Gay and LGBT Clubs in Nashville

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Best Nightclubs In Nashville


Nashville has a very loud and proud LGBT community which is why they have quite a few establishments dedicated to them. Like any other city, the gay and LGBT clubs in Nashville are some of the most happening night clubs around. These are places where you can go without fear of being judged. Everyone is welcome to stay as long as they follow the rules. They host fun events like karaoke nights and drags shows as well to keep things interesting. We have the listed the best of the best for you in this article.


Your vibe attracts your tribe and at this nightclub you can find like-minded folks to spend your Saturday nights with. Tribe is a contemporary bar and gay night club in Nashville that is very popular with the LGBT community. It has a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, and everyone is welcome as long as they are tolerant of others. There is a wide menu of drinks and food items. You will particularly enjoy the hospitality at Tribe and the bartenders will treat you as one of their own.

Play Dance Bar

Play is a venue known for its dancefloor and open atmosphere. The club attracts people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations. They have a trendy and modern décor with fluorescent lighting to set the mood. You can enjoy the music and drinks or catch one of their famous drag shows that are packed with entertainment. This alternative club is preferred by the younger crowd because of the energetic vibe.

Lipstick Lounge

The Lipstick Lounge is legendary because of the extravagant parties and events they host. The club opened up in 2002 and quickly grew into a hot spot for young Nashvillians. The owners wanted to make this a venue women would want to visit. It was originally intentioned as a lesbian club but is now open to anyone and everyone. The interior reminds you of a burlesque because the dim lighting, plush seats and lips plastered everywhere.


If you are in the mood for a casual venue, then these are some of the places you should check out. They usually do not have a dress code but we still recommend checking their page for details. It does not matter what your ethnicity, background, political opinions or sexual orientation because this club welcomes people of all races and identities. You can try the fruity drinks on their menu, make friends and partake in some wild behavior. They have a great playlist as well and you can listen to the latest hits as well as classics from previous decades.

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