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Beate Uwe Berlin, Guide & Review

Beate Uwe is a techno club that you can discover in Berlin. If you are a lover of techno music and if you want to enjoy it with like-minded guests, you are strongly encouraged to visit Beate Uwe. Celebrating at Beate Uwe feels like you’ve just landed in your neighborhood pub in the middle of a birthday party. The Beate Uwe is a small club and warm up place for party nights for old and new friends. Recently there was a Vietnamese karaoke bar. The whole weekend is reserved for electronic music, only at special events you also go in the direction of hip hop or similar form.

The location can only be recognized at second glance. In the middle of a skyscraper area, near Alexanderplatz, you will find this pearl. The club can boast to be a small cuddly oasis, with nice staff, so rather rare in the Berlin club landscape. Actually the cozy twin of the Golden Gate. The two stores should have a guest exchange agreement. In the club you can expect a floor and a chill out room in the 70s style.

The Beate Uwe was founded in 2014 by Javid Ansar and Sam Öncel. In the 2000s, both became known for their alternative electro and minimal underground parties “Lovelounge”, about which or the interested parties only heard by hearsay. A Miss Kittin and a Sven Marquadt were always there at that time, but rather unknown, so all that happened in the times before Berghain and Facebook. It is natural for Javid not to worry about trends, just to follow his feelings. With the club near the Jannowitz Bridge in the Schillingstraße you can still find exactly what Berlin has been known for since the 1990s. An atmosphere with the finest electronic is the main reason behind the popularity of this nightclub.

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