Beach/Day Clubs in Barcelona

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best beach/dayclubs in Barcelona. (More in-depth further below)

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If you’re searching for a place to chill in the sun at the beach by day, but want to dance and party at night, then you’ll have to check out the beach clubs in Barcelona. Most of the clubs on the beach are also restaurants, so you can enjoy your dinner there and then just move to the dancing part of the club. Barcelona has some amazing clubs by the beach that are a “must go” for everyone who is visiting this wonderful city. In these Barcelona nightclubs, you will find the best music, the best people, and the best cocktails. 
Here are some of the best beach bars, clubs and chiringuitos in the Catalan capital. Vai Moana, Boo, Chiringuito Begay, Salt Beach Club, The Coconut Club, Chiringuito Begay,La Guingueta de la Barceloneta, Café del Mar Club,  Opium Barcelona, Shoko Barcelona, CDLC Barcelona, Eclipse – Hotel W, Bogatell Beach, Barceloneta Beach, Nova Icària, Mar Bella, Sant Sebastià, Nova Mar Bella, Somorrostro, Llevant, Sant Miguel, Castelldefels, Ocata and Sitges’ Beaches.

1. Opium Barcelona

Are you addicted to Opium, already? That same heavy-scented, reddish-brown, addictive drug which is an instant narcotic. Some of you must have while others not. However, our ‘Opium’ nightclub is a place which everyone will surely get addicted to after visiting it for once. Opium is an enchanting place to be at. Every night, there is a plethora of wonderful chic and sublime crowd from all over the world. 

2. Pacha Barcelona

Pacha, located at a unique and privileged site in a first row right in front of the sea, is one of the most paramount leisure areas of the city. It is one of the most admired and well-known clubs around the world. It is open every day throughout the week and brings the most famous national and international musicians, DJ’s, and artists to play and perform. Lighting and ambiance are beyond perfect. Here, you will get to meet the locals as well as visitors around the globe. 

3. Shoko Barcelona

Open every night of the week, Shoko Club, Barcelona is known for hosting some of the most eventful after parties filled with celebrities and VIPs of international standards. Every night at Shoko is completely unique, original and full of surprises. The décor of the venue is one of the first striking things about Shoko; a Japanese fusion inspired restaurant and one of the hottest clubs in Spain. The second striking thing about Shoko is that there is a different event every single night of the year.

4. Catwalk Barcelona

One venue; three ambiences. Catwalk Club, Barcelona is the perfect elixir of beauty, passion, taste and style. Located at the mysterious enclave in Marina Village, Barcelona, Catwalk Club attracts the chicest of crowds of the city with its whiffs of elegance and standard. With a carnival theme party, Catwalk has 3 different rooms set perfectly for different moods and needs.

In Conclusion

Parties at these beach clubs are the perfect place for meeting new people and having fun with trendy music in a relaxing atmosphere in their open area terrace.

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