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Club NL Mallorca, Guide & Review

Club NL is amongst one of the greatest known clubs at Mallorca. The club was built in 2017 but have gained quick fame and all because of its capability to live up to the clubbing culture in Mallorca. This place has always been popular for keeping its special sense of partying alive. The party lovers come here regularly as the place stays open all days of the week and the fun keeps everyone moving and dancing till the dawn arrives.

Club NL has some of the most talented DJs who occasionally play the music in collaboration with the guest DJs visiting the place. Johnny 500, Freddy Moreira, Afro Bros, Daisy, Yung Felix, Brooklyn, Biggi, Warface, Lady Bee, Saint Liz, and PuinhoopKollektiv are some of the regular DJs at Club NL. These DJs have never disappointed the crowd, instead, they have always brought up the beats and the music which revives everyone’s mood and fills them with enthralling energy. The DJs here help you live up to the fun.

This place offers its visitors two flavors of the ambience, as it offers an open-air festival which is usually held in daytime and partiers totally love to come to this. The bars here offer a broad range of quality drinks which every dancing and soulful partiers would need to stay in the game till the night lasts. Those who are visiting Mallorca should never miss the chance to visit Club NL. This place brings the most refreshing kind of fun and delight to your nights which would never be found anywhere else, we promise.

The DJs making soulful, electrifying music, the lights, the dazzling ambience, and the crowd; are these enough to brighten up your nights. Come any night of the week and we will serve you with all the promised fun and amenities.

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