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A hip-hop club is considered one of the best antidotes to stress because of the bopping music and inviting atmosphere. Nashville is home to some of the hottest establishments dedicated to hip-hop music. They regularly host DJ nights dedicated to the genre given the popularity of the music. You can hang out there with your crew or find one on the dance floor. Hip hop clubs provide a great way to meet new people because this is where all the locals and tourists prefer to spend their weekend nights. We have put together a list of the best places in the city for your convenience.


Your vibe attracts your tribe and at this nightclub you can find like-minded folks to spend your Saturday nights with. Tribe is a contemporary bar and gay night club in Nashville that is very popular with the LGBT community. It has a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, and everyone is welcome as long as they are tolerant of others. There is a wide menu of drinks and food items. You will particularly enjoy the hospitality at Tribe and the bartenders will treat you as one of their own.



Ibiza is one of Nashville’s best salsa club situated right on Hickory Boulevard. The venue boasts a large dance floor which means all the couples have enough room to show off their moves. The club has been around more than a  decade and has built a loyal fan base amongst those who love caliente music. They have special offers on drinks because salsa dancing can make you very thirsty.




Nashville is home to many large-scale night clubs and Bucanas is one of them. It is a spacious club with a great sound system. They usually have a great DJ lined up to play the latest hits and mixtapes. The venue includes a large performance stage and it is also a place you can visit to listen to live music  There space on the dance floor for everyone so you do not have to worry about the crowd. Everyone is there to have a good time and the waiters make sure no one has an empty glass in their hand.

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If you are looking for a good time in Nashville then any one of these hip hop clubs would be your best bet. It is where the biggest party animals in the area congregate because the music more up to their speed. The hip hop clubs generally get a younger crowd because of the kind of music they play but people of all ages are welcome. You can order their specialty cocktails, lounge in the rest areas and enjoy the good old-fashioned Southern hospitality Tennessee is so well-known for.

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