with a female Chemistry member. So, if you’re up for a wild and inclusive time, this is the place to be!

6. Hacienda Villa

As one of the premier swinging clubs in New York, you can always have a fun time at the Hacienda Villa.

It looks like any other Brooklyn brownstone from the outside, but inside you’ll find 14 bedrooms of sexual heaven. Everyone there lives a sex-positive lifestyle and encourages the swinging lifestyle. And while there is a long waiting list to be a tenant, they are more than welcoming to new people.

7. Killing Kittens NYC

For swingers looking for high-end, exclusive hedonistic pleasure, Killing Kittens is the place to go! A members-only NYC swinger club for females and couples, it hosts several sex- or sexually-themed parties and events. Trust us when we say membership here will open the door to a world of excitement. They have parties like Kurious Kittens, a clothes-on affair that is relatively tame. And on the other side of the spectrum, they have KK Hedonism, where you and your partner can expect nakedness, hot tubs, pools, and masks.

Open-Minded People in New York

New York City is diverse and open-minded. It attracts people from all walks of life. Many open-minded individuals accept different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives.

The city’s diversity fosters tolerance and inclusivity. New Yorkers celebrate their differences. Art, cuisine, music, fashion, and the social atmosphere reflect it.

You can explore various cultures, meet people from different backgrounds, and engage in discussions. New York offers opportunities to connect with open-minded communities.

What are they like?

Open-minded people in NYC are accepting of diversity and open to new ideas, cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives. Here are their defining traits:

Firstly, they display a deep sense of Diversity and Tolerance. Open-minded individuals in New York embrace the city’s kaleidoscope of backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations with genuine tolerance and respect.

Secondly, their Curiosity is boundless. They harbor a genuine eagerness to explore the world, enthusiastically learning about various cultures, traditions, and ways of life, ever open to new experiences and novel concepts.

Thirdly, Progressive Values are integral to many open-minded New Yorkers. They are strong advocates for social justice, equality, and human rights. They want a fairer, more compassionate society.

Additionally, Intellectual Engagement is a hallmark of these individuals. They willingly participate in thoughtful discussions and debates, remaining receptive to new information and challenging their beliefs when presented with compelling evidence.

Couples of Men, Women, & Non-Binary Folks in New York

New York City is a diverse community with men, women, and non-binary individuals, each unique in personality and background. Avoid generalizations based on gender identity. The vibrant mosaic includes couples and individuals who enrich NYC life in many ways.

Firstly, people pursue diverse careers, engaging in many professions and industries that enrich the city’s thriving economy and cultural landscape.

Secondly, NYC celebrates diversity, honoring multiculturalism and respecting various cultures, languages, and traditions.

Thirdly, ambition drives many New Yorkers to pursue their dreams and make a mark in their fields.

Furthermore, education holds high regard in the city, with individuals dedicated to continuous learning and personal growth. Above all, relationships are significant for New Yorkers, be it romantic partnerships, familial bonds, or cherished friendships.

Married Men in New York

Firstly, their Commitment to Their Partners shines through as they value and prioritize their relationships, striving to nurture solid and affectionate bonds with their spouses.

Secondly, their Career-Oriented nature often comes to the forefront, driven by many professional opportunities in the bustling city.

Thirdly, residing in a diverse metropolis, these men Embrace diversity, cherishing the multicultural environment and engaging with various cultures and perspectives.

Moreover, Family holds immense significance in the lives of many married men in New York, leading them to devote time to their spouses, children, and extended family members.

An Active Lifestyle is often observed, with New York City’s abundant recreational and cultural offerings inspiring married men to stay involved and connected within their communities.

Additionally, the city’s thriving arts and cultural scene makes these individuals Culturally Aware, fostering an appreciation for music, art, theater, and other artistic expressions.

Community Involvement is a frequent trait, as many married men actively participate in local events and activities, seeking to impact their neighborhoods positively.

Lastly, like any couple, married men in New York confront and surmount Challenges Together, uniting with their partners to navigate life’s ups and downs.

Married Women in New York

Firstly, they emphasize Commitment to Their Partners, valuing and prioritizing their relationships to build enduring and affectionate bonds with their spouses.

Secondly, the city’s wealth of opportunities foster Multifaceted Career Paths for many married women, encouraging them to explore diverse and fulfilling professional pursuits.

Thirdly, living in a vibrant and multicultural city, they tend to Embrace diversity, appreciating and welcoming the mosaic of cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds that enrich New York’s dynamic community.

Moreover, Family remains at the core of the lives of numerous married women in New York, as they actively devote quality time to their spouses, children, and extended family members.

An Active Engagement with the city’s bustling atmosphere often leads married women to participate actively in various recreational and cultural activities and community events.

Furthermore, the city’s rich arts and cultural scene kindle Cultural Enthusiasm, often inspiring married women’s interests and fostering a deep appreciation for music, theater, art, and other creative expressions.

In addition to personal pursuits, many married women engage in Advocacy and Community Involvement, participating in community service, activism, or advocacy work to positively impact society.

Lastly, like any individual, they encounter various challenges in their personal and professional lives. Their resilience in Facing Challenges is often fortified by the support and encouragement of their partners.

Married Non-Binary Folks in New York

Firstly, they wholeheartedly Embrace Non-Binary Identity, affirming their gender identity beyond the confines of the traditional gender binary and fostering a sense of gender inclusivity in their relationships.

Secondly, like committed partners, they prioritize their Commitment to Their Partners, valuing their relationships and striving to nurture solid and affectionate bonds with their spouses.

Thirdly, they hail from Diverse Backgrounds, enriching their relationships with unique experiences and perspectives.

Many non-binary individuals advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and social justice. Living in progressive NYC, they embrace open-mindedness and acceptance. Married non-binary individuals prioritize personal growth and self-discovery in their relationships.

Moreover, they draw strength from Family and Community Support, relying on the backing of supportive families and communities to enrich their lives.

Lastly, navigating the challenges that come with existing outside the binary gender model, they face unique hurdles. However, with the support of their partners and loved ones, they Navigate these Challenges with resilience and determination.

Sex Culture in New York

Sex culture in NYC is diverse and reflects the city’s openness and acceptance. New York’s sexual culture caters to various interests and identities. The city embraces a wide range of expressions of sexuality.

  • LGBTQ+ Community: NYC has a thriving LGBTQ+ community. It’s known for being LGBTQ+-friendly worldwide. Gay bars, clubs, and events contribute to the sex culture. Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, and Greenwich Village are notable neighborhoods for LGBTQ+ activities.
  • Sex-Positive Attitude: New York’s sex culture is sex-positive. It values consent, communication, and diverse sexual orientations. The city’s progressive mindset encourages open discussions about sex.
  • Adult Entertainment: NYC has strip clubs, burlesque shows, and erotic performance art. There are strict regulations, but various venues cater to different preferences.
  • Sex Education and Workshops: NYC hosts many sex education events. They cover consent, sexual health, communication, and exploring sexuality.
  • Swinging and Polyamory: Swinging and polyamory communities in NYC are active. They have clubs, parties, and events for like-minded individuals to explore consensual non-monogamy.
  • BDSM and Kink: NYC’s BDSM and kink communities are diverse and thriving. They have private clubs, dungeons, and events to explore desires safely.
  • Sex Shops and Boutiques: NYC has various sex shops and boutiques. They offer adult products, toys, and accessories for individuals and couples.
  • Sex and Dating Apps: Like other modern cities, online platforms and dating apps connect individuals. They help with casual encounters or meaningful connections.
  • Safe Sex Practices: NYC promotes safe sex practices. They offer free or low-cost HIV testing and access to contraceptives.
  • Sexuality in the Arts: NYC’s vibrant arts scene explores sexuality themes. They do it through performances, exhibitions, and discussions.

Sex Parties in New York

Yes, sex parties do happen in New York City, but they are private events for like-minded adults who consent to participate. These parties are held discreetly, and attendees must respect the event’s privacy.

Sex parties are legal in New York if they are private and consensual, but organizers and attendees must follow adult entertainment and gathering laws. Many parties have strict rules for safety and comfort.

Participation is voluntary, and safety should always be a priority. To attend a sex party, look for reputable events and understand the rules beforehand.

Consent and communication are vital; attendees must respect each other’s boundaries and privacy. Sexual activity requires mutual consent and respect for everyone involved.

New York Guide For Swingers Clubs

In an NYC swinging club, swinging occurs in designated areas, so sex isn’t happening everywhere. If you’re interested in swinging, you and your partner can find a couple you like and discuss boundaries to see where it goes.

Communication and trust are crucial in an NYC swinger club. Boundaries need to be discussed before any sex takes place, rejection must be taken in stride, and everyone needs to be respectful. Remember to treat people how you want, and everything will be fine!

Other things to note if you’re going there to swing are to clean up before you go. Brush your teeth (nobody likes smelly breath!), bring protection and lube, and remember to have safe sex always.

And as with any other bar in NYC, please drink responsibly.

Visiting a swingers club in NYC is about having fun, so relax and remember there is no pressure to do anything. Your visit concerns your experience, so take your time with things you need more time to be ready for.

When you walk in, get acclimatized to the club. Breathe in the atmosphere, have drinks, and chat with people. See where the night takes you and your partner. You’ll get into the swing of things before long.

Tips For Swingers Clubs in New York

Are you visiting a swingers club in New York? Approach it with open-mindedness, respect, and focus on communication and consent. Swingers clubs are private venues for exploring consensual non-monogamous relationships. They offer a safe and inclusive environment for couples and individuals. 

Here are some tips for visiting swingers clubs in New York:

  1. Research the Club: Before attending any swingers club, thoroughly research the venue to ensure it aligns with your preferences and comfort level. Read reviews and visit their website to understand their rules, policies, and the type of atmosphere they promote.
  2. Establish Ground Rules: Attending with a partner? Have an open and honest discussion beforehand. Establish ground rules and boundaries. Communicate desires, limits, and expectations for a positive experience.
  3. Dress Code: Many Swingers clubs have specific dress codes or themes for different nights. Dressing appropriately for the event can enhance the overall experience and make you feel more comfortable.
  4. Respect Consent: Consent is of utmost importance in any swinger environment. Always ask for and respect others’ boundaries, and never assume someone is interested in participating in any activity.
  5. Respect Privacy: Swingers clubs prioritize discretion and privacy. What happens inside the club should stay inside the club. Refrain from discussing or sharing details about other club attendees outside the venue.
  6. Be Approachable and Courteous: Being friendly and approachable is essential in a swingers club setting. Respectfully engage with others, and understand that not everyone may be interested in interacting with you.
  7. No Pressure: Avoid pressuring others to participate in activities they are not comfortable with. Respect everyone’s decisions and remember that people can say “no.”
  8. Hygiene and Safe Sex: Practicing good hygiene and safe sex is essential in any intimate setting. Condoms and other protective measures are typically provided in swingers’ clubs.
  9. Be Mindful of Alcohol Consumption: If the club serves alcohol, be mindful of your alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking can impair judgment and may lead to uncomfortable situations.
  10. Be Ready to Say No: If you are not interested in participating in an activity or interacting with someone, feel confident saying “no” without feeling pressured or guilty.

Pros of Swingers Clubs in New York

Here are some potential pros of swingers clubs in New York:

  1. Safe and Discreet Environment: Swingers clubs provide a safe and discreet space where like-minded individuals can explore their desires without fear of judgment or stigma. These clubs typically prioritize the privacy and comfort of their attendees.
  2. Exploration of Fantasies: Swingers clubs allow individuals and couples to explore their fantasies and desires in a consensual and non-judgmental setting. It can be an opportunity to try new experiences with the consent of all involved parties.
  3. Positive and Non-Judgmental Atmosphere: Swingers clubs promote a sex-positive and non-judgmental atmosphere, encouraging open communication and respect for boundaries. People can be themselves and feel accepted for their preferences.
  4. Opportunity for Socializing: These clubs provide a social setting for meeting other open-minded individuals and couples with similar interests. It can lead to meaningful connections and friendships within the community.
  5. Enhanced Communication Skills: Participating in the swinging community often involves open discussions about desires, boundaries, and consent. This can lead to improved communication skills and a deeper understanding of one’s needs and those of their partner(s).
  6. Exploration of Sexual Identity: Swingers clubs offer a space for people to explore and embrace their sexual identity, which can lead to personal growth and increased self-awareness.
  7. Safe Sex Practices: Responsible swingers clubs promote safe sex practices and provide access to condoms and other protective measures, prioritizing the health and well-being of all participants.
  8. Supportive Community: The swinging community can be a source of support, especially for individuals who might feel isolated or misunderstood in more traditional social settings.
  9. Enhanced Intimacy in Relationships: Some couples find that exploring non-monogamous experiences together can enhance their intimacy and emotional connection, which often involves increased communication and trust.
  10. Positive Impact on Body Image and Self-Esteem: Swingers clubs often foster body positivity and acceptance, helping individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their skin.

Cons of Swingers Clubs in New York

Here are some potential cons of swingers clubs in New York:

  1. Emotional Challenges: Swinging and non-monogamous relationships can lead to emotional challenges, including feelings of jealousy, insecurity, or inadequacy, mainly if boundaries and communication are not adequately addressed.
  2. Privacy Concerns: Despite efforts to maintain privacy, there is always a risk of someone recognizing you or your partner(s) at a swingers club, which can be distressing for those who prefer to keep their private lives separate from their public identities.
  3. Unwanted Attention: Attendees may encounter unwanted attention or advances from others at the club. Respecting personal boundaries and consent is crucial, but some individuals may need to adhere to these principles.
  4. Pressure to Participate: In some swinger’s clubs, there may be pressure or expectations to participate in activities that one may not feel comfortable with. Being assertive and confident in setting and maintaining personal boundaries is essential.
  5. Lack of Diversity: Depending on the specific club and its attendees, there may be a need for more diversity in age, body type, or background, making some individuals feel excluded or uncomfortable.
  6. Risk of STIs: While reputable swingers’ clubs promote safe sex practices and provide access to condoms, there is still a risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in any intimate setting.
  7. Impact on Existing Relationships: Engaging in swinging activities can have unpredictable effects on existing relationships. It requires strong communication and trust between partners to navigate potential challenges.
  8. Uneven Experiences: In some cases, one partner may have a more enjoyable experience than the other, leading to feelings of resentment or imbalance in the relationship.
  9. Integration into Social Life: For some individuals, integrating their participation in the swinging community into their regular social life can be challenging, as it may need to align with the norms of their broader social circle.
  10. Potential for Drama or Misunderstandings: Swingers clubs involve interactions with diverse people, and misunderstandings or conflicts can occur, leading to potentially uncomfortable or dramatic situations.

STDs and HIV

New York, like other cities, deals with STDs and HIV challenges. The prevalence varies based on population and access to healthcare. The city is proactive in addressing these issues and promoting sexual health.

HIV in New York:

New York State has achieved significant progress against HIV and AIDS. Prevention and treatment strategies led to fewer new cases and better care access. Initiatives like testing, PrEP, and early treatment have reduced transmission.

STDs in New York:

STD rates in New York can vary over time, and common STDs include chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Regular testing, education, and treatment are vital in fighting STDs. Stay informed, practice safe sex, use condoms, and get regular screenings if sexually active. 

Stay Safe

New York City is generally safe for tourists and residents, with millions visiting annually without problems. However, staying vigilant and taking common-sense precautions is vital for personal safety.

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