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Kitkat Club Berlin, Guide & Review

Kitkat Club is a prominent adult nightlife venue based in Berlin. People from all over Europe tend to visit this nightclub and catch all the excitement offered by it. Due to the same reason, you can also think about coming to Kitkat Club to grab what it offers. Back in the year 1994, a pornographic film maker from Australia named Simon Thaur went ahead and started this club. Since then, it is one of the best rated clubs in the region as well.

One of the most prominent features that you can find in Kitkat Club is the strict dress code. You should adhere to this dress code when you are getting into the club. In fact, you will have to wear a dress that is made with high style, kinky, leather, latex, fetish and glamorous features. Inside Kitkat Club, you can find three different dance floors. Along with that, you can also find a dedicated outdoor area, which his paired with a pool. The interiors of the club are perfectly decorated with fluorescent paintings and UV lights. They can enhance the experience that you can get.

In general, Kitkat Club can be considered as a less unruly club available. Most of the guests who walk into Kitkat Club are concerned about enjoying dancing and music. Another prominent feature to note about Kitkat Club is that a considerable number of homosexual men and hetro-sexual men and women prefer to come to Kitkat Club. Due to the same reason, you will be exposed to a super-high diversity at this club.

Kitkat Dress Code Guideline for Men and Women

Kitkat nightclub is widely popular across Europe, mainly due to 2 reasons. The first reason is its techno and trance music. The second reason is its bold theme. Kitkat organizes sex parties where guests can openly get into sexual intercourse. Nudity is common in this nightclub. But even then, the nightclub maintains a strict dress code, which guests have to follow. 

In this post, we will discuss the dress code in detail. 

Kitkat Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

Men need to follow a strict dress code to enter the Kitkat nightclub. The dress code requires them to wear something kinky, high-style, fetish, latex, glamorous, leather, etc. 

Just one suggestion for all the men. Check the theme of the party every night and dress accordingly. Normal dresses don’t work here. They are good for other nightclubs. 

If you want to be completely nude in the nightclub, go ahead. Strip your clothes and groove to the music. No one would be shocked or surprised. It’s a common scenario here. If you wish to wear clothes, then wear something in black. It looks sexy. Plus, the official dress code in Berlin is black. 

Wax your body and keep it clean so that you can flaunt your bare body. If you want, you can wear simple black shorts. 

Kitkat Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

Women should wear revealing outfits here, preferably in latex, because that’s the norm. Anything extravagant is welcome in Kitkat nightclub. 

Fetish suits that don’t leave anything to imagination are accepted here gladly. So women shouldn’t hesitate to reveal their bodies. Guests don’t judge each other here. 

Fetish, leather, or glamorous; these are the three types of dress codes women can follow here. Wear something sparkly in the fetish nights (usually Saturday nights). A latex hot pant is good enough to arrive at the party. You can wear a transparent bralette, but that would be considered as overdressed. 

Wear as little as you can because people don’t want to play hide and seek with clothes. They love to flaunt skin here. 

A word of wisdom 

Since guests are either busy dancing to trance music or having sex in various corners of the nightclub, smartphones and cameras are not allowed here, surely, you wouldn’t want anyone to click pictures when you’re making out with somebody. 

It’s better not to carry coats and big bags as you have to keep everything outside. You can get dressed or undressed in the cloakroom. Don’t feel shy. People are pretty cool here. Plus, they are also doing the same thing – taking off their clothes as fast as they can. 

But do wear nice shoes because that increases the oomph factor. 

Our suggestions 

In spite of being a sex club, the ambience is nice. People respect each other. But if you’re not comfortable with nudity or you’re not interested in shagging, then it’s better not to visit this nightclub. Wear something in latex since you may not get an entry otherwise. And make sure you have someone with you. Otherwise, it may get difficult to enter the nightclub. 

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