Nashville Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Welcome to Nashville’s premier nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Nashville. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid-back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Landlocked in heartland USA, Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee. The city has a thriving music scene with no shortage of local talents. In addition, there is a vast university crowd that lives here attend schools like Tennessee State UniversityBelmont University, and Vanderbilt University

The southern boomtown of music has recently cropped up as a party destination. Some big hotel chains and Michelin star chefs have been looking to expand here. The young crowd, warm southern people, and cheerful vibe are hard to miss. Altogether local food, people, and music is slowly making this city an upcoming hotspot for vacationing in the USA.

Best hotels in Nashville

There is a wide range of luxury and moderately priced hotels in Nashville. All of them are unique, modern, and nothing like you have seen elsewhere. These hotels are some of the best in the city, which provide a hundred percent visitors satisfaction. 

  1. Hermitage

The Hermitage property is over a hundred years old and the longest-standing luxury hotel in Nashville. It was the main property that attracted leisure and business travelers decade after decade. It still maintains standards and upholds a century-old reputation—Walkthrough the door into the golden lobby decorated with lavish chandleries and be transported into the royal era. Rooms are exquisitely designed with linen sheets, drapes, comfy beds, spacious tub, walking closet, and your very own minibar. 

  1. JW Marriott Nashville
JW Marriott Nashville

Thirty-three floors tall, the Marriott is the crown jewel of the Nashville skyline. Located at 201 8th Ave. S. this global chain of hotels has 570 lavish rooms, presidential suits, wifi, pool, gym, and an in-house spa. Bourbon Sky bar and Michael Mina’s rooftop Bourbon Steak on the rooftop are perfect for dining with a view. As the hotel hosts many high-profile clients, the staff is competent and friendly. A true comforting stay for all is what JW Marriot stands for. 

  1. The Russell
The Russell

Boutique hotels are not affordable for most travels. The Russell, a quaint 23 room hotel, falls in the lower price range. A 115-year-old church was remodeled to build this pristine modern architecture. The interiors are eye-catching, bright put together with fun elements of décor. The rooms are uniquely designed, fully equipped with a heated board, wifi, and a charging station. Check-in happens on the app, and service is limited. There is a communal parking lot just around the corner. Located in East Nashville, Russell is an excellent find for young adventurous travelers. 

  1. Noelle, Nashville, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel
Noelle, Nashville, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

This boutique hotel was remodeled from a 1930 building by talented local artists and architects. It is a truly inspiring piece of modern architecture, the perfect blend of contemporary styles with a vintage aesthetic. A part of the Marriot chain, Noelle is quite spacious, with 224 rooms. The cool and artsy vibe almost makes Noelle look straight out of New York. The Rare Bird rooftop deck and Hidden Bar are the best options for drinking and dining in the hotel. 

  1. Virgin Hotels
Virgin Hotels

If relaxing by the poolside deck overlooking Nashville’s city comprises a good vacation stay, Virgin Hotels is the one to book. There are a total of 262 rooms on this property. All of them have wooden interiors, sliding doors, glass windows, and Music Row Studio’s view. You will find many business travelers or high profiles from Hollywood staying here. Commons Club, a collection of restaurants started by Chef Ryan Lachaine in the hotel, has indeed become one of the most significant selling points for the Virgin Hotel. 

  1. The Fairlane
The Fairlane

Nashville architects have a talent for restoring mid-century buildings. The 1970 structure has its vintage roots combined with modern décor. High ceilings, rustic velvet furniture, floor to roof glass windows make up the interior look. The hotel has 21 rooms, sized differently but put together in a similar minimalistic aesthetic. Mid Way Bar & Grill and Union Teller are the two dining spots you must-try during your stay. 

  1. 21c Museum Hotels
21c Museum Hotels

The 21c is not just a hotel but a piece of art. The clean white space decorated with beautiful paintings is the epitome of calm and serenity. This hotel is undoubtedly top of the pile and hosts the biggest celebrities in town. The Gray & Dudley is a famous bar cum hangout spot for artists. Evenings pass in an instant while appreciating the great portrait and sipping on exotic cocktails.  There are 124 rooms, a spa, gym, pool, plus all other common facilities. 

Best Nightclubs and Bars in Nashville

On vacation, everyone likes to turn up during the night. So partying and drinking is a crucial aspect of any vacation. Nashville is studded with trendy cool nightclubs where you can party till dawn. Here are some of the best ones in the music city. 

  1. Mai

This high-end nightclub is a must-visit spot in downtown Nashville. The music system is throbbing electro music from 10 pm till 3 in the night. The drinks keep flowing, and you can dance away the night in a happy trace. It is an upscale place that adheres to a formal and fancy dress code, so don’t drop wearing flip flops. There is valet parking and VIP seating for the esteemed guests. However, all this luxury clubbing comes with a steep price tag. 

  1. Lipstick Lounge
Lipstick Lounge

Previously designed to be a women’s only lesbian spot, this club is now open to all genders. That change has certainly increased their footfall and popularity as it rose to the top of the Nashville Clubbing scene. It is the perfect place to meet all kinds of people and make friends from different walks of life. There is also an extensive brunch menu featuring burrito, beef boy, and Buffalo wings you can try with cocktail drinks.  

  1.  Tribe

Looking for a gay bar in Nashville? Tribe on Church Street is the place to hit up for queer people. This trendy spot has a friendly crowd that knows how to turn up the party. As the night progresses, the party gets wilder at the Tribe. However, the drinks keep coming fast, and the laid-back crowd gets to the dance floor by 11 pm. The bar is very hospitable to straight people; you can also just come and check out the scene. 

  1. Play dance bar 
Play dance bar 

This bar has a great mix of straights and singles. It is one of the few spots in the city with such a blended, fun atmosphere. Drag shows are particularly popular. It draws a considerable crowd weekly. Bar is enormous and fully equipped to serve the hundreds of party-goers. It is perfect for birthdays and bachelor parties. Indeed any group of friends will have the time of their night partying one night at Play Dance Bar. 

  1. Dirty Little Secret
Dirty Little Secret

The hottest club in Downtown Nashville, this secret spot is hidden behind an alley. However, the music culture and entertainment section have attracted lots of loyal customers. It’s open on Friday and Saturday till 2 am. This club is a property of Dream Hotels which also has other clubs and restaurants located all over the city. So if you want to party on a Thursday, you can hit up Snitch anytime between 6 pm and 2 am. 

  1. Tequila cowboy
Tequila cowboy

For an all-in-one party spot where you can drink, party, and dance, Tequila Cowboy is a perfect choice. It is spacious and has five different dining and drinking areas, all with one roof. The Karma Lounge is another club you can drop by. The music system is high quality, drinks plus there is a separate game room to lounge. Clubs remain open Thursday and Friday till as late as 3 am. 

  1. L.A Jackson
L.A Jackson

The modern Nashville skyline is full of rooftop bars and clubs. The bird’s eye view of the music city makes people flock to high-rise clubs. Jackson rooftop club of Thompson Hotel turns up the party at night. Plenty of drinks, live music, a DJ, and an open dance floor for enjoyment. Located on 401 11th street, is open every day of the week till midnight. Entry is only above 21, and the bouncer sometimes asks for ID. 

  1. Santas Pub
Santas Pub

When in the city of music, you try out Karaoke night once. Many bars host Karaoke, Santa’s Pub is the most fun among all. Beer is very cheap here, so you can chug and sing all night long with your friends. It remains closed only on Monday; the rest of the week, it’s open till 3 am. The cozy and comfortable vibe of this place makes it’s a popular hangout. 

Music Scene in Nashville

Nashville is popularly called the city of music. The multiple recording studios, concerts, festivals, nightclubs, and talents of this city have transformed the scenes. A music lover will find some genuinely inspiring hangout spots here, some of which are listed below. 

  1. 3rd & Lindsley

Established in 1991, Lindsley has been the center of the evolving music scene in Nashville. It hosts some of the biggest music festivals in town. You will find live musicians and concerts here every day of the week. Entry is as cheap as 20 dollars, plus there is plenty of soulful southern food to enjoy. The music is predominantly rocking, with bands and artists like Brassville, Anthony smith, Kurt Stevens playing from time to time. 

  1. The Basement East

Suppose you are in Nashville and a fan of rock music. You can’t miss stopping by Basement. Word of mouth made this club famous, and today it hosts the best talent from Hollywood. Red Clay Strays and Tora Tora are the upcoming features of Basement East. The place also hosts gigs for budding musicians and normal folks to take the stage. The Basement east is the best night hangout for musical souls wandering in Nashville. 

  1. The 5 Spot

5 Spot has a calendar jam-packed with talented performers waiting impatiently for a slot. They host special jam nights on weekends as well. Taco mouth, Pharaohs, Red feather are some popular bands and singers one might catch here. The Mowtown Monday showdown is where you will feel the true southern American spirit. After grooving to high-energy music, grab a bite of poutine, cheese fries, and milkshakes available on the menu. 

  1. The Local

This is the best place for a tourist to meet local people who share your same love for music. There is a fully stocked bar. However, their beer menu is most popular. Daily specials served by the in-house kitchen perfectly pairs with the strong booze. The place also provides a platform for undiscovered local musicians, artists, and writers to showcase their talent on stage. The communal vibe of the music scene makes it even more heartwarming. 

  1. City Winery Nashville

As the name suggests, this place specializes in winemaking. Brunch or dinner is incomplete without a full-bodied wine or fruity mimosa. Especially during vacation, it is good to have fun. Indulge in fine alcohol while listening to live musicians. Drag shows and rapping is also not uncommon to see here. The restaurant, bar cum music lounge is the perfect place to enjoy the nightlife in Nashville. 

  1. Mercy lounge

The club is for people who prefer live artists over DJ mix tracks. The music scene in Nashville is so rich, and you can find almost anything. LED lights, hard alcohol, pool table makes a night at mercy fun-filled and exciting. Hours will pass in minutes at the Cannery Ballroom concerts, where some talented bands play every night. 

  1. Brooklyn Bowl 

It might be named Brooklyn, but this bowling alley-inspired music bar is a unique space on Avenue North Nashville. There is actual bowling, live music, lounge space, food, and drinks. It’s an innovation in the music space also, combining it with arcade games. Both the experience together gives maximum fun and joy to party-goers. Get tickets for live shows on their website and drop in for a night of adventure. 

  1. The Station Inn

Filled with southern bands and music lovers, this place is Nashville in a nutshell. Country music is trendy and local beer disappears from the bar by the time it closes. Most shows begin from 7, and ticket prices are low but fluctuate accruing to an artist. Anybody can participate and showcase their talent at the jam sessions held weekly. 

Fun things to do in Nashville

There is plenty to do and see in Nashville apart from eating and drinking. Walk around, and you will come across many iconic places. There are many tourist spots in Nashville, some of which have been listed. However, this list is far from being exhaustive. 

  1. City night tour

Guided city tours are arranged for tourists to walk around Nashville at night. It is much easier to spot the best places with the help of local guides. The whole tour is 2.5 hours long, which will take you to monumental areas, nooks, and corners. The city looks even prettier during the night when it’s brightly lit up. This night tour is a must have experience for first timers in Nashville. 

  1. Broadway

Every music enthusiast dreams of walking on the Broadway Boulevard. Listen to his or her favorite concert and probably come across anybody famous. All this and more makes Nashville the city for music lovers. Tickets of the Broadway shows sell like hot cakes. If you wish to attend one, arrange for a ticket in advance. Broadway is studded with bars and music lounges, so there are plenty of options to pick from. 

  1. Ryman Auditorium

This auditorium is considered to be a heritage site in Nashville. Truly it is an honor to be able to attend a concert inside this 1970 theatre. It has been remodeled and restored to look brand new and host more gigs in the future. A new band or artists is playing here every week. 

  1. Grand Ole Opry.

Along the Cumberland River, one can find the Grand Ole Opry. Hosting the most renowned talents across the USA, this exclusive auditorium does not list performers till Friday evening. They rarely disappoint, so many tickets also sell in advance. The line up is more or less top notch every week. In the city of Music, where concerts happen everywhere, this place still retains its magical charm and aura. 

  1. Jackson Showboat Dinner Cruise

Dinner cruises on the river aren’t very common; this is the only one you will encounter in Nashville. This cruise boat on Cumberland River offers a fun filled night of food, drinks, music, and dancing. Small tables of 5 to 6 people are laid out, there is a stage, and a full night of entertainment is prepared for guests on board. Under the clear sky with the breeze in your hair, this boat ride is a must have experience. 

  1. Gulch

If you can’t afford upscale places, head over to the Gulch neighborhood. The alleys are full of pocket friend music lounges and bars. The old industrial area has been converted into the latest party spot for broke youngsters. Alcohol and food are very cheap in all the outlets. Little Octopus, Moto, Hops, and Finn & Pearl are best among all of them. 

  1. Sporting Event 

Apart from music, the sports culture in Nashville is quite visible. Being a genuinely southern state, everyone is heavily invested in football. Basketball and Baseball are together the second most popular sports. In Nashville, you can watch practice sessions of local professional teams for free. This includes both soccer and baseball. In addition, Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, and Nashville SC all allow general people to watch them play for free.    

  1. Nashville’s Breweries

Like wine is in Italy, beer is in Tennessee. Nashville has some fantastic local breweries you can visit for beer tasting. Some of them are quite close to the city. The breweries also serve food in their restaurants. It is an exceptional experience in Nashville which produces some of America’s best beer. Black Abbey, Bearded Iris, and Blackstone are some of the most popular breweries in and around the city. 

  1. Special events

Something or the other is always up in Nashville. There isn’t a boring moment in this city. Different kinds of events, apart from musical concerts, take place across the city every week. Red, White & Zoo wine tasting happens every month in July, where drinks and food are served by the best local food trucks. The Cornelia Fort Pickin’ Party, the biggest party of the year, organized for Friends of Shelby, is also just around the corner. 

10. Belcourt Theatre

Spending the evening watching the screening of old Hollywood movies in this 1920 built theatre is considered to be time well spent by many. Away from the bustling noise, this theatre transports the audience back to vintage Hollywood. It surely makes for a romantic date. It also showcases new independent movies by local film makers. So, also a must visit for movie buffs. 


In America, we often think of Californian beaches and Big Apple New York and the only places to see. However, southern cities like Nashville are slowly gaining tourists from across America and even foreign. In addition, big investors have put money here. As a result, the music and travel industries both seem to flourish side by side. 

For business or pleasure, do visit Nashville and enjoy its vibrant nightlife. There is an array of things to do here, some cheap, some expensive. You will also find many gay and lesbian bars in the city. Singing, dancing, and drinking in the city of music is a few days well spent.

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What is the dress code for Nashville bars?

No dress code…. dress as you wish… Honky Tonk CENTRAL is hard to beat for up and coming “live” bands…. offer a decent tip and most bands will play your favorite tune just for you!

Do you have to pay to get into bars in Nashville?

The early sets are usually more acoustic and the late night sets get wild and loud with inebriated patrons (and lots of bachelorettes) dancing into the wee hours. There are no cover charges but BRING CASH to fill the tip buckets for the hard working musicians who are going to entertain you all night long.

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