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Yaam Berlin, Guide & Review

Yaam is an open air club that you will come across in Berlin. It is quite different from the traditional nightclubs. That’s because you will be provided with an enhanced experience at this open air club, when compared to the traditional nightclubs. The Yaam looks back on a 20-year history. Although it was not always home to the Schilling Bridge near Ostbahnhof, it has long been unimaginable from Berlin’s club and music scene.

Bass music and sound system parties regularly take place here, while other evenings are played by reggae, dancehall, hip hop, afro beat or dub artists. In addition to the musical program, the Yaam offers much more: the public sports complex of the Yaam invites children, young people and adults to play basketball or volleyball, there are graffiti workshops or yoga and capoeira courses. This is one of the most prominent reasons why Yaam is quite different from the other nightclubs that you can discover in Berlin. If you want to try that difference, you are strongly encouraged to think about coming to the club.

Location of Yaam is another major reason behind the popularity of it. In other words, it is located directly on top of the banks of River Spree. You will also be able to find train stations in the neighborhood. You can discover original food from the Caribbean region while you are spending your time at Yaam. In addition to that, a large number of events are available for you to engage with and you will never get bored. Soccer, table soccer and table tennis are some of the activities available for you to try. 

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