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Varadero Mallorca, Guide & Review

Varadero, a place where magical vibes reside and those who seek tranquility and moments of peace certainly need to visit this place. What’s eccentric about this place is it’s constructed on a raised platform and you’d feel like you are on the boat deck and the boat is floating amidst the sea. The exceptional location accounts for the magic this place contains besides the excellent services provided here. While you dine here, you can behold the sea extended before you and the ripples being generated on the surface of the sea. Isn’t that just magical?

There, you can choose to dine between indoor and outdoor dining area. You will be served with the drinks of your taste which you can select from the broad-ranging drinks menu we have. At the mornings and the afternoons, you can satiate your appetite with the breakfast and lunch at the Varadero, correspondingly. Events of any sort are organized at this place. The infinite possibilities of combinations are offered for the events. Bring your event idea to us and we are all yours to organize this event in a fabulous manner.

Varadero believes in updating its services and keeping up with the expectations and needs of the visitors. This is why we are providing the services which are personalized for our every client. As the night falls, the majestic Palma Cathedral standing across the Varadero becomes a view that would never be missed by any individual who has the slightest aesthetic sense. G&T drinks after the dinner would lift the feeling of delight and tranquility.

Everything about this place embodies the style, elegance, and modernity. The opening hours for Fridays and Saturdays are from 9:00 am to 3:00 am. On Sundays, it stays open from 9:00 am till 00:00 am and the opening hours from Monday to Thursday would be the same as for Sundays.

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