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About Mallorca

Mallorca, otherwise known as Majorca, is the largest Island on the Balearic Islands, the part of Spain, located near the Mediterranean Sea. Like the other Balearic Islands, Mallorca is also a famous tourist holiday destination. The Island is known for its late-night activities and beautiful views and is known for its beach resorts, limestone mountains and Roman remains that bring back its past.

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Deia is the oldest and the most enchanting village in Mallorca, which has honey-colored stone cottages on a hilltop. Many famous writers lived here with the likes of Robert Graves, who used to live here. The place is wonderful to explore and is one of the best ways to spend your night because Deia is so peaceful and known as the rich and famous hideout. You can also visit and discover the home of Robert and explore the narrow streets.

Arty Arta

It is one of the oldest towns in Mallorca, if not the oldest with Bronze age ruins. The city is known for its beautiful views and gives the tourist the chance to explore the town. It’s a great way to spend your night in the city while exploring one of the oldest towns. Arty Arta also allows the tourists to witness the ruins of the 16th century and the Bronze age, which keeps you excited. Visit Arty Arta with your friends and family to enjoy a great night full of knowledge.

Party at the BCM Planet Dance

The club is known as the largest nightclub in Mallorca and is also nominated as the 5th best nightclub in Mallorca. The complex is split into three floors, including the main room, Vip area, and a big terrace to smoke. The bar is one of the best ways to spend your night in the city, and BCM Planet Dance makes sure you and your friends are having a good time. The DJs play party tunes all night, and every type of drink is available for the customers. 

Tito’s Nightclub

Tito’s nightclub is one of the oldest and most popular nightclubs in Mallorca and gives a home-like feeling. The lounge is open nearly every day of the week, which is a plus sign for you and your friends as you won’t have to worry about it being closed. It also gives the old pub feelings, and Tito’s club is well known in the city as it’s a home-like feeling for the customers who could also enjoy football matches on the Tv while drinking with friends.

Mallorca Cathedral

It’s one of the most famous places to visit when you come to Mallorca because of its beauty and the views the area offers. It also takes the tourist back to the times when Romans were in charge. It started building in 1229 but finished in 1601. If you want to spend your evening in a good way then visiting the Mallorca Cathedral is the right place to stay with your friends and family as you could learn a lot about the Citys past and how the older people used to live. It’s a Gothic-style Church which takes the visitors back to the past. And is located in Palma.

Ecohotel and Spa Monnaber Nou

It lies between the mountains and the Sierra of Tramontana’s sea and is one of the most beautiful hotels in the city because of its old Majorcan style. It provides comfort to the customers and includes swimming pools and food services, making it easier for the customer to rest and enjoy their activities without going somewhere else. Ecohotel and Spa Monnaber Nou are the best Hotels to stay the night with your friends and family.


Mallorca is well known for its nightlife and luxury lifestyle, and there are many activities for you to enjoy both day and night. You could enjoy it in the world’s 5th best nightclub or visit the Cathedral with your friends and family. You could also rest at one of the world’s best hotels. Mallorca is one the best tourist attraction places because of its beautiful views and pretty places.