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You cannot go wrong with the happening beats of RnB music because it is guaranteed to pump up the crowd. It is the kind of music that can encourage a crowd to break lose from the stress and problems of their daily lives. There are many venues like that all over Nashville where you can hang out with friends, listen to international DJs, and meet new people. They attract a crowd of energetic dancers and people open to new experiences. These are some of the hottest places in town and we have listed them according to their ranking.

La Rumba Discoteque

La Rumba is an upscale establishment with a large dance floor and plenty of bar stools and sofas for sitting down. The décor is minimalist chic which goes well with the dim lighting and ambient music. The venue is fitted with high-tech speakers so you can feel every beat and riff in your blood. They also regularly host concerts featuring international sensations so it would be wise to check out their schedule.


Ibiza is one of Nashville’s best salsa club situated right on Hickory Boulevard. The venue boasts a large dance floor which means all the couples have enough room to show off their moves. The club has been around more than a  decade and has built a loyal fan base amongst those who love caliente music. They have special offers on drinks because salsa dancing can make you very thirsty.

Wildhorse Saloon

True to the Nashville spirit, the Wildhorse Saloon is known for its equestrian interior. As soon as you enter, you can hear drinks being poured and dancer’s heels clacking on the floor. This is the nightclub where you can partake in some good old-fashioned line dancing. The venue is housed in a historic warehouse and you can get a good view of the Cumberland River from the top floor.


You are guaranteed a good time at any of these establishments because we have used a strict vetting process to make sure that they meet our high standards. The timings and directions for each of these clubs are listed on the website so you can plan accordingly. Make sure you check the dress code and schedule, so you do not miss out on any important DJs or live performances. Each club is known for its vibes so we encourage you come in your best clothes and a positive attitude.

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