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About Blank Berlin, Guide & Review

About Blank is a nightclub based in Berlin, which can deliver a unique and a one of a kind experience to the guests. During the weekdays, this club is less crowded. However, people start walking into the club during the weekend and you will discover lots of people in it. The building that host About Blank has got two different faces. This is one of the most unique features that you can find in the club.

If you are planning to visit About Blank, you should keep in mind that it has got an extremely strict door policy. Due to the same reason, you might not be able to get into the club at certain instances. For the entrance to club, you will have to make a payment of in between 10 Euros to 15 Euros. The amount varies depending on the program and DJ. The amount you spend for the entrance ticket at About Blank is totally worth when compared to all the fascinating experiences that you can get inside. It can deliver a wonderful experience to you, which you will never forget.

About Blank is among the top three nightclubs that are based in Berlin. Programs are being held inside the club to make the stay more colorful and exciting for the guests. You can find more information about these programs on their website. After getting to know about the programs, you can time your visit and then get to the About Blank club. This can provide you with the chance to enjoy nightlife in Berlin like never before.

About Blank Dress Code Guideline for Men and Women

Let’s accept it. About Blank is a beautiful nightclub. Otherwise, where would you have enjoyed in the lap of nature while living in a commercial city like Berlin? About blank offers you two dancefloors and several lounges in a small forest. You can enjoy nature here. But the only drawback is that they have a dress code, which you need to follow. Today, we will get a brief idea of the dress code through this article. So stay tuned. 

About Blank Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

The dress code for men is not that tough like in most night clubs of Berlin. Collared shirts, jeans, t-shirts are the standard dress code in the About Blank nightclub. There is yet another popular dress code of this nightclub. Slim fit chinos, button-down, and with a blazer are enough to make you look perfect. 

As far as shirts are concerned, men can wear denim shirts and linen shirts to beat the heat inside the nightclub. 

Everyone loves black in Berlin. But this doesn’t mean that you have always to wear black t-shirts. You can wear any other color. Just make sure the t-shirt is bright or dark color and tucked in.

Avoid wearing flip-flops, hats, caps, jersey, jogger, sweatshirts, shorts, etc. People in this nightclub are not allowed to wear sports attire. So, avoid wearing these kinds of attire.

Make sure you look cool and casual. Dress shoes, leather shoes, sneakers, and loafers.  

About Blank Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code is pretty casual here. So you can explore different kinds of partywear. You can wear cocktail dresses or skirts or jeans. There is no problem. 

Although black is the most accepted color in Berlin, you can try out other colors too. Dark colors are well accepted here. But avoid wearing white denim since bouncers may not allow you to enter the nightclub.

A simple t-shirt with jeans and a small jacket can make you look gorgeous. You can also modify this combination a little bit. Wear striped shirts with black chinos. That’s the easiest combination you can adopt. 

Too much effort is not required when it comes to dressing up for most nightclubs of Berlin. 

If you are still confused regarding the dress code, then do one thing. Check out the Instagram and Facebook profile of the nightclub. Find out what kinds of dresses people are wearing. Plus, you can follow fashion blogs to get more ideas.

A few more tips 

Men should wear loafers or dress shoes. They are super comfortable and stylish too. Make sure your shoes are in great condition. Don’t wear old and dirty shoes, anyhow. 

Our Suggestions 

Bouncers are quite strict in this nightclub. So, don’t do anything that irks them. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be fine. Avoid wearing the best outfit you have. Don’t shout or scream or laugh wildly in the nightclub. Keep your smartphone inside your bag as they are not allowed here. You can’t take any pictures or shoot any video here. Respect the ‘no photo please’ tagline sincerely. 

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That's just simply untrue

Rated 1 out of 5
September 25, 2022

Who on this earth dresses up like that to go to AB? Jeans & t-shirt, yes – loafers and blazers?Wtf! Cocktail dressed? You must be kidding! One can come with sneakers and in an adidas’s tracksuit if one pleases. Dirty shoes have never been a problem. I even see some being dressed up in a mosquito tent (not joking!)


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