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Besaya Beach Mallorca, Guide & Review

The place where the sun, sea, beach, and sky are associated with innovative and avant-garde food in order to create a unique and exclusive experience for your senses. Situated meters away from the beach, nearby Puerto Banus, and overlooking the seafront of Marbella – Besaya Beach is an archetypal Mediterranean cuisine with the specialization in nouvelle cuisine.

Everything in Besaya Beach is designed and decorated to create a reclining, enveloping, and relaxing atmosphere. The ambiance is best fitted to enjoy the delight of eating. The gourmet corner extends the most paramount menu of the exquisite palates. Dining in Besaya Beach is truly a delightful experience for your senses. Colors, textures, flavors, and odors are all mixed in every dish for your delectable gastronomic experience. Seafood, fish, vegetables, and meat from the basic pillars of the Mediterranean cuisine are accompanied by the fresh seasonal fruits, olive oil, a host of condiments and spices. Both traditional and moderns dishes are on offer. The chefs at Besaya Beach Club and Restaurant take the traditional cuisine to a whole new level, making the food more delicate and lighter, giving utmost importance to the presentation and appearance of each dish. The cocktails list is par excellence.

In addition to the paramount dining, Besaya Beach Club extends the best events and parties of the town. The management believes that nothing could be better to create a reclining and enveloping atmosphere than a piece of good chillout music. So, you will get to enjoy the best music from the best musicians and DJs at Besaya Beach. What more you can wish for after having an ultimate beach experience with the lavish atmosphere and best cuisine.? So, wait not a single more moment to gift yourself one of the most precious moments of your life. The moments that you will fail to forget ever.

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