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Purobeach Palma Mallorca


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Purobeach Palma Mallorca, Guide & Review

Purobeach Club brings a lot to cheer up your mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Situated on Palma beach, this place is all about elegance and customer satisfaction. We know exactly what you are seeking. The fun and the magical ambience you want to surround yourself with will be found here at Purobeach club. You can begin your day with meditation and yoga exercises in the white beachy atmosphere followed by a proper breakfast. Afternoons shine with the music booming from the DJ’s fine sound system.

Amidst the music and drinks, you can lounge on the sunbeds that always await you in the terrace area. What else would one be needing to make their afternoon brighter? The terrace provides a magnificent view of the sea, which successfully adds to the magic in the environment. From the bar on the terrace, you can get drinks of your own choice and you can also have lunch from our restaurant which also offers brunch on Sundays.

As the afternoon dissolves into the evening, the place looks even more exotic. Drinks, dancing, and music are all you will have in the evening and until the late hours of the night. Days and evenings can be more relaxing with the special spa treatment offered at Purobeach. You have every right to indulge yourself in the right kind of fun awaiting you at the Purobeach club.

Sunsets are something to behold and relish in at the Purobeach club. This is a place which casts its spell on you and you’ll be left mesmerized and immersed in the fun and entertainment. This place is not just a club but it represents a concept, portrays a lifestyle. Offering the visitors the services like drinks, food, terrace, sea view, pool, and the treatments, this place is all about you, your entertainment, and comfort.

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