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Are you looking for the best bars that Nashville has to offer? Look no further. 

Nashville is no short of incredible places to eat and have fun doing some outdoor activities. But sometimes, you want to go to a bar and grab one of those fancy cocktails to sip on while you hang out with friends. It’s an excellent way to unwind post-work. East Nashville has some fancy spots, but many have opened up throughout the city. From speakeasies to rooftop lounges, Nashville has got it all! There’s no shortage of bars that the city has to offer. Let us take you on the journey to find the best bar for you to go to tonight! 

18. The Patterson House Bar Nashville

With limited seats and reservations, the Patterson House offers you luxury and class in one place. With commendable customer service that everyone raves about, this place also has various choices on its menu. The intimate and comfortable experience is curated for the guests to enjoy classic and modern cocktails. Using the highest quality ingredients, they also offer you a small variety of savory and sweet dishes to share with your friends. 

You can either get a table or sit around the bar and watch the mixologists do their magic by mixing up some potions for you. From a mix of the old world to a more contemporary drink, their drinks are one of the most well-made ones in Nashville. The staff knows what they are doing. Each glass is mixed to perfection with skill. The house rule is not to text while you’re here, no standing, and you only get served if you are sitting. The rules keep the place accessible and fun without any distractions. 

 The chandeliers and velvet accents mesmerize you while you get lost in the conversation going on around you. Opened up by one of the most prominent restaurant groups in the city, it is creative with a subtle hint of sexy. As you go through the curtains that separate the waiting area from the sitting, the anticipation builds up, and you step into the luxurious sitting space. You must try out their in-house syrups or bitters, which speak for themselves. The quality is impeccable. Seasonal cocktails are introduced every few months for you to get a taste of warmth in winters and freshness in spring. You might have to empty your wallet, but it’s all 

about the experience at the Patterson House. 

17. The Fox bar & Cocktail club Nashville

The Fox gives its customers all the knowledge they need to know about the ingredients they have to offer so that you can choose carefully about what drink you want to go for. Or you could ask one of the staff members to suggest an option to you. You even have the chance to experience a personally curated tour with the bartender. You will get to see the mixes being made and also know their history and where they come from. They might sneak in a recipe or two to enjoy when you get home. 

A speakeasy-like cocktail bar, The Fox has decor inspired by the Art Deco. With old books, plush velvet seats, and a fantastic cocktail menu. There is a deserved cult following for the vegan pimento cheese on the menu. With cocktail prices starting at $13, you have options like San Sebastian, Cat Dad, Fox Daiquiri, and The Devil You knew, amongst many others. Order the Fox Daiquiri if you want a blend of Appleton 8 reserve, Rhum clément & el dorado five rums, lime stock, pineapple skins, sea salt, sugar, and lime oil. You also have a few nonalcoholic options to choose from or some snacks to nibble on while you savor your drink. 

The decor involves textures like wood, leather, and brush strokes on the wall that add more character to the place. Even the washroom has beautiful wallpaper in an all-black color palette. The teal-colored plush booths make you melt into them as you have a seat. You could also sit at the stool tables or the bar itself. With a dark aesthetic in general, the place has a mysterious vibe going on that you must come in and try to figure out on your own. 

16. Skulls Rainbow Room Bar Nashville

With fine dining, drinks, live music, and Burlesque on the weekends, Skulls Rainbow Room has it all under one roof. It is one of the most acclaimed dining and bar experiences in Music City. With its French-American roots, the live jazz music attracts guests each evening. You can see them enjoying the place’s ambiance while appreciating the music. The award-winning menu offers a Coastal fusion of American cuisine, perfection at its finest, from duck, veal, and steaks to even vegetarian options for those who prefer them. The swanky place will transport you to another decade, and you will want to groove to the tunes.

The staff is all cocktail lovers who know their stuff. This area is one of the busiest in the city, and the team is quick in service. Opened up in 1948, it offers a historical experience. With each cocktail curated uniquely, you will not forget your time here or your drinks. You get a few great options on the cocktail menu like ‘The Kiss goodbye.’ Other than that, you have Tennessee sipping whiskey, rye, bourbons and American whiskey, tequila, rum, gin, vodka, wine, and beer with many options in each category. 

The stage has seen performers like Etta James, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Paul McCartney, amongst others, that serenade the crowd. Their Burlesque shows also carry a historical legacy for 50 years that has been lost otherwise. The reviews sent in by customers give it an excellent rating. You can also host an event at this place, and your guests will have a great time here with all the place has to offer. Sip an old-fashioned drink and enjoy the music or the burlesque show while you’re here. 

15. Attaboy Bar Nashville

Jason Seiden, Micky McIlroy, and Sam Ross, the owners of Well Favoured Hospitality were attracted to the food and art scene in Nashville, which then led to the opening up of Attaboy. The all-time famous Attaboy is a minimal-style speakeasy coming here from New Tork. The best part? There is no menu. Everything is personalized and chilled on ice. ‘Its cocktails are accorded near mythological status by connoisseurs’; this is what they have to say for themselves. Unlike its other branch, this one at least has a sign painted on one of the walls and a patio. There are a lot of bars, shops, restaurants, and businesses in the area around the bar, which attracts a lot of crowds to the place. 

You just have to knock on the door, and one of the staff members will guide you if seats are available. The mixologist asks you a few questions about your tastes and preferences, and then you leave it up to them to serve you a mix of their choice. There are larger booths and more minor, more private sitting areas. Opening at 5 pm, it stays open till 3 am for you all. With a lot of fun, creative people living in the city, it felt like the best spot for a bar like this. Only those who like to experiment would be willing to try it out. 

In describing Attaboy, Seiden said: “It’s the most comfortable, cool, unpretentious place you would want to have a drink, and it’s about elevating your evening, not changing direction. It’s good cocktails, rock ‘n’ roll, and a perfect time.` They charge a flat rate for cocktails. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients, such as cheeses and charcuterie, will also be available on the menu. The place will be open for you to try out seven days a week.

14. Roberts Western World Bar Nashville

Known as Nashville’s home of traditional country music, Roberts’s Western world is trendy amongst tourists and locals. It is located beside the Ryman Auditorium in the historic part of the city. The building was once a warehouse in the Civil war era, then turned into a western boot and apparel store. It wasn’t very profitable, so beers, jukeboxes, and cigarettes became a part of the store. As time went on, live performances also became a thing which was a great success. The bar continues to promote local and upcoming talent at its place. Roberts has stayed true to its roots and still plays country music. If that is your type, then you must visit.

There are many to choose from on the food menu, like mozzarella cheese sticks, wings, fried pickle spears, chicken strips, and much more. You can even grab a basket of french fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings to share! You can also try their Angus beef burgers and deep-fried bologna sandwich. It specializes in domestic and premium beer, which you can choose from. Their website also has a detailed plan of all the bands playing there daily along with their timings. They also have a shop from where you can get your hands on their shirts, caps, vinyl, and CDs. 

Their service is impeccable, and everyone always has good things to say. It is always on time, and their attitude is very positive. You can also book the place for an event or a celebration with all of your loved ones. With live music seven days a week, a bar with a good variety of beer and other beverages, and some great food, this is the place to be. 

13. Never Never Bar Nashville

Never Never is a hidden gem of Nashville. It is elegant and straightforward and offers a beautiful socializing experience. With some awesome outdoor music, boutique cocktails, and food that makes you want more, this place should be on your list whether you’re visiting or a local. If you wish to be the one sharing a story or hearing it, just grab a beer, and the staff will listen to you or take you on an adventure through their experiences. It is where you stop, away from all that keeps on running.

You might get a chance to be a part of a concert here at Never Never. Even your dogs can accompany you while you’re here. They’re allowed in the patio area; just keep them on a leash. You have a few cocktail options, beer, tequila, and wine. The prices are excellent. Young professionals can get together here to make interesting conversations. This is a good networking place for those who want to expand. There are no TVs, so you get to talk about everything you have kept with you since the last time you met.

The building is an old welding shop, so you see a lot of metal and steel used all around rather than plastic. It’s a classic that stays authentic no matter what the trends are. You can go here to celebrate when you’re happy or sulk when you’re sad. If you need some courage, go on and sip on it. You will find everyone here after a wedding or a funeral. This is where people are found when they’re lost. Sometimes you’ll find love; other times, you encounter trouble. It depends on what you’re in the mood for, really. 

12. Bastion Bar Nashville

Bastion means a place where an old idea keeps on surviving. Located in Wedgewood, Bastion is a warehouse-style bar offering draft beers, wine, and a cocktail selection. There is also a tiny restaurant sitting hidden behind an unmarked metal door. Paying $100 per person for booking and food, you experience dinner differently—dishes on the menu range from tofu and experimental salmon to comforting chocolate and pistachio pudding. The place is an art performance itself. You can order up to 15 dishes that aren’t that big so you can taste them all. Just be careful; your brains might get overwhelmed by all the tastes, colors, and variety of food in front of you. 

The space isn’t pretentious and offers comfort through beers, shots, and some simple cocktails. Don’t go in too hungry; the place only has nachos to provide, so it mainly focuses on drinks. You could try out some frozen drinks and daily punches. There are also a few different spirits, wines on the glass, draft and canned beers, and innovative cocktails on the menu for you to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. You can talk it out, relax and unwind or lend an ear to a needy friend. 

The area is full of creatives that need space to flourish. That place has its vibe with a long bar, high ceiling, built-in bleachers, and decor and furniture that has been refurbished. The fairy lights and indoor pergola make it feel like a patio indoors. You can also try your luck at a few games in the corner. The place is painted white from the outside but has no boards outside. A quote says, ‘never give up, and good luck will find you. 

11. Old Glory bar Nashville

Old Glory is an underground bar in a place that used to be Nashville’s largest steam cleaning facility. The Soler sisters executed their vision in this place. Being bartenders themselves, they wanted a class of their own. They are often found behind the bar experimenting for your tastebuds to try out. The place has a dramatic aura of its own; with around 50 feet tall ceilings, it has a grandeur. The place has been transformed into a more homey space with plants hanging on the walls at a height; the sunlight shines through the window and makes the greenery stand out. Adding on to the Art-Deco-inspired decor, even the tiles have the custom ‘OG’ pattern that adds character to the space. 

The bar focuses on the fact that nothing in there should be fussy, from the space itself to the drink options presented to you. They’re not too complicated but do focus on fresh ingredients. The focus is more on what component goes with another than the fact that they need eight different things to make a cocktail. Open from noon till the late hours of the night, and there are times when the rush is crazy but come in during the daytime, and you can soak in everything around you. 

The focus of food is also on experimentation. With no stoves or heat source in the kitchen, the staff just comes up with dishes that are curated well in the house and are different from the typical ones we get everywhere else. There is no proper entrance for it. You will have to come in from behind the alley and make a grand entrance down the staircase. There might not be a sign even if they plan on keeping it exclusive and mysterious.

10. Legends Corner Bar Nashville

Legends Corner is undoubtedly the best country music bar in Nashville. You will get to experience one of the best live music performances here. The music never ends here. How can it be when the city is where country music has its roots? It is a true honky tonk between famous places like the National Medium of African American Music and Fifth and Broadway. 

With top-notch customer service and great drink and food items on the menu, this place sure attracts many people. No problem if you drink too much or if it’s too late to go back, you can get a room in the hotels nearby quickly. The decor is like a dive bar, and dancing is encouraged. The dance floor might seem too small on the weekends, but hey, you have a shimmy in there. The drinks menu and cold beer keep coming as you quench your thirst and dance. 

The walls have a lot of albums hanging on them, along with different instruments native to various countries like the balalaika from Russia or the didgeridoo from Australia. Let’s see if you can spot the Elvis Presley originals on the walls. There is also space to host parties and even a corporate meeting with a twist to it. They offer rooms and flexible floor plans as well. Bring your employees here at the end of the week to unwind and have a good time. 

A tour of Nashville is incomplete without visiting Legends Corner. You can look at the schedule on their website to know what band is playing each day. You might even get a chance to hear one of the big names at a special event here. From Lefty Ferguson to Mathew Davidson, every night, the place comes to life. 

9. Springwater Supper Club & Lounge Bar Nashville

Do not be deceived by its name; Springwater Supper Club & Lounge isn’t exactly inviting. This place isn’t what your typical ‘supper club’ or ‘lounge’ looks like. It’s a bit rough around the edges and a little dirty. But if you want a night with good drinks and music, you must visit this place. Opened in the exact location a hundred years ago, the place claims to be the ‘oldest bar serving alcohol, whether legally or illegally, in Tennessee.’ This place is the favorite spot for indie and punk bands on Mondays and Tuesdays. If that is what you like in music, try this place out. It will be a fresh experience from the Western country music generally played around the area. 

The place is also a member of NIVA, a trade association that protects small businesses. They work to get funds to make the industry stable. The website also displays a schedule of all the performances happening throughout the month. Maybe you can plan your visit accordingly because performance is a must-watch if you are here. Just grab a ticket online before you go. You can also try out a game of darts, pool, or pinball. If your dog wants to accompany you, bring them along too; they will love the attention from everyone around. 

Some pretty big-name music videos have been shot in this place. You will find regulars and tourists alike here to get a taste of Nashville’s history. Everyone knows one another in this place. Don’t judge the site by how it looks. The broken window and the dripping roof make it an authentic dive bar. The beer here is cheap, like really very affordable. It’ll make your heart excellently skip a beat.

8. Santa’s Pub Bar Nashville

Santa’s Pub has been serving cold beer for ten years. Sip on it while you sing your heart out at karaoke. The place is a trailer that screams ‘kitsch’ with all the Christmas-like decor and its aesthetic. This is where you will find all the hipster people. Generally, twenty-year-old college students and new and upcoming artists will be here.

On the other hand, you will have men in suits and bachelor parties also happening at the same place. The place is packed, especially on Sunday nights when bands perform. Fingers crossed that you don’t get to hear a random shower singer perform, and it’s a Grammy winner who serenades you. 

The owner is famous by the name ‘Santa’ and is a legend in the area amongst the locals. His real name is Denzel, and he runs the place with his wife. The site was opened in 2011 after he had been working in the industry for a few decades. He knows about all the artists in the area. He has made the place feel like your friend’s basement, with people smoking, beer bottles all around you, and singing all night long. The karaoke floor is open to every one of you, and it even says ‘everyone’s a star’ in a corner. The menu is fuss-free, beer at $3 and wine and soda at $4; just have cash on you because that’s the way to pay for the drinks. 

To ‘be nice’ is one of the rules on their website even, and no douchebags or cussing is allowed inside. So no funny business here, okay? Share stories with adventurers or hear their stories and let the music and night take you away. 

7. Tootsies Orchid Lounge Bar Nashville

An accidental purple orchid color paint job is now the identity for Tootsies. You really cannot miss the building if you’re on the street. Opened in the 1960s, the place has served many famous people over the years that you can look at on ‘Tootsies Wall of Fame.’ The owner’s husband wrote and recorded songs and was a part of the band that led to the idea of this place. The place was famous for slipping in a few bucks to aspiring singers and writers.

You just have to pay a standard entry fee to get in. 

The atmosphere is just what you need after a tiring day at work. There are three sections outdoors, primarily for groups with a stage for performances. NFL Network broadcasted from their set in front of Tootsies in 2019. Someone even called it a real-life Lego house; we can’t unsee it now. One day you might bump into Pink, Chriss Pratt, or even Jake Owen. This is a famous spot for all the a-listers. There are a lot of food and drink options for you to choose from. From breakfast to dinner, they have it all covered. Their cocktail and wine selections are also impeccable. Maybe ‘the steve drink’ is the one for you. If not, then how does cinnamon toast crunch sound?

This is a historical place just behind Ryman auditorium. The place has five floors for you to choose from for your event. Where you want one floor, several semi-private events, or even VIP gatherings, they have all options available. You can request duos or bands for your bachelorette here for entertainment. The place also hosts many events you can walk into and enjoy with a bunch of others. 

6. Earnest Bar & Hideaway Nashville

With impeccable service, fantastic food, and bottomless mimosas, Earnest Bar & Hideaway has it all. This rustic yet chic place is where you get served comfort food and craft cocktails inspired by Earnest Hemmingway. The Korean fried chicken has been declared a crowd’s favorite, so you must have a taste of that. Other options include rib eye, pork chops, and the breakfast poutine. The drinks menu has been divided into brunch, lunch, and dinner cocktails. From ”captains coffee” to ”steve McQueen” to ”white elephant”, you can explore the menu one drink at a time. Everyone who has come here has left great reviews about the food options, taste, and the drinks that go with it.

Besides the menu, which makes it ideal, the location is the historic Houston Station building in Nashville. It complements the feel of the place so well. From an industrial space, it became a warm and inviting restaurant. The ceiling and floor plans have been left as they were initially, and the lights complement the interior. A mirror is also placed to reflect light into the space to make it feel more spacious. The flooring in all wood and the walls display the owner’s collection of Earnest Hemingway’sHemingway’s art. The vintage vibe feels nostalgic, and you can help but sit here and enjoy your time.

The area around does not have a lot of food and drink options, so this pace does attract a crowd. The bartenders are skilled, and the service is excellent. Whether you visit for brunch, dinner, or drinks, you will have a good time. The atmosphere is familiar yet new with a hint of elegance. 

5. Wildhorse Saloon Bar Nashville

A restaurant, catering company, bar, concert site, dance venue, wedding venue, and TV studio—all under one roof. Welcome to Wildhorse Saloon, which offers you entertainment to the t. Opened in 1994, it mainly focused on line dancing at the start, but now it has even become a concert venue for all genres of music. It consists of three levels, the upper two overlooking the stage. The sitting capacity is above 2400 people, and even more, can fit in! 

You can take up lessons for line dancing without any reservations. Hop in on the dance floor and ask to dance away. Whatever your age is, the instructors will be able to help you out while you dance the line. They also have many featured and lined-up artists that perform daily. You can try out all your dancing skills and get back into the groove. From Zach Ray to Amber Leigh, you see them all perform. Millions of people come in every year to have a fantastic time enjoying music with those around them. 

The place has sold over 10 million beer bottles to date; you should be a part of this record. Remember, the place is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so plan accordingly. On the menu are their world-famous fried pickles that do live up to their name and the hype. We have sandwiches, salads, burgers, and many steak options with yummy marinades that make you drool while you read the menu. Sip on ‘Boots and Spurs,’ which involves a mix of Tanqueray gin, triple sec, house-made simple syrup, grapefruit juice, a splash of club soda, garnished with a fresh grapefruit slice. Other than this, there are many other cocktail options, including beers, wine, and seltzer. In the end, you also taste something from the sweet treat’s action. 

4. Henley Bar Nashville

Honoring the legacy of American craftsmanship, Henley is an experience to remember. Opened in 2017, the name is inspired by the movement against the rigid clothing of the 1900s. With a  sleek bar in the middle, the place has a black and white checkered floor with yellow and blue accents on the furniture and walls. There are seats at the bar and smaller tables scattered across the area. The private sitting area is called ‘The Snooker’ and is suitable for hosting parties. The outdoor patio also has seating for a few people if you want to enjoy the weather. 

The crowd here varies from married couples to those staying at their hotel. Many of the locals are regulars here. More so than any other bar around the area. The staff is the epitome of Southern hospitality that Nashville is famous for. If you want to grab a drink pre-dinner, you should try one of the local Tennessee bourbons prepared in small batches. You have many options with quirky cocktail names and tastes that complement these as well. ‘Call Me if you get lost’ uses ingredients like prosecco, italics, luxardo bitter Bianco, grapefruit, and salt. Prices start at around $12, which is worth the money for these yummy concoctions. There are also bottled and draft beer options available. Whiskey, bourbon, rye, wine, red and white, whiskey, scotch, brandy, rum, mezcal, gin, tequila, and vodka; all you can imagine is on the menu. 

There is also a breakfast, brunch, and dinner menu with great dishes to confuse you cause you will want them all! The brunch is accompanied by live music. Each word is curated and plated so beautifully that you hesitate to ruin its beauty for a minute. This place is a more elegant and classy option for those who want to chat up after work to relax. 

3. The Lipstick Lounge Bar Nashville

Music City’s only lesbian bar, the Lipstick Lounge, is a place open to everyone regardless of gender or sexuality. As long as you’re 21 and human, you’re welcome to the family! If you are here, you should try out one of their signature cocktails, listen to some fun, talented live music, and sing your heart out at karaoke. You can even flex your brain at trivia with friends and then dance and hang out to celebrate a special occasion.

Karaoke is open most days for you to let your inner singer out. Don’t let anything stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone here. They also host events like an LGBTQ music night, bingo, and pop culture trivia that calls out to everyone who enjoys music to be there. There are also concerts by Sherry Fairchild and the boys and Cody Belew for all their fans. They also have a small shop selling shirts, hoodies, and caps to support their business. Buy one or two to rock this summer or winter if you want. They have full sleeve options and are size and gender-inclusive. You can also get a lovely-smelling lavender candle to support them. 

The food menu is extensive. Try out a sandwich, burger, or snack if you want something smaller. The brunch menu is also yummy. Weekend brunch with mimosas does sound inviting to us! There are even liquid hangover cures for you to try out here. Or, if you’re brave enough, skip to the cocktail section. You could also get cigars from around 50 options on the menu. Whoever has been here once cannot help but return here as their cocktails are unlike any we have tasted. The performances and drinks make any night fun and worth going out. We promise you won’t regret it!

2. Pearl Diver Bar Nashville

Pearl Driver is a place that will make you question if you’re in East Nashville or on an island vacation. Imagine dipping your feet in a pool; that’s the feeling you get minus the pool part. The place evokes a wanderlust in you to feel the sea breeze and walk on the beach. The decor also is according to the theme, with blue-green and brass accents peeking out from nautical themes, mermaids calling to you from shelves, and palm fronds on the wallpaper that guides you from the lounge to the bar to the back patio. 

This is a lounge that shares a story. With the creativity of four people coming together, the place creates an exotic experience. There are classics and Hemingway-inspired drinks available as well. You get margaritas and pina coladas along with mai tai and paloma. There’s a good balance of old-style and contemporary options. The food menu is also inspired by Caribbean and Polynesian cuisines, and veggie lo mein and tacos are a must-try. With all the fresh local ingredients coming together in one dish, you take a bite and go, wow. 

Lanterns hanging on the roof create a play of light and shadows that entrance you. Everything is designed so aesthetically that you are in awe of everything surrounding you. An old-style photo booth calls for a quick photo session with your friends. Wooden finishings with god and teal accents compliment the mood of the space. You might even spend a few extra minutes in the washroom admiring it. It’s hard to resist taking a picture of everything you see around you. You can reserve cabanas or the captain’s room on their website if you have a party of 4 or more people coming in.

1. Bar Sovereign Nashville

An eclectic experience, Bar Sovereign is a place that might not be the same the second time you visit it. They have a knack for switching up interiors often. The entrance is simple, with a brass plate with the bar’s name engraved on it on the side. Nothing too fancy, and you won’t find cool people here. Although the interior screams cool, artsy yet elegant, everyone here is chilling. There is a fireplace and bear rug for the feel of it. The walls are full of art, each one different from the next, adding character to the space and something for its customers to admire while their orders get to them. 

What was once an office space now has some good music, and sounds of laughter welcome you as you step in. There are dark wooden bookcases with the most random things in them. Like a bullhorn plastered with big, black letters that spell ‘COCAINE.,’ some stuff in here might be a bit unsettling for you, but hey, it’s all a part of the experience, no matter how bizarre it is. 

You can grab a seat at the bar of the banquettes and choose any drink from whiskey to top-shelf spirits, affordable wines, and a roster of beers. The drink menu keeps rotating, and the beer taps will also be on rotation with many local options. 

Food options are a mix of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines. The DJ will play some tunes at night that might make you want to dance in a close intimate space. Leap and do what we recommend. Attracting people from 40-year-olds to college students, you will find them all here. Even the dress code is a mix like the art on the walls. If you want to dress up, sure, do it. Or you could walk in with a t-shirt and sip on Guinness while the owner chats up with you.  


The fun part of Nashville is that it offers you comfort food, drinks, and cocktails. If you want a break from home food, go out and try one of these bars. You would like to try out a drink or two while eating here. You might also want to try out a few games and music activities on the weekend. Some unique bars focus on the music while others are more inclusive. Pick your favorite from the list and do give it a shot. 

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