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Tropicalia Washington DC, Guide & Review

They are located at the intersection of 14th and U-street, this subway with the bright white bars of the white bar itself as an “adult dance club,” offering live shows with weaving D.J.s from AfroHouse, Latin, reggae, and hip-hop. Those who are offended by this hidden gem like to not argue, come-as-you-are-a vibe, which means you don’t have to wear it. Nostalgia ’90s nights are popular, and there is usually no cover even for a busy weekend evening. The wheelchair is also accessible. This underground scene is complex for AfroHouse and Latin American music. Opening every night of the week, Tropicalia features live bands and D.J.s for guests to enjoy the incredible beats. It is also an artistic landscape with beautiful wall art and pottery with hand-painted tiles.

This popular establishment provides an excellent opportunity to meet people and chat with strangers. The first floor, aptly named Level One, is a decent restaurant that offers unlimited mimosa on weekends. At night, have a meal and play a game of pong beer, but then go upstairs to mix up the second-floor bar and the groove on the third-floor dance! People and music are diverse – D.J.s play a beautiful mix of hip-hop, reggae, and more than 40 genres. While DC has no dating restrictions, girls’ night in Tropicalia is the third Saturday of every month.

An underground art nightclub in Washington DC adorned with quirky graffiti, murals, and other wall art, Tropicalia has become a famous symbol among crowds looking for a pleasant nightlife. You can go inside this nightclub called “adult dance club” to enjoy the beautiful reggae songs and hip-hop melodies. In a crowd of Washington nightclubs that require specific dress codes, Tropicalia operates in a reversible style. A white marble finish and a bright bar give a beautiful appeal to your drunken mood. The nightclub design adds to its beauty as you see many beautiful hand-painted tiles complementing the neon paint on its wall. Visit Tropicalia any day of the week if you have no money to pay and you want to dance all night to some unique songs.

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