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Baltic Room Seattle, Guide & Review

Baltic Room is the most iconic nightclub that you can discover in Seattle. Any person who wants to get a fascinating experience at a nightclub in Seattle can think about visiting Baltic Room. This nightclub is strategically located in the gateway to Capitol Hill. This can contribute a lot towards the overall experience that you will be able to receive at the night club. You can find dancing, drinks,. Live music from DJs and guest performances of many local talents on a typical night that you spend in Baltic Room. The nightclub is open from Thursday to Saturday and you can walk in at any given time you want and grab the most experiences out of what is offered.

At the center of Baltic Room, you can discover an intimate dancing floor. It is the main reason why this is being called as the most iconic dance club in the region. Around the dance floor, you can find booth seating areas. There is a VIP balcony in the bar as well. Along with that, you can find two bars. You will be provided with great drinks in both these bars. Visuals and lights found in the Baltic Room would complement the overall experience that you will get at Baltic Room. Therefore, it can provide a unique nightlife experience to anyone who is in Seattle.

Another great feature that you can find in Baltic Room is the availability of events. A large number of events are available for the guests to take part and enjoy throughout the year. You just need to locate what event is available on the night that you are planning to visit and go ahead with it to grab the most exciting experiences out of your stay.

Baltic Room Seattle Dress Code Guide

If you want to hear the best music in Seattle from the renowned DJs, then look nowhere than Baltic room nightclub. It has been offering excellent live music for the last 16 years. If you go on a Friday night with a friend, you can easily find a local DJ entertaining you with their enchanting music.

The nightclub beams with fun and entertainment. It offers everything that a youngster needs on a Friday night. And, this is why it is so popular.

Baltic room ranks amongst the elite nightclubs of Seattle, and has a dress code guidelines which varies from event to event. But in general, the nightclub has a set of rules and regulations, which everyone has to follow.

Baltic Seattle Dress Code for the Ladies

Party dresses are allowed. You can wear designer dress or a gown here. If you have a fetish for skirts, then go ahead and wear them.

Tank tops are completely prohibited here. Bikinis or any kind of beach attire is also not allowed here. But that makes sense. You’re not going to any beach party. Are you?

Distressed clothes will only bring distress in this nightclub. So it’s better that you give up your affinity for ripped jeans and shirts.

Heels are usually the safest choice when it comes to shoes. So look at the newly launched stilettos and buy a good one for you. Choose something that is trendy and comfortable because you have to dance throughout the night.

Are backpacks allowed here?

There is no definitive answer to this question because nothing has been updated in the official website. But usually, it’s recommended to not carry backpacks here.

Fashionable and trendy clutch are a good option for the ladies. For men, it’s best to not carry any bag.

Are gym attire allowed here?

The Baltic room nightclub doesn’t allow gym attire inside the nightclub. You can’t wear gym clothes and shoes here.

Baltic Seattle Dress Code for the Gents

For men, collared shirts and jeans are the safest bet. Dress shoes are good. Branded watches are also accepted. But baseball caps aren’t allowed. Basically, the so called athletic attire is not acceptable here. So jerseys, sneakers, leather boots, shorts, joggers, track jackets, etc. are not accepted here.

Baggy clothes or oversized clothes are not allowed. So don’t wear loose jeans or shirts or t-shirts.

Clothes that disrespect any community or race are not acceptable here. So if you have any t-shirt that has any offensive logo or tagline or pictures, then avoid wearing it here.

The most popular color combination is black collared shirt with blue denim. Anyone can look dashing and young wearing this dress.

Our Suggestions

The dress code guidelines at the Seattle’s iconic nightclub is different for the celebs. In general, they can wear anything. No one will ever utter a word. But for the commoners, dress code guidelines are stringent, and they are compelled to follow them.

The nightclub management has the sole power to make the final decision. They can allow or deny anybody. So be careful.

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