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B72 Vienna, Guide & Review

Located at Hernalser Gürtelbogen 72-73, B72 shines bright through the night in the city of Vienna. This place welcomes the crowd from all walks of life because we believe that fun should be available to all of us. Are you a music lover? If yes then B72 is just the right place for you. We are notoriously famous for our live music performances. Drinks, music, and the lit ambiance makes the heavenly combo for those who really want to live their nights to the fullest.
The ambiance of this place is quite calm and intimate. This is a not-so-huge place with an exclusive environment that instills a feeling of immense closeness and connectivity within you. The strong hues of the lighting system along with the gorgeous gleaming disco lights create a mystical atmosphere to enjoy live music while sipping on your drinks. the bar has an extensive range of drinks to serve a massive crowd. drinks are available at extremely reasonable prices. Don’t stop yourself from drinking away the night and swaying on the music beats. Our concerts act as the best remedy to cleanse your mind off the tiredness and qualms.
Through Wednesday till Saturday, we stay open. Since 1998, we have won our visitor’s heart. We bet once you have stepped through the entrance door, you will get to experience the kind of fun that makes you addictive. And you are gonna wanna come back over and over again here. The bartenders are highly professional, they always serve you with the right drink along with a generous smile on their faces. If you prefer to enjoy open-air seating we also have that at B72. Drink along while you cherish our lavish outdoor seating.
So, are you still thinking about where to go for your next night out? B72 has it all for you. Don’t miss out on a lovely night happening now at B72.

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