Best 24 Bars in Chicago

Are you on the lookout for the most entertaining Bars in Chicago?

Then we have you covered!

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Are you looking to discover the best bars in Chicago?
Then we have you covered!
On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of all the bars in Chicago. (More in-depth further below). And, each with why it’s best to go.
Feel free to check out each bar’s official profile to find out more and to find out which is best for you.

24. Time Out Market Bar Chicago

Time Out Market Bar Chicago

Time out bar in Chicago is one of the best bars you can go to. The cocktails at these bars are some of the best in Chicago, and they are known to extinguish your thirst like nothing else. Hence make sure to run to this bar after a tiring day at work or during the summers. This bar uses local spirits, and hence you can be sure that you are supporting local businesses when drinking at this bar. The flavours of cocktails at this casino can be very funky, experimental and delicious. Some of the best combos in cocktails can be found at Time Out Market Bar. Some of their items are made in-house, which further attracts customers as it builds the brand image and trust. This bar showcases some of the best wines hand-selected by the Bar director, so you can enjoy the best of the best while you are here. Moreover, this bar also uses brews from local producers who have been in business for quite some time now. Hence you can expect to enjoy top-notch beers.

23. The Dandy Crown Chicago

The Dandy Crown Chicago

This is one of those bars where you will find a great list of cocktails made from the most unfamiliar ingredients; hence you won’t be able to recreate them. However, this bar is still worth visiting, given the warm ambience. The ambience is the central selling point of this bar, as the main sitting area and the patio have beautiful murals on the walls. Greenery is also promoted through the endless variety of trees and flowers exhibited here, giving the customers a calm and relaxing sensation. Moreover, any bar is complete without live entertainment, and hence you should not worry that this bar invites musicians on the weekend so you can jam to their tunes live on the weekends!

22. The Map Room Chicago

The Map Room Chicago

This casino is really for those of us with a passion for travelling. The Map Room offers many delicious snacks along the way. A bar needs to have a variety in its drinks, but The Map Room takes it a bit further and offers bears from different cities to enjoy exquisite flavours and beers from around the world while sitting in your seat in this bar. Moreover, the early morning lattes and cortados are famous in the region, and people come here to try them. As we told you earlier, this bar is not just about expensive beers but the delicious cheeses and meats it offers to pair with your drinks for a hearty and wholesome meal. One should visit this bar to relive their memories if they are avid travelers.

21. Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar Chicago

Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar Chicago

This place is known for its vibes and ambience. The Polish founders have ensured that their culture and traditions are reflected in the bar’s ambience. Usually, bars like these have the most expensive and exquisite lights and furniture but not this bar, as it represents the bar of an ordinary man. People come here to bond with each other, talk which each other and most importantly, have a conversation over a drink. The Chandelier in this Bar is made entirely out of bottles, which matches their aesthetic. Moreover, there are plenty of eating options around this bar, so you can grab your friends after a drink for a quick bite while catching up with them.

20. Whiner Beer Company Chicago

Whiner Beer Company Chicago

This bar is not your typical bar serving regular beers. Whiner Beer Co. also serves the most premium Barrel-aged beers. The founders had a vision, which involved Belgian Beers and only the best ambience. Their signature Le Tub Barrel-aged beer is a must-try, and we would highly recommend it. Their taproom is on the same premises, and their whole operation is quite eco friendly, as they have no net emissions.
Moreover, greenery is promoted at this bar in many different ways. The interior has green planters here and there so the guests can get acquainted with their planter friends while waiting for their favourite beer. Any good bar will usually have a separate dining menu for those of us who like to munch on something while sipping our beers. Whiner Beer Co has an in-house pizza parlour named Pizzeria Le Pizza, which offers some of the best sourdough pizzas you’ll find in the area. The pizza ingredients, along with the toppings, go magnificently well with the barrel-aged Belgian Beers to create a unique culinary experience for you.

19. Bokeh Chicago

Bokeh Chicago

This bar is all about the aesthetics and the top flavours. Bokeh offers a unique blend of a dark and soothing interior coupled with seasonal cocktails. The bar is filled with brick walls, contemporary furniture – which leaves a lasting impression on you – to dimly lit corridors which create a sense of mystery. All of this combines to leave the customer begging for more as they enter the premises. Here, they are greeted with seasonal cocktails, which rotate for added functionality. Bokeh specializes in solid and vegetal spirits, and hence you must try their signature cocktail, which takes its flavour from the freshest of cardamom and Fernet. The use of cacti and Mexican spirits further enhances this awe aspiring drink and makes you wonder what else this fantastic bar offers behind its dimly light corridors.

18. Queen Mary Tavern Chicago

Queen Mary Tavern Chicago

Queen Mary Tavern is a sailor’s dream as this bar tries to recreate the atmosphere found in the old bars where sailors used to go after coming home from a long voyage. The day’s highlight is the Daily Gorg, an old sailor drink that is rich in citrus and spices. Moreover, this old school bar is filled with wines and pitchers for those of us who want to drink in company. Several snacks are available for people to munch on after a couple of heavy drinks, like crackers.

17. The Aviary Chicago

The Aviary Chicago

The Aviary is another rich bar located in Chicago, which has a lot to offer for the people who come there in hopes of drinking some of the finest beers. The Aviary is one of the most modern and contemporary drinks with a different touch. The menu doesn’t give away much; however, each of the cocktails has something different that won’t make you forget it. Be it jellies, bobbas or edible balls which will burst. There is something unique about every drink, so check this bar out if you are interested in experimenting with your drinks. Moreover, this bar also has a high waitlist, so make sure you don’t run there without reservations.

16. Eris Brewery and Cider House Chicago

Eris Brewery and Cider House Chicago

This Brewery scores full points for being the most aesthetic since it has been set up in a renovated church that is almost a century old. The In house ciders have different varieties, from a crisp selection to sweeter options depending on your mood. The kitchen in this bar offers a pub-style menu and is known for its burgers topped with bacon jam. You can enjoy all sorts of snacks like grilled cheese sandwiches and your choice of cider or beer as this is a brewery. There are several award-winning items at Cider House that one must certainly try.

15. Rainbo Club Chicago

Rainbo Club Chicago

This bar is filled with neon signs that make it a different aesthetic where you can get those picture-perfect shots for your social media account. Moreover, this bar has some of the most potent liquors on the market, so if you feel like having something to calm your nerves after a busy day, check out this bar. However, we did not like this bar because there are no food options here, which is regretted.

14. Delilah’s Chicago

Delilah’s Chicago

Delilah’s bar is known for its music scene, as it invites the most known DJs and R&B artists to perform in the local scene these days. Moreover, the vast collection of whiskeys and drinks invites people from all over Chicago. One of the best things about this bar is the vibe here is chill, which is helped partly by a pool table, a favourite among the regulars as sometimes the games run late, and so does the drinking. Moreover, the pinball machine is an added distraction that can help calm the nerves, and some heavy drinks are offered at this bar. Delilah’s proud that it serves hundreds of kinds of whiskeys, so you should ask your bartender for a suggestion.

13. La Luna Chicago

La Luna Chicago

La Luna is a cozy bar made for those who like to actively indulge in games and other interactive past times while enjoying good food and delicious liquors. La Luna is known for its ambiance and cocktails. The tacos are especially the most loved dish at La Luna, as customers often treat themselves to this main course before indulging in one of the best cocktails in the city, all the while playing board games with their friends. Everything comes in complete harmony to create a relaxing vibe and a soothing experience for everyone involved here at La Luna.

12. Matchbox Chicago

Matchbox Chicago

This small cozy bar in Chicago that you should visit if you want classic cocktails. In a cozy atmosphere, people are keener on talking to each other rather than sitting quietly. The people in the area love some of the Matchbox specials, so it is pretty common to find the sidewalks lined up with tables and chairs and filled. One of these drinks is the classic Margarita which is made of some of the finest liquors and lime extract and is served in a glass decorated with powdered sugar to make it even better.

11. Lost Lake Chicago

Lost Lake Chicago

The lost lake has a unique aesthetic as you are treated to tropical liquors and cocktails, and music that fits the vibe. The ambiance and other decorations remind you of where you are sitting. However, there is an indoor space being built which will open later. Therefore, you can expect some changes to the décor. Rum, Coconut and citrus remain the key ingredient for many cocktails served at this bar. Most of the cocktails offered have some sense of tropical vibe about them, so make sure you try this bar if you are in for some beach vibes!

10. Sleeping Village Chicago

Sleeping Village Chicago

Sleeping Village is not just known for its quality beers but the cheap entertainment it provides for the masses. You can expect random shows, musical nights, concerts, and gigs at this venue with affordable tickets and beer to enjoy. This place is great to meet your next group of friends as people here like to party! There is a list of the liquors served near the bar so you can choose in peace without getting bothered, and when you do, ask one of the waiters to pour you your drink as they will cater to all your drinking needs. This place is almost always filled in the summers, so you should book in advance for one of the tables if you are coming with company.

9. All Together Now Chicago

All Together Now Chicago

This bar is more of a café as it also offers delicious snacks. Their brunch menu is famous throughout the area and attracts reasonable customers on the weekends. The mini grocery shop in this café-bar has the finest collection of wines and cheeses. You can get natural wine with their brunch items while sitting on the patio, enjoying the ambiance. This bar is excellent for those who like to do a little shopping before carrying on with their drinks!

8. Cove Lounge Chicago

Cove Lounge Chicago

Cove Lounge is a place where you will find diversity. From the up and coming of Chicago – university students to workers – you will find a crowd which fits your type. The Cove lounge offers delicious cocktails and liquors with a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline, bringing it all together in a cozy and vibrant vibe, much like Chicago itself.

7. The Violet Hour Chicago

The Violet Hour Chicago

The Violet hour has long been in the business, and it was one of the first bars to introduce in house syrups, carved ice cubes and different types of cocktails. In short, this bar paid close attention to detail and changed the way people of Chicago looked at Bars. Even today, the menu is not entirely old school or are not too different either. The people over at The Violet Hour know how to combine the old school methods with the finest ingredients of today to create a unique drink and hence a unique experience for the people, for which it has gotten quite famous in the area. One of the best things this casino has done is to force people to talk and interact with each other and not get lost in their screens. This is the way the old school culture talked to the person next to you was peak entertainment in those times and often the start of a perfect friendship. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take calls inside the premises. However, the policy has recently changed a bit, and now you can take pictures to adjust to the age of social media.

6. The Green Mill Chicago

The Green Mill Chicago

The green mill was notoriously famous for housing some of the world’s most known areas several decades ago. It has undergone significant renovations and overhauls to change the vibe and is mainly known for its musical themed events and cocktails. The drinks served here are rather stiff to commemorate the old school nature of the owner and the bar’s history. Make sure to book a table here as the main sitting area has a lot of good lighting and sits directly at the centre of the bar to get a good view of the premises.

5. Sportsman’s Club Chicago

Sportsman’s Club Chicago

This bar is for those with love for nature and the outdoors. The rough and tough interior, complete with the stuffed heads of several big game animals, really makes you feel like you are back in the great plains hunting big game. Moreover, the drinks are equally good made with the freshest of ingredients. Regular events are happening at this bar, such as a cookout between skilful chefs from all over Chicago on Sundays.

4. The Beer Temple Chicago

The Beer Temple Chicago

The beer temple is a heaven for beer lovers, with a dedicated taproom filled with different brews. You can taste all of them and choose the one you like. Moreover, this bar gets its barrels and kegs from many reputed breweries, both local and international, for added variety. Moreover, if you are not too enthusiastic about barrel-aged beers, then this place also offers other types of liquors like Malort.

3. Kumiko Chicago

Kumiko Chicago

Kumiko pays attribute to the rich heritage of Japanese drinks. The place is perfectly lit as it represents Japanese architecture as well. You will find some of the most used Japanese ingredients like Rice Vodka and Plum Sake In your drinks and dishes. The Bar at Kumiko is slightly different as it offers its customers the hustle and bustle of this exotic Japanese place. You will see the cooks create magic with every dish by using old recipes and exotic ingredients. The drinks served here sure do pack a punch and are served in beautiful glasses. However, this place has some shortage of space, and hence you should make a reservation if you are planning to bring your friends and family.

2. Lazy Bird Chicago

Lazy Bird Chicago

The lazy bird is one of those exotic places you would not have heard about before. The dimly lit corridors give a mysterious vibe to this place. One will have very high expectations about this place from the moment they step foot in it. The menu is quite diverse and offers a fusion of different drinks. The variety is fantastic over here at this bar. The drinks are traditional but have a bit of modern touch to them. The menu is so diverse you will probably find something that interests you, so check out this mysterious bar beneath the Hotel Hoxton in Chicago.

1. Scofflaw Chicago

Scofflaw Chicago

Scofflaw is a very welcoming bar in Chicago with a very diverse menu. The space is very well decorated, and the décor makes you want to spend more time here. Moreover, the menu is seasonal and changes throughout the year to incorporate all the seasonal exotic ingredients to make some of the best cocktails in the city. This bar sources its ingredients from all away flavors, so they tend to be the most authentic. The food items here are limited yet; however, we have heard that the chocolate chip cookies here are a must-try along with their liquors and cocktails!

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