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Watergate Berlin, Guide & Review

If you want to enjoy Berlin like never before, Watergate is a great nightclub to visit. You can see people ending up with great memories during the time that is being spent in the Watergate club. If you want to gather such experiences, you can think about paying your visit to the club without having any second thoughts in mind. This club was founded back in 2002. Since then, it has been playing a prominent role in the nightlife scene of Berlin.

When you deep dive and take a look at Watergate, you will notice that it is quite different from the traditional eastern clubs that you can discover in the city. In fact, this club is relatively dark and it can provide you with a down to earth experience. However, you will also be able to get a modern vibe during the time that is being spent in the club.

The location of Watergate has contributed heavily towards the popularity of it. In fact, this nightclub is located directly at the Spree. Therefore, guests will be able to come downstairs dancing and get into the club. Parties at Watergate club take place until early in the morning. Therefore, you can come to Watergate club at night and make sure that you spend your time in it until the morning. You will also be able to get fascinating views from the balcony of this nightclub as well. In fact, you must think about going to the balcony and taking a look at the amazing view of water offered.

Watergate Dress Code Guideline for Men and Women

Watergate is one of the elite nightclubs of Berlin, and the dress code is pretty casual here. If you want to have a good time in this nightclub, then make sure you follow the dress code. Otherwise, you’ll be turned away from Watergate, like many others.

And one more thing, don’t even dare to enter the nightclub if you’re less than 21 years old. No matter how much you plead, you won’t be allowed in this nightclub. 

Watergate Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

As it has been already mentioned, the dress code of this nightclub is pretty casual. Make sure you wear at least t-shirts, jeans, and trainers before entering the nightclub. 

If you’re visiting Berlin for the first time, it’s quite normal to not know about the official dress code of the Watergate nightclub. But let me tell you that the official dress code of Watergate nightclub is any casual attire, preferably in black color.  

By casual dress code, I don’t mean that you should wear beachwear or something in latex. You should also avoid wearing any sportswear. This includes jersey, shorts, sports shoes, joggers, track jackets, hats, caps, etc. 

There was no need to wear business suits or look to fancy. Just try to be neutral and decent. 

As far as shoes are concerned, you can wear sneakers or dress shoes. 

Watergate Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

Like men, women should also adopt a casual dress code. This means they can wear t-shirts, jeans, and trainers. That’s it. Some women wear tank tops, and that is also allowed. 

Avoid wearing a monokini or a bikini or shorts. This is not a beach club or sex club. Wear anything that is considered as young and cool. 

Don’t wear sports attire here. Like men, you should avoid wearing jerseys, shorts, sports shoes, etc.

Black is the most respected color in Berlin. It’s the safest color. Whenever you have any doubt, opt for something in black. There is no need to be decked up like a doll wearing heels. That is not required here. 

Bouncers have the last word. Last week, bouncers didn’t allow a woman to enter the nightclub since she was wearing a torn white top and ripped shorts. 

Few tips for both men and women 

  • Avoid wearing offensive clothes
  • Avoid carrying drugs in your bags
  • Avoid wearing big junk jewelry if you’re a man 
  • Avoid quarreling with bouncers
  • Avoid behaving loudly in the nightclub
  • Keep your dress code simple but stylish 

Our Suggestions

If you need more ideas on the dress code of Watergate nightclub, then check out their Facebook page. There are many photos of the DJs playing live music, and the guests grooving to music. You can get a good idea from those pictures. 

If you’re new to this country and bouncers, create any problem, then speak a few phrases in German. That would do the trick. Bouncers may happily allow you to get in. 

Enjoy the great music and lovely ambience of this nightclub. 

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