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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Mallorca

1. Banana Club Mallorca

Banana Club, Alcudia’s club which let their customers have ultimate fun. It’s been more than a decade now the bar has kept serving the partiers with the fun they have wanted to have. The club opens at 22:30 pm while the party starts after a little while. Until the party starts, you can indulge yourself at the bars in the surrounding places. We open at 22:30 pm and keep partying till the clock says 6:00 am. This is the place where your nights will be spent well surrounded with only fun.

2. Bar Abaco Mallorca

Abaco, one of its kind bar, was inaugurated in 1982. Its peculiar interior is the manifestation of the Baroque Period. Abaco gets the most visitor than any of the bars in the Centre of Palma de Mallorca’s old town.

3. BCM Planet Dance

Love to dance? If yeah, then BCM Planet Dance is a place you must never miss. The place is known for the best in-house DJs and also for featuring the famous guest DJs. Tim Westwood, Dj Sammy, Dj Lottie, Miss Behavin´, Judge Jules, and many more express their magic with the music which tricks every visitor at BCM Planet Dance into at delighted, dancing entity. The top performers in the summer months mainly entail Tine Tempah and Fatboy Slim, Example, and Labrinth.

4. Besaya Beach Mallorca

The place where the sun, sea, beach, and sky are associated with innovative and avant-garde food in order to create a unique and exclusive experience for your senses. Situated meters away from the beach, nearby Puerto Banus, and overlooking the seafront of Marbella – Besaya Beach is an archetypal Mediterranean cuisine with the specialization in nouvelle cuisine.

5. Boomerang Club Mallorca

Located right in the middle of the MCP clubs on the famous Magaluf strip, Boomerang has established its name as one of the most popular and busiest clubs in the resort. You are assured to have once-in-a-lifetime night experience with a diverse music policy that suits all the tastes. The venue is famous for residents and world-class international guest PAs, DJs, as well as live acts ongoing all summers.

6. Carwash Club Mallorca

Are you up for some amazing experience and the night that you haven’t had in your life? If yes is your answer, then you certainly need to come to Carwash Club which is not recommended for the mild ones but the wild ones. The paint parties and the foam parties often happen there and are something that is worth attending. If some place could be called the thumping beat of the Magalluf Strip, that place would have been Carwash Club.

7. Club NL Mallorca

Club NL is amongst one of the greatest known clubs at Mallorca. The club was built in 2017 but have gained quick fame and all because of its capability to live up to the clubbing culture in Mallorca. This place has always been popular for keeping its special sense of partying alive. The party lovers come here regularly as the place stays open all days of the week and the fun keeps everyone moving and dancing till the dawn arrives.

8. Garito Café Mallorca 

Garito Café, a name that could have been the true synonym of ‘versatility’. Not only has its versatility made it special but the fabulous location at which it resides also makes it a peculiar one among the bars and clubs of Mallorca. Garito resides at the PasseigMaritim’s western end in the small marina of Can Barbara. Garito Café serves the purpose of a bar, a restaurant, and a club at the same time.

9. Keops Disco Mallorca 

In the north of Mallorca, one of the most awe-inspiring and splendid nightclubs is Keops Disco. It is a double-story venue with 5 beverage and cocktail bars, a furnished rooftop, and a dance floor to chill out. Famous for being home to the top-notch electronic music, which extends a true ethos of the city is Keops Disco. Great sound, great atmosphere, great lineup, and great ambiance are the most acclaimed attributes of Keops Disco.

10. Lunita Mallorca 

Lunita is considered as one of the best bars and nightclubs in Palma de Mallorca. Opens from 11 in the night till 4 in the morning – Lunita plays the most paramount house and techno music. Lunita has established its name as one of the excellent nightspot venues for a chillout night in Palma. It is surrounded by the larger nightclubs and bars. Come and explore Lunita to get a buzz out of the true ethos of Mallorca nightlife! What more one can wish for!

11. Mega Park Mallorca 

Wanna have a party under the sun of Mallorca? Come to Mega Park where mornings start with the zest at its fullest in the beer garden. It is the biggest beer garden you would have ever seen anywhere; located on over 55,000 square meters area. Each day starts off with the energetic performances from the best Deejays. Themed parties are peculiar and one of a kind, plus themes change every day to take the partiers on a new fun-ride every day. The days dissolve into the evenings with even more fun elements that include the different styled music, performances, and animations.

12. Menta Disco Mallorca

Menta Disco, the night club with many possibilities, awaits all the party-revelers but the most famous thing about the club is its dedication towards music. The club has seven bars that are enough to serve a larger crowd at the club. The bars are positioned all over the whole place which allows easier access to the drinks. The easily accessible locations of the bars let you grab drinks whenever you feel thirsty and without missing out on anything from the party.

13. Nikki Beach Mallorca

Nikki Beach considered one of the best day time party venues. This iconic club resides on a wonderful white of Mallorca; Calvia Beach. The club overlooks the Isla de saPorrassa from across the beach. For celebrations in the full swing, Nikki Beach is the perfect place. Plush lounge beds, plenty of options for drinks and cocktails, amazing DJ, sunny atmosphere and much more awaits you at the Nikki Beach. Give yourself a treat by bringing yourself to this very place and experience the atmosphere that defines what heavenly would feel like.

14. Olivia Valere Mallorca

This is the place to party if you want an Arabian Nights theme in Marbella. The place is well decorated with amazing interiors, terraces and gardens. The music and drinks are to die for. The Babilonia Restaurant is beside the Olivia Valere. This is country’s one of the most graceful and stylish venues for fun lovers all around the globe.

15. Pirates Adventure Mallorca 

If you have a thing for pirates then Pirates Adventure should be visited by you. For the past 3 decades, Pirates Adventure Show has been presenting their world-class acrobatics, elegant dancing, and thrill-infusing gymnastics to their enormous audience. You can always reserve your tickets prior for any day.

16. Ponderosa Beach Mallorca 

Ponderosa beach club is notorious for its being highly rated beach club, it is located on the beautiful beach of Playa de Muro. This a beach club-cum-restaurant and has all the essentials needed to spark the fun in day time clubbing. The club has the look which takes on the beholders and leaves them mesmerized. The bleached wood and the rustic furnishing make this place perfect to go with the beach environment. Besides the beachy atmosphere, the boutique hotel is another major characteristic of this place. The modernity and the messiness of your feet being in sand blend perfectly to create an exceptionally wonderful ambience.

17. Purobeach Palma Mallorca 

Purobeach Club brings a lot to cheer up your mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Situated on Palma beach, this place is all about elegance and customer satisfaction. We know exactly what you are seeking. The fun and the magical ambience you want to surround yourself with will be found here at Purobeach club. You can begin your day with meditation and yoga exercises in the white beachy atmosphere followed by a proper breakfast. Afternoons shine with the music booming from the DJ’s fine sound system.

18. R33 Mallorca 

In the heart of Mallorca – a home to quality electronic music that is true to the ethos of the city is R33 Mallorca located in the most paramount location in Palma. Great lineup, great sound, and great atmosphere are the most famed attributes of R33 Mallorca. The music scene is unique and one-of-a-kind in R33 Mallorca. From breakbeat,

19. Sea Soul Beach Club Mallorca

Situated on a desirable location overlooking the sea – Sea Soul Beach Club and Restaurant, Marbella is nothing less than an exotic oasis. Sea Soul invites you to relax, unwind, and recline in an exclusive environment on the shore of Marbella. The venue is ideal where you will be fascinated and dazzled by the sea views, a pool of azure waters, the solarium, and the unique and exclusive decor, which invites you to spend your days and nights with all the luxuries and comfort.

20. Social Night Club Mallorca

Social Club Mallorca will redefine the meaning of your nightclubbing. The club has a modern touch in theatre with also keeping the culture of city clubs alive in a perfectly balanced blend. Social has all the necessary ingredients to spice up your summer nights. Themed nights parties are the specialty of this place and each night, a new theme is introduced. So, every night Social is a brand-new place with brand-new atmosphere to have a totally new experience of fun.

21. Stage at BH Mallorca

Stage at BH Mallorca is arguably the most unique, exciting, and exotic, place to be seen and stay in Magaluf. Magaluf is known to be the party capital around the world as in having the world’s first and foremost Water Park with giant jacuzzis, wave pool, and 9 knuckle slides. Hotel BH Mallorca extends the true ethos of the exception that Mallorca has to offer.

22. Tito’s Mallorca

Since 1923, Tito’s has been serving the partiers and given its ancientness and standard, it has gained fame internationally. Tito’s also brags about bagging a merit award Silver Medal for tourism.

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