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Q Nightclub Seattle, Guide & Review

Q Nightclub is a venue that is dedicated to offer a better nightlife experience to all the guests who walk in. If you are interested in getting such an experience at your own pace, you are strongly encouraged to pay a visit to Q Nightclub as well. The Q Nightclub is open for the guests to visit on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. All you have to do is to pay a visit to the nightclub and you will be provided with a rewarding experience at the end of the day. Therefore, you will appreciate the decision that you took in order to come to the nightclub as well.

At Q Nightclub, you can expect to hear a broad variety of music genres at night. They include hip hop music and dance music as well. If you want to get specific information about what is playing at night, you are strongly encouraged to take a look at the events calendar. It will help you to get a better overall understanding about what is available at the venue and what you can get.

In most of the nights at Q Nightclub, you will be able to receive a cover as well. Or else, you can also take a look at the website and get to know about the advance sale price. Another great thing about Q Nightclub is that there is no strict dress code, which you have to follow or adhere to. This can provide you with the chance to experience the nights at your own pace.

Q Nightclub Seattle Dress Code Guide

Do know what makes Q nightclub of Seattle so different from the rest of the night clubs other than its unique name? Well, it’s their dress code guidelines. You will be amazed to know that barring a few clothes, almost everything is allowed in this nightclub.

Ah! What a relief for the club hoppers. They don’t have to spend a fortune on their dresses. Plus, they don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror to look good.

Q  Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Like men, women of Seattle are immensely lucky as they can wear pretty much anything. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they would roam in the nightclub wearing nothing.

They are free to wear dresses and skirts as per their body type. In addition to that,
they can also wear tops and jeans.

Flip flops and sandals are not allowed in this nightclub. Heels are appreciated and respected here. So buy a nice pair of heels from a branded store tomorrow itself. Don’t worry about the price since you’re not required to buy expensive and fashionable clothes for the party.

Can you carry bags or backpacks?

It’s better to avoid carrying backpacks in the nightclub. And, even if you’re carrying a backpack and the doormen allow you, you should be extremely careful. Don’t carry dangerous weapons like swords, guns, and knives. Don’t carry any kinds of arms inside your bag. Other than harmful weapons, you shouldn’t carry toys. No matter how much you enjoy playing with toys, others may not equally enjoy them. And, if they raise objections when you’re playing with your toy, you can’t help but keep it outside the nightclub.

Avoid carrying any outside beverages also. They don’t entertain this.

One more point. You can’t carry costumes in the bag. The doormen won’t allow you. If you wish to dress nice, make sure you dress accordingly in your home only.

Q Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Men can wear anything inside the nightclub. There is no restriction. But they can’t wear any offensive clothes. This includes shirts or t-shirts with offensive pictures or logos or quotes. The clothes shouldn’t promote or disrespect any political party or a community or a race.

The clothes should be neat and clean. They shouldn’t be dirty by any means. Besides, men can’t wear distressed jeans or shirts or anything else. They can’t wear ripped t-shirts or jeans.

It’s best not to wear beach attire in this nightclub. The official website of the Q nightclub has not said anything on it. Still, you shouldn’t wear it. You’ll look like a comic amid the crowd.

Our Suggestions 

The official twitter account of the Q nightclub says that they don’t have any dress code. But this is not completely true. There are a few clothes that you can’t wear in this nightclub. Plus, there is a coat check for $3 per item. So don’t even think of carrying drugs or illegal medicines inside your coat. If you get caught, you can very well find yourself inside a jail.

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