Beach/Day Clubs in Mallorca

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best beach/dayclubs in Mallorca. (More in-depth further below)

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The beach clubs in Mallorca are famous for their luxurious surroundings and second to none service. A day at one of these resorts is a day full of pampering and fun.
There are a whole range of fantastic beach clubs on the island so we’ve put together a list of the best Beach and day clubs in Mallorca: Nikki Beach, Calvia Beach Resort, Mood Beach & Restaurant, Portals Nous, Nassau Beach Club, Palma, Nikki Beach, Calvia Beach Resort, Nassau Beach Club, Palma, Virtual Club, Mhares Sea Club, Pabisa Beach Club and Zhero Beach Club.

1. Besaya Beach Mallorca

The place where the sun, sea, beach, and sky are associated with innovative and avant-garde food in order to create a unique and exclusive experience for your senses. Situated meters away from the beach, nearby Puerto Banus, and overlooking the seafront of Marbella – Besaya Beach is an archetypal Mediterranean cuisine with the specialization in nouvelle cuisine.

2. Purobeach Palma Mallorca 

Purobeach Club brings a lot to cheer up your mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Situated on Palma beach, this place is all about elegance and customer satisfaction. We know exactly what you are seeking. The fun and the magical ambience you want to surround yourself with will be found here at Purobeach club. You can begin your day with meditation and yoga exercises in the white beachy atmosphere followed by a proper breakfast. Afternoons shine with the music booming from the DJ’s fine sound system.

3. Nikki Beach Mallorca

Nikki Beach considered one of the best day time party venues. This iconic club resides on a wonderful white of Mallorca; Calvia Beach. The club overlooks the Isla de saPorrassa from across the beach. For celebrations in the full swing, Nikki Beach is the perfect place. Plush lounge beds, plenty of options for drinks and cocktails, amazing DJ, sunny atmosphere and much more awaits you at the Nikki Beach. Give yourself a treat by bringing yourself to this very place and experience the atmosphere that defines what heavenly would feel like.

4. Ponderosa Beach Mallorca 

Ponderosa beach club is notorious for its being highly rated beach club, it is located on the beautiful beach of Playa de Muro. This a beach club-cum-restaurant and has all the essentials needed to spark the fun in day time clubbing. The club has the look which takes on the beholders and leaves them mesmerized. The bleached wood and the rustic furnishing make this place perfect to go with the beach environment. Besides the beachy atmosphere, the boutique hotel is another major characteristic of this place. The modernity and the messiness of your feet being in sand blend perfectly to create an exceptionally wonderful ambience.

In Conclusion

The views from these vertiginous properties must be pretty awesome.

Mallorca beach clubs satisfy those who seek to lie in the sun relaxed away from the sand as well as those who prefer to dance and enjoy the atmosphere of the island at night. 

Most of them offer a beach atmosphere with a bar, restaurant, pool and fun parties with live music every night during the summer. Some even claim to be the most luxurious and exclusive establishments on the island.

If you want to know the best beach clubs in Mallorca you are in the right place.

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